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Jenks Carpet Cleaning

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  • Steam Powered Carpet Cleaning
  • Pre-treatment Included in Every Cleaning
  • Application of Carpet Protectant
  • Disinfectant Treatment for Carpet & Furniture
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Patching
  • Restretching of Carpet
  • Seam Repair

Serving Jenks Oklahoma

We have been serving Jenks and the surrounding communities since 1998. We believe that you do what you enjoy for fun. You do what other people are willing to pay you to do for work. When you get good enough at what people pay you do to it then stops feeling like work and becomes more like driving and you start enjoying the trip. Over 24 years in business we are certainly enjoying the trip right now. Getting to help people move into their new, to them, home. A First time home buyer that is excited about finally owning a home, but not so excited that the person that sold them to home didn’t clean the carpets for them.


Are All Cleanings The Same?

Then we have others that bought a home and it was cleaned, but it wasn’t cleaned by Complete Carpet Jenks Oklahoma, which is a different kind of cleaning. On a very technical basis all Jenks carpet cleaners should be the same, since they should be using the same equipment and chemicals. That doesn’t mean that everyone uses that properly. For example every lawn company should cut your grass the same with the same mower. And we all know that is just not the case. Some are not using the mower properly. Or they have the deck set to low or high. Maybe they don’t overlap their passes and you end up with a cool, unintentional, mohawk down the middle of your yard.


The Process To Clean Your Carpets

At Complete Carpet Jenks Oklahoma we start off with a walkthrough of your home. You are the expert of the condition of your carpets. We may be the detectives but you are the key eye witness to give us the scoop on what we are up against. After the walkthrough we set up the machine. We use a truck mount steam clean machine. That means it produces over 230 degree water in the truck and runs hoses from the truck inside the home to clean and extract the carpet. It has a larger blower that is powered by a direct drive to the van that allows for full suction up to 200 feet from the van. This improves dry times and allows for deeper cleaning because it’s getting back out the water that is rinsing the carpet.

The Next Step

Next we take our prespray solution and treat all the carpet to be cleaned. This step is like soaking your dishes in Dawn. It helps to break up and softed up the dirt that is on and in your carpet fibers. The great part of having a whole home cleaning special and pricing is that you don’t have to worry about what carpet will get cleaned. We clean everything we can get to. That hallway over there, check. The back bedrooms, check. How about that little closet over there, check. All included in our flat rate whole home specials. Next we start cleaning the carpets from the farthest point back to the front door. This way we are always moving backwards. We start behind the door, hit the closets and the hard to reach areas. Then we do the main open area of the carpet out of the room and start over in the next room. This process helps to get a very deep clean and also a thorough cleaning. Since it had time to soak we didn’t just clean the dirk off the top of the sticky drink spill, but we actually cleaned up the sticky drink spill that was holding the dirt to the carpet.


Why Hot Water Rinse?

You might be wondering why the hot water to rinse the carpet with? On a quick simple side, if you’ve ever tried to do your dishes with cold water you’ll instantly know that it takes much longer and is very hard to rinse certain things off with cold water. A good example would be tea. Tea you say, how does that relate to Jenks carpet cleaning? Great question, go with me. If you want your iced tea sweet then you take 4-5 packets of sugar and pour it into your iced tea. All the sugar drops to the bottom of the cup and you then spend a bit stirring the tea to absorb all the sugar into the tea. Now on the other hand if you have hot tea. Well when you pour the sugar into the hot tea it almost dissolves all by itself. You see the hot water is more active and is moving faster than the cold water. That allows the sugars and oils to melt, dissolve, absorb into the water faster then the cold water does. Because of this you use less water and get a quicker deeper cleaning with hot water.


Rinse With Or Without Soap?

Now here is a special thing that is unique to Complete Carpet Jenks Oklahoma. We don’t use any soap in our rinse water. It’s just pure clean water that we rinse with. This does many things for your carpet and home. First off, that means that we don’t leave soap on your carpet. If you have soap in the water that you clean with then you will clean soap in the carpet. That soap will attract new dirt to it’s slight stickiness and it will look dingy faster. Secondly by using a slightly acidic rinse that means the carpet is left Ph balanced so it will last longer and dry faster. Finally since we don’t use any chemicals in the rinse process there are no chemicals left in the carpet so you, your kids and your pets can all go back on the carpet as soon as we are finished. Reason needs to be applied, since the carpets are still wet, if you have dirty shoes the wet carpet will clean the bottom of your shoes for you. So make sure your shoes are clean and you are set.


When Do You Need Us Again?

Now that your carpets are clean all your need to do is keep them vacuumed to maintain them. You won’t need us again until your carpets get oily or sticky and the vacuum isn’t able to suck the dirt off the carpet fibers. Carpet Cleaning Jenks since 1998, we are Complete Carpet.