Furniture Cleaning

Complete Carpet has been doing furniture cleaning in Tulsa since 1998.

What reasons do our customers get their furniture cleaned?

The top two are kids or pets. Pets have oily coats and when they lay on the couch they slowly build up an oily spot on the couch that attracts dust and dirt. This is not that much different than your own pillow case. If you have oily hair you’ll find that you wash your pillowcase more often. The same goes with your pets. They pick a couch or chair and it becomes their pillow. Over time those coat oils build up and it needs to be cleaned. Kids are also a source of sticky for your furniture. Be that a small toddler who has sticky fingers from a donut, or a teenager that just spilled their Dr Pepper for the third time. Another reason we clean furniture is because the furniture is getting a new home. Furniture Cleaning in Tulsa is what we do best. That may be because their furniture is coming into Tulsa for the first time and you want to make it fresh before it finds its new home in your home. You might be looking to sell or give away your furniture when you get brand new furniture. So you want this gift to be fresh and clean.


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What kind of furniture cleaning in Tulsa do we do?

Let us start big, very big like a seven person sectional sofa with an ottoman. Our normal cleaning gets the sides and arms. We also clean all the sitting cushions as they are. Some couches have removable cushions that can be flipped. We offer the ability to clean both sides of the cushions if you would like that done also. Maybe you have extra pillows, throw pillows, that you want cleaned. Move down to smaller sectionals or maybe even just a normal three person couch. We can keep that sofa clean so that you enjoy sitting on your sofa again. Next in the list of smaller furniture is the love seat. This is a couch for just two people. Next we have the teenager’s favorite. Not sure why but all teenagers seem to like hanging out in the oversized chair. Maybe it’s because they can hang out with the family but have their own personal space. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to sit with the family anymore. Those first times of testing the freedom of being an adult. Sitting in front of all of these often in an ottoman to put your feet up on. After a certain number of feet they start to look like the thing you put feet on. We end up with the smallest, the chair seat. Typically around the dining room table where sticky hands have slowly rubbed on the chairs.

What is the process like for furniture cleaning in Tulsa?

First we apply a cleansing solution to the fabric. We use a soft terry cloth to work the solution into the fibers so that we can break up the dirt, sugars and oils without harming the fabric. Next we need to rinse out the fibers so that they are fresh and clean. Here we use a custom furniture cleaning tool. This tool allows us to control the amount of water and suction so that each job is dialed in just right. Some fabric needs less suction. Other fabrics need more water. We use our truck mounted cleaning unit so there is plenty of power to clean the furniture. This small furniture tool allows us to be very detailed while cleaning your furniture. The size of the tool makes for much quicker drying times also. You must do light water and lots of suction because you don’t want to get the cushion inside the furniture wet.

When should we get our furniture cleaned?

The simple answer is once you notice it is dirty. This will vary from person to person and from home to home. Do you have small kids and pets? Then it will need to be cleaned more often than a home with just a retired couple. Or maybe the sofa is in front of the TV and a couple teenagers camp out on the sofa for long nights of gaming. Maybe you have camped out on the couch yourself because you were fighting through the flu or a cold and it was a comfortable place to recover while enjoying some TV.

Why should you get your furniture cleaned?

We have already talked about getting used furniture or giving used furniture. Another reason is that you are having someone come and stay with you and they will be sleeping on the couch. In that case we recommend that you treat the couch like a real bed and fully cover it with normal sheets, a base and top sheet. The cleanest person tosses and turns through the night rubbing against the couch all night. Also we all have hair, tears and saliva. Best not to leave someone directly on the fabric for 8 hours straight. The best part of planning a party is thinking of what you will do with all the guests that you have come over to your home. The worst part is knowing that those guests are going to look at all the things in your home and secretly judge you on how clean you keep your home. People need to have a gathering at the home at least twice a year so that they have the motivation to do that deep cleaning that we put off through the rest of the year when it is just us. A mother or father in law can be great motivation as they come over to see how you are keeping the home that their sweet little angel that you married has to live with you in.

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How do we schedule?

We have two easy ways to schedule your next furniture cleaning. First give us a call at 918-494-7093 and we can take your information and get you on the road to fresh furniture again. Furniture cleaning in Tulsa has never been easier. Second you can check out our schedule now button on our website, and set up your own appointment today.