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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998

Here at Complete Carpet we want you have to a difference carpet cleaning Tulsa experience. We want to give you a flat rate experience. Want all the carpets to be cleaned? Great one price gets it taken care of. You can have the confidence that the price we say it will be will be the same price that you will pay when we get done. We want to deserve your trust with your biggest investment in your home, your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has taught us that customers don’t like to be bait and switched. They don’t like finding our after you’ve done the work that it will cost more then you said it would. We respect our customers and know when we do a great job they will refer their friends and family and we will be able to give even more people a new idea of what carpet cleaning Tulsa can be. 

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We have all had an job where the bill just kept changing. Not because we were changing what we wanted to get done, but because the person doing the job kept changing the goal posts. They have a multitude of reasons why it keeps changing, but we know the root of it is that they didn’t give me the right price, a price they were going to stand by, from the beginning. Maybe it’s because they did a poor job pricing, or maybe it because they are tricking us with a fake low price and this is their strategy to drop their real price on us. That is one thing that we bring to our customers, we have been carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, that’s over 20 years to know what is needed to clean your carpets. We’ve seen it all and already know that our price doesn’t need to change. We know we can get you taken care of the right way. We also stand behind our experience, an experience that has taught us, just like a buffet you can have one price to cover all situations. We also have the commitment that when we say it will be one thing, it will be that thing.