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Bixby Carpet Cleaning

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  • Steam Powered Carpet Cleaning
  • Pre-treatment Included in Every Cleaning
  • Application of Carpet Protectant
  • Disinfectant Treatment for Carpet & Furniture
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Patching
  • Restretching of Carpet
  • Seam Repair

Cleaning Since 1998

Complete Carpet Bixby Oklahoma has been helping people in Bixby maintain their home by having clean flooring since 1998. We are committed to developing long term relationships with our customers so they can save money by maintaining their carpets and not having to replace them. Also there is the pride of having a fresh clean home that takes a weight off your mind. Having a bunch of friends over for a party. What will they say about those two big pop spills where the kids got to playing too rough and didn’t remember the can of pop the set on the coffee table. Now those spots are dark brown from all the dust and dirt that has stuck to them. Make those disappear with a good deep Bixby carpet cleaning.


Bixby Carpet Cleaning Our Focus

Our main service that we provide is Bixby carpet cleaning. Your carpets are the biggest thing in your home that in a couple of hours can change everything about your home. If the carpets are dirty, then your home feels dirty and grimy. They also hold the smell of whatever dirty thing is in the carpet. Spill some milk on the carpet and it will be very sour smelling in just a few days. Have a pet accident and you might not be able to walk into a room for a while. With one carpet cleaning you can have a night and day difference to your home’s look and smell.


Maintain Your Tile Right

We do more than just clean carpets, as important as that is. We also help you maintain your tile. Just like your carpets your tile can get a build up of soap and dirt that leaves the grout lines looking dark and dirty. With chemicals, some elbow grease and brushes, and hot high pressure water rinse you can have fresh clean tile again.

Keeping Your Furniture Clean

Maybe your furniture is starting to show all of your kids and pets attention that they have given it. With sticky fingers and dirty paws eventually your furniture gets its own coat of oil, sugar and dirt. We can help clean that off so you enjoy sitting on your couch again.

How about the structure of your Bixby carpet? Has your dog gotten trapped in a room and thought to themself, I should dig a hole under the door to get out. Or maybe your pet has gotten intrigued with a spot on the carpet and has chewed a hole in the middle of the carpet. Personally I think they just wanted more fiber in their diet, but that’s not provable. Well we can stretch your carpet. We can patch your carpet. We can help you keep your carpet fully functional as long as you have the carpet and own the home.

Maybe you don’t own your home, great we can help you also. If you don’t own the home then it doesn’t fall to you to replace the carpet. But you do get to live in that home every day and what you get to live in is within your control. You can keep any quality of Bixby carpet enjoyable as long as you are using the space. We think of carpet like your clothes, at a certain point you have worn your clothes long enough and they now firmly smell like grass because you have been mowing the yard all day long. Your carpets are the same in that they will firmly smell like whatever has spent the most time on them. Do you have a baby in the home, well it’s possible that there have been some diaper changes and spit ups on the carpet here and there. Have pets in the home, well then your pet’s bed is anywhere there is carpet. They like to pick any space on the floor to lay down and take a quick power nap. Smell that area of the carpet and you will smell your pet for sure.


Our Customers Love It

One thing that our customers love about Complete Carpet Bixby Oklahoma is that we have appointment times and not windows of time. We do our very best to show up at the time that we schedule the job for. That allows you to schedule your day beyond the carpet cleaning. You don’t have to block off your afternoon, wondering what time between 1pm and 5pm the carpet guy is going to randomly show up. We will give you a call ahead of the carpet cleaning to let you know we are on the way there. We will also send you a text to let you know that the technician is on his way to you. We want to keep you informed the best we can so that you can plan your day outside of the carpet cleaning.


When Should You Clean Your Carpets?

How often should you get your carpets cleaned? Well I’ll give you two answers. First by the average of the 10s of thousands of homes we have cleaned we have noticed a pattern. Some customers get their carpets cleaned every 3-6 months because they have kids and pets. They have lots of traffic and sources of dirt coming into the home and they need more than just a vacuum to remove the stickiness that builds up. Other customers get their carpets cleaned every year to year and a half. They normally don’t have kids or pets and do not do that much in their home. It boils down to how much activity is going on in your home. Think of it like your carpet. The less miles that you drive the more time you can go before your next oil change. Now if you drive your car an hour to work every day then you will probably be changing your oil once a month. Your carpets are the same. That leads me to my second answer. When you feel like your carpets are dirty that is the best time to get them cleaned. You are the best gauge of what has happened to your carpets. Also our lives change with the seasons. Sometimes we are very active and others we are not. Sometimes we need to get our carpets cleaned more often and other times we don’t.