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Is your floor tile looking a little dirty and dingy lately?

Dirt, food & drinks, and pets can all work together to leave your tile & grout in desperate need of a good scrubbing, one that you may decide is too much for you to do. So let us do it for you! Complete Carpet offers professional floor Tile Cleaning in Tulsa and the nearby areas for your home or business’ highly trafficked tile areas.  Kitchens, break rooms, dining areas, hallways, bathrooms, and entry rooms, to name a few, are all areas within a home or business that can benefit from a deep tile cleaning.

To clean your floor tile, we will first use a highly rated tile cleanser, spraying it down upon the soiled tile. We will, then, scrub all of the tile grout lines and tile face. After we’ve scrubbed, we use our high-pressured tile cleaning wand to rinse the tiles and suction away any remaining dirt, leaving you with clean, refreshed tile to enjoy in your home or business.In preparation for your floor tile cleaning, please pick up small items from the floor and provide a sweeping of your floor tile the day of scheduled cleaning.

*Our floor tile cleaning rates are based upon the square feet of tiled area to be cleaned. Please call for quote.


Do you have a business with floor tile that needs cleaning?

Complete Carpet also offers Commercial Tile Cleaning.  We can discuss your business’ needs over the phone or onsite as necessary. Our commercial clients include restaurants, churches, child care providers, and many other various business entities.

*For commercial floor tile cleaning rates, please call for a quote.

For questions on Complete Carpet’s floor Tile Cleaning services and to schedule your own floor tile cleaning, please call us at 918-494-7093.

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Tile cleaning is something that needs to be done every few years for most people. Where as carpet cleaning Tulsa can be done every 6 months to a year. Tile cleaning is one of those things that once you have it done you can easily maintain the tile and grout for a while. How long do you ask? That depends on the care and traffic that goes over the tile. 

One of the main reason that you need to get your tile and grout cleaned is because it is dirty. Yes that might seem like an all too obvious answer to the question, but it’s one that needs to be said first. Once you understand that the grout lines are dirty then you can ask the question that is more important. Why is my grout lines dirty when I mop my floors on a regular basis. 

This question is more tricky and requires a bit of foundation laying. Yes you should mop your floors. Regularly cleaning helps to keep everything in great shape. It’s also the reason that grout gets dirty over time. Think of it this way. The water that you mop the floor with has some soap in it. You use the soap mop solution to break up the dirt.

Then you will use a clean water rinse mop solution to remove the dirt and soap. Most people use equal portions of soapy mop solution to clean water rinse solution. So the second mop cuts in half the first soapy mop solution.

This is just fine for one mop. You leave less then one percent of the soap in the grout lines. Fast forward 10-15 more times of moping and now you have a bit of a build up of soap on the grout lines. Or you have a bit of a build up of sugars and greases in the grout lines that the soapy mop solution softened up but never removed over all those times. So at a certain point it’s a sticky dried in soapy film on the grout lines that dirt is sticking into. 

How do you remove this build up? Call us out to do a deep scrubbing of all the grout lines. We then will power rinse out all the dirt and soap with lots of water to get you back to square one, clean tile and grout. 

How can you do this without us? You could bring in a garden hose with a spray attachment on the end. Now use a shop vac with a wet attachment head on it to suck back up the water. Use the garden hose to flood rinse the tile while at the same time sucking it up with the shop vac. This is rinse all the build up that is in the grout lines every six months. 

The problem is that each mopping times doesn’t use enough rinse water to remove all the dirt and soap that is used or on the tile. Each time that dirt and soap dry back into the grout lines it dries in harder then before.

After months and years of diluting the soap and dirt it really builds a tough layer. So it requires hot soap to soften it back up. It also needs scrubbing to mix it back up into solution. Then it needs to be thoroughly rinsed with lots of water before it dries so completely remove the soap and dirt from the grout lines so it doesn’t just come right back. 

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 helps us have the right skills and tools to help with all situations. Call us today to get your tile looking great again. We want to be your go to company for your tile cleaning needs. 

One job we did the customer had been in the home for six months. They had finished all the projects they had started when they moved in. While cleaning the carpets after all the projects we mentioned that the tile could be cleaned also.

After doing a small test clean to see how it would look they discovered something. Their tile and grout was not a deep brown color. It was a medium tan color and they had been walking on the previous home owners dirt for the last six months!

This story ended happy because now they knew what the grout should look like and were able to keep it fresh and clean from that point forward. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber, call us today.