I can I walk on it?

This question is typically asked because they are wanting to know when they can walk on the carpet again and also when it will be dry. So let us address the first part to explain the second part. 

The quick answer when you use Complete Carpet is that you can actually walk on it right away, we don’t use any chemicals in the rinse water so there is nothing in the carpet to attract new dirt. Now that comes with a caveat, make sure your shoes are clean. Otherwise the fresh clean wet carpet will clean the bottom of your shoes for you. So if your shoes are clean, then it’s just rubber walking on nylon. So make sure they are clean and you won’t bother the carpet, it’s just damp carpet. Now not all carpet companies use all of their chemicals in the prespray. Many use chemicals in their water also. This will leave a residue on the carpet as it dries. This residue will attract new dirt. Some companies actually use extra chemicals because the carpet will look dingy faster and lead to cleaning the carpet more often. 

Now there is another reason that companies tell people to stay off the carpet for a while. Honestly they don’t trust people not to make mistakes. Someone walks in from playing with the dog in the back yard with dirty and grassy shoes and then walks right on the carpet leaving muddy footprints on the fresh clean carpet. We have found that as long as you give people the right information they always make the best choices. That is because we all really want to live a life as error free as we can. In a single day it’s very rare that we make a big mistake. We are actually pretty awesome at living our lives. I can’t tell you the last time that I cut my finger. I don’t remember the last time I got my hand caught in the car door as it shut. It’s been years since I hit my thumb with a hammer. The same can be said about breaking any dishes in my kitchen. We do make a few mistakes here and there in life but truth be told we are pretty amazing at living our lives. 

Now as far as what you wear when you walk on the carpet I prefer shoes because I don’t like wet socks. Some don’t mind wet feet or socks so whatever you are comfortable with you can use.

The dry time on carpet typically runs around six to eight hours. It will feel mostly dry in a few hours but you want to wait before you move furniture around so that you don’t trap the remaining moisture. We say to wait until the carpet no longer feels clammy. The dry times are affected by a couple things. First how dirty the carpet is. The more it needs to be scrubbed and worked the longer the dry time. Next is how thick the carpet is. If you have thin commercial carpet then it will dry much faster then one inch thick shag carpet. Next, what is the temperature in the home? If it’s below 65 degrees in the home it will be a long dry time. Air flow can help to reduce the dry time but is not needed for the carpet to try properly. We have some customers that clean their carpets every month to always have clean carpets and to maximize the life of the carpet. For someone else that would be over kill because there is only one person in the home and they are traveling all the time, so cleaning every year or six months makes more sense for them.