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Are you looking for a great opportunity and are seeking a career and not just a job?

If the answer is yes, then highly-rated Complete Carpet might just be the right opportunity for you. With over 600 five star reviews on Google, Complete Carpet continues to provide top-notch services to the Tulsa area, just as it has done for over 22 years!

Complete Carpet caters to residential and commercial customers looking for an exceptional carpet cleaning experience.

We are a company committed to over delivering in all of our services and leaving customers WOWed.

Team members are expected to deliver a standard of excellence, which is why the pay that we offer is excellent as well. Team members will be required to have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record. A background check will also be required before hiring of new team member.

Job Description:

Lead Carpet Cleaning Technician
We are seeking a diligent, coachable and highly motivated individual who has the passion and experience for excellent customer service. If you want to join our elite team of carpet cleaning professionals, apply today. Candidates will have an opportunity to earn $30,000 per year – $50,000 per year. If you can’t find a way to get to work on time, every time, don’t apply.

The Vision
To create an exceptional carpet cleaning experience that caters to the a diverse customer base looking for a reliable and knowledgeable carpet cleaner to help them now and in the years ahead.

The Atmosphere
In order to create an exceptional carpet cleaning experience, we hold our team members to a quality standard that is different from our competitors. When you experience our service, you will immediately know what we’re all about. Our service has been designed with the discerning customer in mind. Our service features an attention to detail, a wide range of customizable service options, and friendly/reliable service.

What Complete Carpet Isn’t?
At Complete Carpet, we pride ourselves on details such as customer service, prompt & clear communication, top notch servicing equipment, and an overall friendly and positive attitude shown on each appointment. We don’t cut corners and reduce our standards of quality in order to simply finish a job. We don’t just get it done – we excel!

Leadership Team
Complete Carpet was founded over 22 years ago by Nathan Sevrinus who grew up in the carpet cleaning and maintenance industry. He and his wife now lead the company together and enlist the help of Complete Carpet team members to further expand the company’s potential. At Complete Carpet, we care about our team members, our customers, and our community. We partner with the Guts Distribution Center to donate $5 to their food distribution program for every completed appointment.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998

Here at Complete Carpet we want to provide every customer with a complete carpet cleaning experience. This starts with the initial connection with the customer. Many businesses this is when the technician meets the customer. We believe it starts before that when the technician calls the customer to let them know they are on the way. Before that even when they receive and email and call the day before to let them know that we are looking forward to getting their carpets cleaned. Roll back even further and it’s when they call or go online to schedule their carpets to be cleaned.

But even that is not far enough back, because we believe that the Complete Carpet experience starts even before the customer ever calls to connect with us. Why did they call in the first place? Was it because of our reviews from previous customers that talk about our communication or attention to detail.  Maybe they had a friend that already had the Complete Carpet experience and told them they have to try us out. It could be that they came across our ads that lead them to our reviews, that lead them to ask in their Nextdoor app and find out that their neighbors have already used us.

We believe that the customer experience is on going, every part of our business is starting or continuing the Complete Carpet experience for someone. That means that every thing we do, from advertising, responding to phone calls, talking with customers, cleaning the carpets, etc is giving our customer the experience they deserve from Complete Carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998.

Because we care so much about doing things right that we have had great growth. That growth means that we now have a responsibility to take care of our customers in a way that continues that experience. We also need to take care of those that they recommend to us in a timely manner.  To make that happen we need to bring on more people that can have the same passion that our customers have come to expect from a Complete Carpet experience. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. We want it to become part of yours also.

When you have a purpose, an expectation of what you can do or are going to do, we believe that it then becomes easy to do great things. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 gives us a great history of success to follow in the footsteps of. We are the sense of relief for our customers. In a world where you have so much that doesn’t live up to your expectations or things that you can’t rely on, we want to be that one thing that you don’t have to worry about. It’s the thing that you know, I called Complete Carpet, it’s going to be done timely, I’ll know when to expect them and they will show up and do what they said they would do. For the price they said they would do it for. There is so much to worry about and focus on, we want to free up our customers plate to focus on more important things.

So we are looking for great people that this idea of culture and heritage is the thing they are looking for. To be apart of something loved by our customers. To experience excellence because it’s the right thing to do.

Carpets are one of the biggest investments into your home that you can make. Taking care of that investment is what our customers rely on us to do. And we honor that by making their entire experience a Complete Carpet experience, something they can tell their friends about because they know that every time it’s the same. We know that when you can put your baby on the floor without worry, or wear white socks and walk on the carpet with confidence, that’s a mind freeing experience. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are Complete Carpet.