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Best Carpet Cleaner | Can You Learn More With A New Carpet Cleaner

Welcome to carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan, that Sabrina’s with complete carpet. And today we’re going to be continuing our talk about habits. Let’s finish this up with rapid and put a bow on it so that you can have some type of action steps, some type of motivation thing. All the stuff we’ve been talking about so far is just to get you in the mindset is just to get you to understand that this is a thing most of the time we don’t do something because we don’t know that it’s something that needs to be done. Uh, we have yet to change that. Um, we’ve yet to zip our fly up. Is it because we’d like to have our fly open? No, cause obviously none of us walk around saying, Hey, I wonder if I left the barn door open. Now what we say is we say, Oh, thank you for letting me know.

I will take care of that. And so we have to have guard rail. We have to have things or people in our place, in our lives that can watch and see if the actions that we’re doing match up to what we would like to be doing so that we don’t allow, um, creep of our habits to come into place. And so one of the things that we can do, all right, let me give you three tips. Three things that you can do. One, uh, on a super simple side, find somebody that you trust and just ask them, Hey, what do you think about some of the stuff that I did? How did I, how do you think I responded in that situation? Find a mentor. Somebody that can look at you and give you an honest reaction to your natural state of being and see if that lines up and it may line up, they may go, Oh, I don’t like this about you.

And you’re like, really? I did that. Awesome. That’s what I was looking forward to doing. They’re like, really? You wanted to do that. And they said, yeah, that’s actually part of my plan. Thank you for confirming that. My plan was working other times. They’ll tell you, Hey, I saw you doing this. And you’re like, well, I never did that. Yeah, no, it’s here. No, I don’t believe you. And then two or three other people say, Oh yeah, you do that all the time. You’re like what I do. Well, shoot. That’s not what I want to do. I don’t want to, you know, make little kids cry or, you know, some, that’s an extreme example, but we all have something that we do that’s that we resonates with us in that same general vein of ideas. Is that what we’re doing is kind of like a kitten punter.

We’re dropping a little kittens and we’re kicking them and you’re like, what? I didn’t take any kittens. Yes. You just don’t realize that those balloons that you were tossing around, they had kittens inside. And you’re like, what? Nobody told me there was a kitten. It’s like, Oh yeah. I’m like, well, you thought you knew that’s why you were kicking them. Me. Like, no, I would never have done that. If I knew inside that box with a kitten, I thought it was, it was a little toy that just made like a cat. I didn’t realize it actually was a candidate who would actually put a cat inside a box that is just terrible. And so if you knew the result of your actions, you would change the actions almost immediately. What’s given new data, new information. Other times you can’t change it. Um, because it’s, it’s uh, in grained in you, it is built down deep.

And so you have to get in and say, okay, I need to find another source, another person to do it. So you may record. I need to actually physically see yourself seeing is believing. So you say, I have to actually physically get in there, see what I’ve done. You record yourself talking and realize, Oh my gosh. I say, um, and like the entire speech, I never noticed it. What was I wasn’t aware of it. If I was aware I’d stopped doing it, but I wasn’t aware of it. I need someone else outside do it. And the third side is saying, okay, I know I don’t know anything in this area. And this is what we do naturally. Um, if you want it to become better at fill in the blank, you go to school and you learn that pattern from school. You’d go to school, you buy it by the book, you learn the information, you do the stuff you keep training yourself until you feel like you could pass the test or you become proficient at whatever it is that you’re doing.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. Uh, so give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to being your best self today. Uh, so as you’re working on it and finding the different things in your life that you can be and become, you learn that these things are ones that you have taught yourself over time. And so let’s go to the three ways, the three best quick tip ways that you can alter who you are and what you are. One is knowledge once you know what it is that you’ve been doing or why you should be doing it differently. A lot of times we won’t change. Cause you tell a kid do this. And the first thing they ask is why, why are they asking why it was? Because they currently don’t want to put the effort in to do something different, but they also believe what they’re doing is correct.

So the hardest part is to take what you’re currently doing and to convince yourself that it is not what needs to be done because your body already says, Hey, I don’t want to learn another thing because I already know this thing. Like, why would I stop the thing I already know to do it that way? And if it’s like, Oh, it’ll make you 5% better. You know what? I don’t really feel like putting the effort in to only become 5% better. I’ll just keep doing what I’m currently doing, or it will fundamentally change your life. Okay? I might look at that. Then if it’s going to fundamentally change, I can double your income in one or two years. You’re like, wow. Now that I may start looking at, until you got to find something in your life that connects you in that type of space, it says, okay, what is it that’s going to, uh, arise a large enough feeling inside of me that I’m going to want to change.

Number two is just putting yourself in an environment for change. If you hang out with Cowboys, you’re eventually going to be wearing cowboy boots. If you hang out with bikers, eventually you’re going to be wearing leather. If you hang out with high end, successful investors, eventually running an invest in something, because it’ll feel weird. If you hang out with a bunch of people that smoke, what is most people do through peer pressure, they end up smoking you, whatever it is that you want to accomplish, go hang around. The people that are doing that. And you eventually will do it. Even if you don’t start smoking, you’re gonna smell like smoke all the time. And everyone around. You will assume that you smoke. So find that group, find that area and just be around them for awhile. So one find out knowledge what it is that you could do and why you need to do it better to hang around with somebody that is doing it.

And then three physically teach your skill, self. The skills learn the super Mario brothers program. When you’ve only got solitary, you got to learn a new program, teach yourself something new, have active learning, go to school, go to get a mentor, get to, you know, pursue actual actual information. Then use that information around people that are already doing it and keep increasing the amount of knowledge. So you know why you’re doing it in the first place. So you have a reason to do the thing, have a reason, be around people and then learn the skill.