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Sand Springs Carpet Cleaning

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  • Steam Powered Carpet Cleaning
  • Pre-treatment Included in Every Cleaning
  • Application of Carpet Protectant
  • Disinfectant Treatment for Carpet & Furniture
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Patching
  • Restretching of Carpet
  • Seam Repair

Get The Most Out of Your Carpet

Complete Carpet Sand Springs Oklahoma is your local choice for getting the most out of your carpet. That can both be through the long life of the carpet. That can also be by making your home enjoyable each and every day. Started in 1998, Complete Carpet Sand Springs is here to ensure that all your carpet needs are taken care of. Sand Springs has been home to many of our customers over the years. Cleaning carpets for this long brings its own joy to our company. We have been able to help parents and not their grown kids. We have been able to help clean the carpets for young couples that now have teenagers. We have seen people find their dream home and make it their castle. We have also helped close out a chapter of someone’s life by getting a home ready for the next new couple ready to own their first home.


Regular Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets is a regular thing and also a subjective thing. On the one hand it needs to be done on a regular basis to get the most out of your carpet. A common question we get asked is can you clean your carpets too often. The quick answer is no. Keep those carpets clean so that the dirt and dust doesn’t break down the Sand Springs carpet prematurely. Now that is also assuming that the carpets are cleaned properly. If you use a small home portable unit to clean your carpets then yes you can clean the carpets too often. But that is more because the carpet cleaner isn’t able to remove the water properly from the carpet and ends up over wetting the carpet, which is bad for the carpet.


How Do We Clean Carpets

That leads us to how we clean your carpets. We recommend that our customers follow this order for touch up cleaning of your own carpets. Between the major carpet cleanings your carpets will need some daily or weekly touch up. So first things first do it right away. The longer you wait to clean up that spot the more the spot soaks into the carpet. Most things can just be rinsed out of the carpet if it’s addressed right away. So the question remains what is the best way to clean up spots on the carpet. Now that we are addressing the problem in the carpet we need to make sure we remove all of the contaminants from the carpet that we can. Use a shop-vac or vacuum or just paper towels to remove what we can get up first. This is important because anything liquid that we use after this will dilute what is already in the carpet. And we don’t want to dilute something and cause it to go deeper into the carpet. Now that we have removed what we can get out dry it’s time to use some water. We want to clear water rinse what we can get out of the carpet. Sometimes we can get a spot completely out by just using some water to rinse it. This way we reduce the amount of soap that gets left in the carpet. So to recap we have sucked up what we can get out of the Sand Springs carpet. We have rinsed out what we can get out of the carpet. Now it’s finally time to use some carpet cleaning product to break down what is left in the carpet. Remember that any soap we put into the carpet is going to need to be removed from the carpet. After using the carpet soap to break down the spot we end with a final rinse. This is needed to both remove the remainder of the spot but also to remove the carpet soap that we used to break down the spot. Also be careful when rinsing that you use low water and high suction. This can be done with lower water or by not using the water as often as you dry it. For example with carpet cleaner you can pull the trigger to add water on the down stroke and then use no water on the up stroke to increase the drying and reduce the water. You can also reduce the actual water pressure. Or finally you could just move the carpet cleaning wand faster across the carpet so that the water doesn’t get sprayed on the carpet for too long before it is sucked up.


We have followed the same cleaning ideology that we use for the rest of our lives, in the Sand Springs area. The same thing happens with cleaning your dishes. Also the same happens with cleaning your clothes. You take and clean off your plates into the trash. This removes all of the easy to throw away food first. Next soak your dishes to break down the dried food that has stuck to the plate. Finally use hot water to rinse off the soap you used to clean your dishes with. Look at your washing machine and you will see that there are multiple cycles. A presoak, a soak, a rinse, a soap, another rinse and a final spin dry cycle. Some boast of 7 or more cycles to properly clean your clothes. So use that same method to clean your carpets and you will be golden.


See You Soon

We look forward to getting the people of Sand Springs the opportunity to help get or keep your carpets in great shape. It’s one of the few things that can transform a home in just an hour or two. To help it look much better or also smell much better. With our flat rate cleaning system it’s also easy to know exactly what it’s going to cost before we come out. Easy to prepare for and to budget for since you won’t get broadsided by extra charges and hidden fees. What we quote is what you will pay. So give us a call today and get back to enjoying your carpets again.


Other Services

Also remember to check out our other services like tile cleaning, furniture cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet patching, carpet repair, even carpet stretching. This will make your Sand Springs home your castle that you are proud of.