Heavy foot traffic, a pet's scratching or digging, or a permanent stain can all leave your carpet in need of of quick facelift -- in the form of a patching. We offer carpet patching from small to large, with you providing the replacement carpet (sometimes carpet from a closet can be used if large enough to fit area being patched). Additional carpet repair services offered are seam repair and installation of doorway transitions. Please call for more information on our carpet repair services and for pricing: 918-494-7093.

We offer deodorization of your carpet in one room or multiple rooms to aid in the removal of odors due to pets, smoke, mold, or mildew. For carpet affected by severe odor, we can also provide an ozone machine to cleanse the carpet along with the surrounding air and remove the offensive odors. Please call for more information on carpet odor treatment and for pricing: 918-494-7093. 

With age and use, carpets eventually lose the original stretch put in place upon installment. We can help when your carpets show signs of wrinkling or buckling. We offer restretching of carpet for your home or business. Whether you need a room restretched or have several areas of your home or business needing attention, our expertise and equipment will get the job done for you.

Tile Cleaning Rates:  $99 for Up to 200 sq. ft.   $149 for Up to 300 sq. ft.     $189 for Up to 400 sq. ft.

Based upon sq.ft. of tile area to be cleaned.

Dirt, food & drinks, and pets can all work together to leave your tile in desperate need of a good scrubbing, one that you may decide is too much for you to do. So let us do it for you! To clean your tile, we will first use a highly rated tile cleanser, spraying it down upon the soiled tile. We will, then, scrub all of the tile grout lines and tile face. After we've scrubbed, we use our high pressure tile cleaning wand to rinse the tiles and blast out any remaining dirt, leaving you with clean, refreshed tile to enjoy.

In addition to having your carpet steam cleaned, you may also want to consider application of carpet protectant. We use Pro's Choice Protection Plus - Advanced Carpet Protection which "alters the molecular charge on the textile fibers to prevent stains and soil from sticking to the fibers.  This results in the highest level of protection from spills and tracked in soils." (Pro's Choice). For information on our Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning pricing, please see our Home page. For questions or pricing on steam cleaning of rugs and upholstery and carpet protectant, please call: 918-494-7093.

We offer steam cleaning for your carpet, rugs, & upholstery. Our primary steam cleaning service, carpet cleaning, refers to all carpeted areas in your home that are reachable with our cleaning wand. Moving of large furniture items (such as beds, dressers, entertainment centers) is not included in our flat rate carpet cleaning pricing. However, we are normally able to reach beneath most furniture items, and we will clean all areas where you may have chosen to remove furniture. We use truck-mounted cleaning units and steam clean with a professional cleansing solution as well as pre-treat heavily soiled areas of your carpet to ensure the most thorough of cleanings.

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At some point, your carpet may become wet from a water leak, flooding, or some other unfortunate incident. In order to prevent permanent damage to your carpet and to avoid its complete replacement, your carpet needs to have the water removed and the carpet restored to a clean, healthy state. We offer water damage restoration to facilitate this state. We offer removal of the water from your carpet using our truck-mounted cleaning unit, setup of carpet-drying fans to further aid in water removal, and if necessary, dehumidifier machines to remove moisture that may still be lingering in the carpet and air. 

Upon drying of the affected carpet and area, we then provide installation of new pad (if removal of old pad was necessary due to damage) and relay and clean your carpet to restore it to its original state prior to the water damage. Please call for more information on water damage cleanup and for pricing: 918-494-7093.