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Owasso Carpet Cleaning

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  • Steam Powered Carpet Cleaning
  • Pre-treatment Included in Every Cleaning
  • Application of Carpet Protectant
  • Disinfectant Treatment for Carpet & Furniture
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Patching
  • Restretching of Carpet
  • Seam Repair

Our Starting Place

Complete Carpet Owasso Oklahoma was started in 1998 to service Owasso and Tulsa. We started off with a contract with the Tulsa Housing Authority to clean all of their properties. These were section 8 homes and apartments. These were some of the toughest carpets to get cleaned. They had been neglected and many times it was on us to see if we could save the carpet. Many jobs we had first crack at saving the carpet before it was replaced. At first they would end up replacing more than we were able to save. We didn’t like that so we worked to flip that ratio. They didn’t think we could save these jobs, but because of red tape they had to try to save the carpet before they could replace it. Probably because at some point a shady manager made a deal with the carpet installer to say that every unit needed new carpet each time, in exchange for a kick back. In return every carpet they had to show that they had tried to clean it before they could schedule it to be replaced. This worked out great for us because now we had a challenge trying to save the worst of the worst. Over time we got to where we saved more units than had to be replaced, probably not the best news for the guys that were replacing carpet less jobs for them. But great news for us because it pushed us to see how much we could do to carpet and what was too much. Because of that we clean carpet differently than other carpet cleaners in the Owasso and Tulsa area.


Growing Our Business

We slowly grew our business from a commercial carpet cleaning business into a more residential home service business. We found that we liked making lots of connections with local people to help maintain their homes. It’s fulfilling to help someone make their, new to them, home fresh and clean to move all their furniture into. Or help make their floors clean and sanitary for a new member of the family to be able to crawl on soon. We can be there once you have outgrown your home and are ready to sell it and move up to the next phase of life. We enjoy all the different phases of rental, home ownership and home sales. Our goal is to do a great job the first time so that every other time we come out it will be easy to maintain the Owasso carpet.


Wide Variety of Services

Back in 1998 we only cleaned carpets in Owasso. We didn’t have the wide variety of services that we have today. One thing that we have as a motto is that we are not doing what we want to and making people pay us for it. We are doing what other people are willing to pay us to do. That way we are providing a service that people want from us, because they want us to do it. That means we will adjust and change to fit the needs of our customers. We have added carpet repair, which includes patching the carpet to remove a hole from a curious pet. Owasso carpet stretching from loose carpet that has become a trip hazard. Repairing seams and thresholds where the carpet has come loose and exposed the tackstrip below. We clean rugs to keep them fresh and ready to capture more dirt. Rugs are there for decoration but they are also waste baskets of your home. They are there to catch dirt in high traffic areas. In front of your couch, down the hallway with a runner, under the sides and foot of your bed. In front of the front or back door, or under the dining room table. These are all areas where the rug gets the dirt so that the flooring under it doesn’t have to.

Do Not Forget Your Furniture

We can clean your furniture also. Your favorite armchair that has too much oil on it from your arms now. Your favorite couch that you have spent too many nights sleeping on. That ottoman that you always put your feet up on, and now looks like the bottom of your shoes. Tile cleaning is another thing that we help our customers with to maintain the freshness of their home. Tile is both easy to clean and also easy to end up with a buildup of soap and dirt over time. Continue your normal cleaning cycle but know that over time the soapy water that you mop with dries into the grout lines. Sure you clean mop it to remove the soap, but that just cuts the soap in half. Not a big deal only leaves a small amount of soap behind. After 10-20 mopping though and you get a compounding effect of all those little small amounts of soap left behind. We help with that by soaking it, scrubbing it and then using lots of water to not just rinse the dirt and soap out but to also suck it all up too. It’s like power steam rinsing. Serving Owasso since 1998.


How Are We Different

With all these years of experience we do provide a different service then other Owasso carpet cleaners. First off we provide flat rate services. Almost all of the services that we provide are at a set rate. Almost every single job that we do the price when we head to a job is exactly the same when we finish the job and get paid. It’s very rare to have a company that can tell you the exact price before the job is done. We also provide you with set appointment times. You are not waiting over a long window of time for us to show up but we set up a specific time that we will meet you to do your job. Finally we do not use soap in our water. This is huge because if you use soap in your water to clean the carpet with you will always leave soap in the carpets. We use all of our soap in a prespray over the carpet and only use hot water to rinse the carpet with. This way the carpet stays fresh and clean longer. Because there is not a build up of soap in the carpet that will attract new dirt right away. This is also a selfish thing that we do, because if the carpet doesn’t attract new dirt then the next time we clean the carpets it won’t be as hard to clean the carpets.