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Best Carpet Cleaner | Do You Need More Advice From Us?

Best Carpet Cleaner | Do You Need More Advice From Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And we are going to talk about Keeping Up with the Joneses Best Carpet Cleaner Tulsa’s in our fiber. We are complete carpet. A lot of times we want to maintain or keep up with our society and stuff around us. Sometimes it means we get to do things that we’ve always wanted to do. Other times. It means that we are not to doing the things that we want to do. We are doing the things that others are doing, just trying to maintain or keep up with them. And so we tell people that you need to enjoy your house. Your house is your castle. And so you should be able to enjoy it. You need to have a impetus inside to rush home. You want to come back to the finer thing. There should be something there that draws you back. And if not, then go back and restructure what you do so that you can find the things that are going to draw you back in.

We want to try to make sure that you’re staying where you should post Best Carpet Cleaner to be and make sure that the places that you’re supposed to be, or the way that you want them to be seen as rather simplistic and easy. But at the end of the day, it’s very difficult form function because we have typically lived within the bounds and the guidelines of what everyone around us is wanting us to do. And there’s nothing wrong. Cause we do need to conform to society. If everyone around us does not want us to walk without our clothes on. We better keep our clothes on. If we are supposed to wear a specific kind of bathing suit, when jumping into the pool, then we better not leave our business suit on if we are supposed to drive a certain direction on the road, because it will help everyone else to keep the flow of traffic going properly.

Well, then we better follow the directions and drive the right to direction on the road. A lot of these are tips and things that we do to help to facilitate society Best Carpet Cleaner. Now you may not personally buy in or like these things, but you’ll have to conform to them so that you can make sure that you are being a productive or helpful member of society. Now, there are times where that productive, helpful member of society, the things that are happening are set and other times where they are not just set, that they are malleable. We look at them and we say, okay, this is the way we did do it. But now could based upon the things that have changed our new base of knowledge, something that we can do and change to be different. And this is where innovation and exploration, where you have inventors coming up with new and strange ideas, ways to reshape and look at the narrative around us. I think the greatest thing we can do is when we take two different opposing views and realize that the two different opposing views can both be right. We say it this way when you’re talking about,

Um, the

Difference of opinion of stuff is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I know it’s a rather crude example, but the reality is that we all have something that we’ve gone through or done where we realized that this path does work and that path does work. It’s called like go to the neighborhood. If you go into the neighborhood and there are three different entrances to the neighborhood, there are potentially three to 20 different ways to get to that house. Now you can choose which route would you want to go on? And depending on what your criteria is for that route will depend on what you end up with at the end. So is the decision maker is the purpose or the focus of that particular decision tree going to be, I need the fastest route. Well then I will find the fastest route at all costs that potentially is driving through backyard.

That’s driving over stuff. You like, you’ve seen the movies where somebody is just trying to escape at all costs Best Carpet Cleaner. And they just bust through every barricade and drive over everything. And they just go all these different strange ways because there are bypassing the normal route of things and we call it B lining it, which going straight through from point a to point B is as direct as distinct as we can get. Now, on the other hand, are you trying to go for the most efficient way? Well, this would mean the least amount of damage to your car, the least amount of damage to the environment, and also the least cost in gas and breaking because yes, I could get there quickly, but at what cost to my vehicle at what cost to myself, what cost to those around me. And then finally you have the one that is the, uh, quickest route.

So I may use up my brakes more. I may use it, my gas pedal more, but this route will be the quickest route. And sometimes you just want the, I guess we’ll add a bonus category in their bonus category would be the most, uh, the smoothest route, the least problematic route, the most consistent route. That’d be potentially you’d enter from the South if you want a really smooth, long experience, but you don’t have to worry because there’s no stop signs. There’s no speed bumps, but it is the longest way to get to your house. The upper side is really short and direct, but it’s got lots of speed bumps and there’s three stop signs. And so it’s just this perpetual stop and go stop and go. But it is the shortest route. And it’ll get you there the fastest there’s other ones where you come in and you say, okay, what is it that I’m looking for in my life?

And you’re looking around to see what can I achieve and how can I achieve it Best Carpet Cleaner? Well, this is where you have to stay. Am I just trying to keep up with the Joneses? Do I just want to have this, that this, that, or the other, or am I looking to try to make a Mark? I’m trying to make a difference then am I trying to match what it is that I’ve been created? I personally, 100% believe that God gives you the desires of your heart. Sometimes that means that he is helping you to reach the desires of your heart. But I really believe on a more core, fundamental side that you only have the desires of your heart because they were placed there by God. Uh, you would, we would call this your calling. We call this your mission. You’d call it your, um, sets, desires, your internal motivation.

You’d have your skillset, your natural talent. You would give all kinds of different terms to them. But at the end of the day, it’s the thing that, and you do it. You go and do it well, you it’s easy. You know, somebody could try to get you to do it poorly and you wouldn’t because you’re set saying no, no, this is, I like doing this. You know, I’m not going to try to do a shortcut because I don’t want to shortcut it. I want to do it all. I enjoy it. I enjoy this process. I enjoy the whole thing about it. So I’m not going to skip any part of it because this is what I enjoy. I do all the other stuff I skip through and do as, as, uh, as much as I can or as quick as I can.