How much does it cost to have carpet professionally cleaned?

How much does it cost to have carpet professionally cleaned? That will be different for almost every carpet cleaner that you call. They all have different ways of coming to a price that covers their costs. I can give you our cost for your first carpet cleaning with Complete Carpet. Ready? It’s only $99 to clean all the carpets. You might say that sounds too good to be true. Ok you are right we do add an extra $25 to clean a whole staircase if you have stairs. But to get your carpets cleaned that is your total price for the first time. Surely there are a bunch of upsales to that cleaning. We are so confident in what we do that you could actually write the check for $99 before we do the carpet cleaning and it will still be the same $99 when we are done. 

How can we afford to do it? We know that we will do such a good job for you that you will use us the next time you have something that you need done. We know that trying a new carpet cleaner is a big ask and if you are happy with your current carpet cleaning company then we wouldn’t be looking for a new one. But if you are looking for a new one more than likely you have lost your normal guy or had a bad experience with your current guy. 

Ok you want to know how we stack up with the other guys. In one way we do not because we do flat rate whole home carpet cleanings. We don’t charge you for each area of your home. We don’t charge you to prespray all of the carpet that we clean. We don’t make you pay extra to clean the hallways or closets. We price just like a buffet, so that you know what the price will be before we start and that price is still the same after we are finished. Yes we do offer other services, like tiles cleaning, area rug cleaning, furniture cleaning.  

Even our stair cleaning is for the whole staircase and not priced per step. You might ask why we would do a flat rate price for a whole home. Well our reasoning is that all of your carpeted areas can hold dirt. As you walk around your home you pick that dirt up on your shoes and spread it around. Think of it like your yard, it’s best if you mow the whole yard each time so that it is all even. Any area that you do not clean this time will have twice the dirt and wear the next time it is cleaned. We want to be your carpet cleaner for years to come and if we help you maintain all of your carpet then you will have that carpet for years to come. 

Honestly doing a whole home carpet cleaning is selfish on our part. If we clean all the carpet this time, then the next time that we come to clean your carpets it will be easier for us. Just like the guy that mows the whole yard, it’s easier next time because everything is even. Also for you the carpet cleaning looks and feels better when you know that it is all clean and fresh. 

So give us a call today and get your carpets cleaned for $99 or $124 with a staircase. Get rid of the headache of wondering what the price will be. Will the price they quoted you be the same when they have finished the job? Will you have to pick which rooms to clean with their special? Will you find out that your large living room is considered 2 areas? Get the peace of mind of knowing what you will get for your first time cleaning and get your carpets looking great again.