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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998

Here at Complete Carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber, we looking forward to hearing from you. We have designed our Complete Carpet experience in a way that we hope invites you to want to learn more about us. Maybe your friend had us out to clean your carpets and they let you know what it’s like to do business with us. They let you know about our communication, that we come out and do what we said we would do for the price that we said it would be. Now you want to try it out for yourself. You are in the right place!

Some of our customers also reach out to us on Facebook at They look at our reviews on Google or Facebook. They see what other people have to say about us and what we can do for them. Now you are ready to talk with us directly. We try to be accessible as we can for you. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we could be old and stoggy, we could avoid technology, we could require all complaints be registered by US mail, handwritten with a quill and fountain ink. While we did start Carpet Cleaning Tulsa in 1998, so we could be rocking some sweet voice pagers. For those of you that missed this amazing movement in technology we’ll break it down for you. Someone called your pager number, a small device on your belt that would beep when sent a message. First it was just a number and you would have to find a payphone to call that number back and find out who wanted to talk with you. Some times you would call that number only to find out that you took too long and they person was at a payphone also and they left. 

Next was the alphanumeric pager. Oh that was nice because now you could get letters with your numbers. So you could know it was at a payphone and you needed to call quick not to miss them. 

For a small window of time you had voice pagers. You would call a number, get a voice message asking you to leave a message. That message would send directly to your pagers. So right then you would get the voice message from your pager. The problem was it didn’t store the message it just played the message. They second problem was it played the message as soon as it got it. Do middle of the movie, boom message played. Also your mother would always send you a message that included love, hugs and kisses and your friends would raz you about it for hours after. 

Instead of sticking with one way of communication or another we have tried to embrace every way our customers like to interact with out company. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber and we want to make sure you give you ways to connect with us. The quickest and easier way to reach us is to just pick up the phone, that could be a cell phone, flip phone, old fashioned corded phone or maybe you have a person that makes your calls for you. The number you would use to reach us would be 918-494-7093. You can find out what our schedule is like for the coming week. What our process entails. How many years we have been carpet cleaning Tulsa, which we’ve been doing since 1998. So if you carry the one, add in the compensation for each leap year and divide that by each of our five star reviews… we’ve been in business now for a minute. 

Maybe you don’t want to use a phone to reach us. Or maybe you are reading this late at night, you’ve been awakened by a sick child or pet that has left something on your carpet that you would rather not have on your carpet. You remove it the best that you can but the carpets now need to be professionally cleaned. So you are searching Google looking for a solution to your late night adventure. You could use the contact us form here on this page to leave a message that we can respond to once we are back in the office. 

Still others will use Facebook, Google messenger, email, etc to reach us. Surprisingly we have yet to have anyone send us a letter written on parchment with a quill fountain pen. You wonder how I know we haven’t, that’s simple because we would have framed that and put it on the wall if we had. 

Some people like to reach us by not reaching us. Sounds odd but you can actually completely skip talking with us or contacting us by phone, text, snail mail or telegraph. You can jump directly to setting up your own appointment and skip all the middleman stuff and get on our schedule yourself. Jump to the top of this page and click on schedule now button. You can follow the simple steps and pick your service. Pick your desired time and you will be off to the races without needing any assistance. We try to embrace the new so that we always make your life easier. Because at the end of the day we all want to get something settled so that we can move on to the next thing on our ever changing to-do lists. 

We look forward to connecting with you and getting the opportunity to serve you. We can help you get your carpets back into enjoyable shape again. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. Let us show you why we have been serving Tulsa since 1998 and why we will be serving Tulsa for many more decades to come.