Will Cleaning Carpet make it Look like new?

Can carpet cleaning restore my carpet to look like new? Yes it can help it to look like new. So what is needed to make it look like new again?

First good carpet. This is obvious but needs to be mentioned because the cheaper the carpet the less carpet protectant it will have on it. The less resistance the carpet has the more likely something will change the carpet. This makes a cost versus long lasting equation. That equation looks like this, how long will the carpet last versus how much money you spend on the carpet. For example, for my own home I have kids and pets. So I picked a nice very cheap carpet for my upstairs. I know the kids and pets will put some wear on it and I picked a carpet that was half the cost of normal carpet. That also means the carpet will probably last half as long. I have gotten 9 years out of the carpet so I am a head of the game. My goal was to get 7 years. The other carpet I looked at was twice the cost but I expected it to last 15 years. Here is where the catch is, and there is always a catch with everything. With kids and pets over 7 years there is a good chance that something happens that will destroy the carpet no matter how good the carpet is. Example being a dog that gets trapped in a room and tries to dig his way out through the carpet. Maybe my creative daughter makes the most amazing picture she has ever made and then the dog knocks it out of her hands and lands flat on the carpet. She grabs some cleaning chemicals from under the sink and tries to scrub the paint out of the carpet before daddy comes home. So I took the cheap carpet to reduce the risk of caring about the carpet. I just assumed I would replace the carpet in 7-10 years.

Now once my kids are out of the home I’ll get a nice carpet that I will keep for 15-20 years because if there is a problem with the carpet it will only be my fault. I tell my customers to think of it like this. Who will be driving your new car? Is it your 16 year old boy, then you will probably buy a nice old used car that is not fast. Are you an empty nester and are finally able to afford the car of your dreams?

Ok now what can carpet cleaning not change about your carpet. Wear is your enemy with carpet. Carpet cleaning can do just that, make the carpet look clean. As the fiber takes abuse it will start to visibly look different. It’s not dirty, there isn’t something on the carpet, the carpet now looks that way. You will notice there anywhere there is different wear on the carpet. In front of a sofa, at entry or exit of the home, next to your bed or in front of dad’s recliner. 

So yes carpet cleaning can help make your carpet look like new again. But the real thing that carpet cleaning can do is help keep your carpet looking like new. If there is lots of wear on the carpet the carpet cleaning can make it look clean but still worn. Do your regular carpet cleaning to keep the dirt and debris off the carpet so that it doesn’t wear out faster than normal. Just like your car, you can keep it looking like new by not letting it get dirty or worn down. Take care of your carpet and it will give you many of years of life.