We offer a simple, flat rate pricing on our Carpet Cleaning service for Tulsa

and the surrounding communities.

Our whole home carpet cleaning rates are based upon the size (in square feet) of your home.


Residential Carpet Cleaning Rates:  

$119 for homes 1700 sq. ft. & under

$149 for homes 2200 sq. ft. & under

$179 for homes 2700 sq. ft. & under

$209 for homes 3200 sq. ft. & under

Staircases are $15.00. Pet treatment and application of carpet protectant are services that can be done per your request for additional charge(s). Carpet cleaning scheduled outside of the Tulsa area may be subject to trip charge. Please call for a quote for homes larger than 3200 sq. ft.

*For commercial carpet cleaning rates, please call for a quote.

Our carpet cleaning refers to all carpeted areas in your home that are reachable with our cleaning wand. Moving of large furniture items (such as beds, dressers, entertainment centers) is not included in our flat rate pricing. However, we are normally able to reach beneath most furniture items, and we will steam clean all areas where you may have chosen to remove furniture.

Our carpet cleaning rates include pre-spray with an effective cleaning/disinfectant agent and a thorough steam cleaning of your home’s carpet with our truck mounted cleaning machine. Our machine provides a hot water extraction of the applied pre-spray and removal of the dirt and grime that has settled upon your carpet. In preparation for your carpet cleaning, please pick up small items from the floor and provide a vacuuming of your carpet in the days prior to cleaning.

Professionally completed carpet cleaning provides an excellent deep cleaning of your carpet’s fibers and will dry in about 4 to 5 hours depending upon the home’s temperature, airflow, and humidity level. Please wait until your carpet is dry before moving furniture back onto carpet. You may walk upon clean, drying carpet with clean feet and/or clean shoes.

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We offer flat rate pricing on our floor Tile Cleaning service with rates based upon the size of the area to be cleaned.

*Residential Tile Cleaning Rates:  


$99 for up to 200 sq. ft.   

$149 for up to 300 sq. ft.     

$189 for up to 400 sq. ft.


*For commercial floor tile cleaning rates, please call for a quote.

Tile Cleaning:

Dirt, food & drinks, and pets can all work together to leave your tile & grout in desperate need of a good scrubbing, one that you may decide is too much for you to do. So let us do it for you!

Complete Carpet offers professional floor Tile Cleaning in Tulsa and the surrounding communities for your home or business’ highly trafficked tile areas.  Kitchens, break rooms, dining areas, hallways, bathrooms, and entry rooms, to name a few, are all areas within a home or business that can benefit from a deep tile cleaning.

To clean your floor tile, we will first use a highly rated tile cleanser, spraying it down upon the soiled tile. We will, then, scrub all of the tile grout lines and tile face. After we’ve scrubbed, we use our high-pressured tile cleaning wand to rinse the tiles and suction away any remaining dirt, leaving you with clean, refreshed tile to enjoy in your home or business.In preparation for your floor tile cleaning, please pick up small items from the floor and provide a sweeping of your floor tile the day of scheduled cleaning.

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Please contact us at 918-494-7093 for pricing information on rug cleaning, carpet patching, carpet restretching, seam repair, furniture cleaning, carpet protectant, pet odor treatment, water damage clean up, and carpet drying.