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Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning

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  • Steam Powered Carpet Cleaning
  • Pre-treatment Included in Every Cleaning
  • Application of Carpet Protectant
  • Disinfectant Treatment for Carpet & Furniture
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Patching
  • Restretching of Carpet
  • Seam Repair

Your Home, Your Castle

Here at Complete Carpet Broken Arrow Oklahoma we have been helping people with their carpets since 1998. We help with everything after your carpets are installed. Maybe you are a new home owner, moving into your first house. What did the people before you do on those carpets? Did they have pets that made your carpet and tile their home also? Worse even, did those pets make accidents on those flooring areas? When you stop to think of all the possible things that might have happened to those carpets before they became yours, you can’t help but think that maybe a good cleaning is in order. Well, we are here to help.

You also could be on your fourth or fifth home and already know exactly what every spot on the carpet is. You remember the time that the kids let the dog eat all the table scraps, and they didn’t stay inside the dog. Or, when the teenage boy had all his friends over and stayed up all night long playing Super Smash Brothers. In the excitement of the battle, many cans of pop splish splashed over the carpet leaving evidence of their all night brawl. And we are here to help.

This may even be your forever home. You plan on never buying another home again. So these carpets need to last as long as you can get from them. Knowing that dust and dirt are the enemy of long lasting carpets, you are staying on top of your carpets. Like a consistent and cool oil change every 3 months you keep your carpets in high quality shape so you will get the most miles out of your carpets.

Lastly, you might be moving from apartment to home. You’ve not yet made it to home ownership, but you do want to make sure you get your deposit back. Well, we are here to help make those carpets look like you were never there.


Around Town We Go

Complete Carpet Broken Arrow Oklahoma has been servicing Broken Arrow and the surrounding area for over 24 years now. That’s a track record with long teeth. We started in 1998 with the goal of helping people get the most out of their carpets. There are two ways to care for carpets. First is to just get by. We have all done this. When you get the cheapest glue, or the least expensive shoes. Sure, we know they won’t last but that’s ok because we are on a budget. Second is that we want to get a long life out of our carpets. We make different choices because we are looking for long term value. We started with the goal of having life long customers in Broken Arrow that when they thought about carpet cleaning done right, then they would think Complete Carpet.


What Else Can We Do

While servicing Broken Arrow, making sure that carpets get cleaned right the first time, we get asked what other services we provide. Well, let’s make a quick run down in order. First up is carpet cleaning, because that’s the most important step to keeping your carpets at their best. Remember how dust is the universal sandpaper, so you don’t want it grinding your carpet. Second is tile cleaning. Why is tile cleaning important to keeping your carpets clean? Well, if I poured a bucket of white paint on your tile and then let twenty-five first graders run throughout the house, then you would have white footprints all over your carpets. So, whatever is on your tile will eventually be all over your Broken Arrow carpets too. Third is disinfecting the carpets. We do our best every day to make sure we care for our homes. But accidents are eventually going to happen, maybe from pets or from clumsy dads that get something more than just dirt on the carpet. Well, we can help with that too. Fourth, we have carpet repairs. This covers everything to make your carpets secure and looking normal again. Maybe a dog got trapped in a room and tried to dig their way out, taking the carpet with them. Ever had an iron fall on the floor and melt the carpet? That can be patched also. Glue, paint, bleach, hair dye – there are lots of other reasons why you might need to patch your carpet. We can help you with them all. Or, maybe the carpet has developed wrinkles over time and you want to get them stretched out. We can help you with that also. Fifth, we can help keep your furniture in good shape with our upholstery cleaning services. Remove all those long nights watching movies or taking naps on your favorite chair.

Fair & Honest Pricing

Complete Carpet Broken Arrow Oklahoma stands out in our service to Broken Arrow by giving customers something unique. We have flat rate cleaning. That means that we can give you a price to do a service and when we do the service, the price will be the same because it was a flat rate. The price doesn’t change based on how slow we are. You know what it will cost before the work starts. And we won’t finish the job until we know you are happy.


Pride in Our Work

Get good at something so that you are not surprised by anything that might come up. With over 24 years serving Broken Arrow, we have seen it all. That makes cleaning carpets fun because we know that we have a solution. It’s like getting to be the first kid to clean the chalkboard, or shake an Etch A Sketch and watch it all wipe away. When hiring service technicians, that is one of the first things we look for, someone that enjoys cleaning. There is joy in doing a job well. There is pride in knowing that you can make a huge difference. If the carpets are not cleaned right, then the only other option is new carpets which could cost $5,000. So every job we do right makes a difference to our customers. Cleaning the Broken Arrow carpets in a home makes the biggest two hour turn around you can do to your home. It’s very rewarding to see immediate results just like that.


How Often to Clean

Our customers ask us when we should get our carpets cleaned. We give two answers, and you can use them to help figure out when you need your carpets cleaned. First of all, do you notice that your carpets are dirty? If you know your carpets are dirty, then get them taken care of. You’re the best judge of what has happened to your carpets and will know when they are in need of attention. Second, you may be like me and things just slip your mind. All of a sudden, it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, and you haven’t gotten anything. Our customers get their carpets cleaned in one of two groups. First is the 3-6 month cleaning group. This group normally has kids and pets or lots of traffic through the home. They have a constant source of dirt coming into the home and keep the carpets cleaned by having regular cleanings. The second group doesn’t have kids or pets, or they are retired and travel a lot. They have low traffic on their carpets and only get the carpets cleaned every 1-2 years. Think of it like this. If you drive your car for work every day, you will change your oil often. If you only drive on the weekends, then you will rarely change your oil.


We Are Neighbors

We are a locally, family-owned company that started right here in Tulsa over 24 year ago. We live and shop in the same communities that we serve. We are here to build long term relationships with people that are looking to maintain their carpets for a long time.