Tulsa Complete Cleaning

A Different Kind of Service

When you choose Complete Carpet Tulsa to help maintain your carpets you are getting a different kind of service. Yes, we service all of the Tulsa area and have for the last 24 years. Yes, we use a truck mount steam cleaning machine to deep clean your carpets. Yes, we use high quality Tulsa Complete Cleaning chemicals made specifically for current generation carpets. Yes, we use new tools that are just for cleaning carpets. Yes, we clean and maintain our vans and machines between each and every job. Those are all things that every Tulsa carpet cleaner should always be doing – the bare minimum to be a carpet cleaner.

Timing is Everything

So what do we do to go above and beyond what should be just the basics? Well, we give our customers a specific time that we will come to clean your Tulsa carpets. Yes, most of the industry, or really service industry in general, all gives you windows of time that they will come out. It is all too familiar to experience, “Sometime today, from 7am to 7pm, we will randomly call you, and if you don’t answer the first call, then we will cancel your appointment, and you will have to reschedule.” We’ve all had that happen at some point. You are afraid to go to the bathroom because you know the moment you do is when the call will come. It won’t come when you are sitting there staring at your phone waiting for the call; that would be too easy. With Complete Carpet Tulsa, we will call the day before to remind you of the appointment. We will also call you 30 minutes before we head your way. We will text you to let you know that the technician is on his way to your home. There are 3 different times and ways to make sure that we all stay on the same page. That way, you can plan your day and fit the Tulsa Complete Cleaning into your schedule, instead of you having to plan your day for the carpet cleaning and fit everything else around it.


The Cleaning Process

What other things do we do that are unique? We don’t use any soap or cleaning chemicals in our hot water that we use for rinsing and cleaning. Well, how do we get the Tulsa carpets clean if we don’t use any chemicals in our cleaning water? That’s a good question. So let’s break down the cleaning process to make it simple. First, we do a prespray over all of the carpet. This Tulsa Complete Cleaning does many things, but the two most important are that it starts breaking down the oils and sugars. Secondly, it breaks down the natural water resistance of the fibers. If I splashed a glass of water on you, most of it would fall to the ground and roll off your clothes. If I lightly sprayed your clothes with water first and then splashed a glass of water on you, it would go right through and get you wet. Carpets are the same. If you get it damp first, then when you clean the carpets you clean the dirt out of the fibers instead of just off of the fibers. That prespray is where all the chemicals are, just like soaking your dishes in dawn helps break down the dirt on your plates. Once it’s broken down, then you just need to rinse out the chemicals and dirt with a clean water rinse. That is also what we do. Our cleaning rinse is actually just a hot steam water rinse to remove all the dirt and chemicals from the carpet. This in turn leaves the carpet clean and chemical free and keeps it from attracting new dirt to leftover chemicals. If you clean the Tulsa carpet with soap in your water, then you will leave soap in the carpet.

How to Best Help Our Customers

Something that is unique about Complete Carpet Tulsa is that we are willing to send our Tulsa Complete Cleaning customers to other service providers if they are in need of something that we haven’t mastered. We made a choice not to offer every service so that we can excel in the services that we do offer. We do these services on a daily basis and perfect our process in this way. These are not services that we do once in a while. They are ones that we just finished doing for the customer just before you. Something that our guys do four, five, even six times a day. We want to earn your business and leave you with the feeling that you know you can trust us. We want you to be able to call us and not give it a second thought after that because you know we will take care of the rest.
Being Your Go To Carpet Guy

Our goal at Complete Carpet Tulsa, and why we are still doing this 24 years later, is that we want to develop long term customers – people that we can help maintain their homes for decades. We also are available to help people with a one time event. For example, your friend tells you about us to help you get your home sold so that you can finally take that out of state job in your dream city. We also are just as excited for those that are moving into Tulsa for the first time and being able to give them that down home personal feeling that exemplifies Tulsa, a place where you can strike up a conversation waiting to get your drink at a gas station. It’s a city where when you are out of power, you can walk across the street and ask for help from a friendly neighbor. It’s a place where it’s not red or blue – it’s Tulsa time. And when you are moving into a new home, changing the smell and dirt level of your carpets can start that journey off fresh.

Serving Tulsa

We have served Tulsa and the surrounding communities for 24 years because we love this city and the people that make it up. It’s a great place to raise a family and a great place to work. It’s easy to do great work for great Tulsa Complete Cleaning people. And we look forward to serving Tulsa for another 24 years to come!