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Best Carpet Cleaner | Even When You Make It Make Sense

Best Carpet Cleaner | Even When You Make It Make Sense

Testing one, two, three. This is the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina for joining us on another revolutionary thing. As we in perfect, perfect cleaning tool, what we do best, they were gonna talk about your pets and the damage that they can do to your home. Now, this is abnormal damage. This is just your normal damage, but knowing in advance and helping you to make good decisions about your pet. So you do not end up doing something or getting something, being frustrated, upset. I think that’s most frustrating to me as a pet, they get punished for doing what we consider to be normal behavior. So this would be similar to punishing your kid because they’re a baby or they’re little and they drop and spill their milk. Now, when you didn’t give him a sippy cup, if he given me full on glass, if you have a regular breakable, all of my kids they’re growing up, we always had the restaurant, uh, polycarbonate glasses.

If you drop them, they just bounced off the floor because I knew that at some point they’re going to drop the glass Best Carpet Cleaner. I mean, everybody drops a glass, so we never had glass glasses. We made sure that all of our glasses were of a material, but if they dropped no big deal, we also made sure that the glass has never left the kitchen. So you never had to worry about things getting wet or juice or milk is stuff being spilled. If it never left the kitchen, there’s always been a place on the flooring that could be able to be wiped right back down. And so with your pets, there’s some of these things that you should just know right off the bat and say, okay, that’s just the way a pet works. I’ve got a pet. They’re going to do these things. These are the things that we see often from a perfect cleaning standpoint.

So we’re gonna start off with number one is if your pet is trapped in a room, they will try to dig their way out. It’s probably the number one type of patch that we do is a patch where the cat or dog has been in a room or a closet they’re trapped in there and they panic. And so they start digging under the door, trying to get out the same way in your backyard. Your dog will sometimes try to dig under the fence. I’ve never was quite sure what they’re trying to dig to because there is a half an inch of gap there, and there is solid tax strip, right below or prompter right below or padding or Best Carpet Cleaner right below. But they will try to dig their way out. So panic sets in, they get in. So make sure that you do not one, let your pets get into rooms as the door shut or to make sure that you’re going, if you have any.

Cause typically, because this happens to most to customers on a regular basis Best Carpet Cleaner, you could have a door that will naturally swing shut. So you’ve got a door that will match. It’s going to shut. The pet goes into the room. The door starts to close, and then they, they seriously try to dig your way back out. So what you could do is put dark doorstops or, and magnetic door jam. You do the magnetic door jam. We’ll keep the door open. Also help you remove it for free from the door. It always seems like it closes you. And so what it is is a big magnet. That’s on the wall, on the back of the door. And then on the wall is a long post that is steals that would attract to the magnet. So you’d open it up as the magnet touches that post and it holds it in place.

The other way that you can do it is one little rubber doorstop. Or you could just put a, you know, a jar of pennies or anything with any type of weight, a one pound weight would actually work just fine. Something you put in front of the door to keep it from closing. And that way the pet never gets trapped inside of the room. Another part is where we’ll dig the ground in area that they’ve chewed their bone or that something has spilled into the carpet. So you have something still in the carpet, try and make sure you clean it all the way up. Otherwise the pet is going to come by at some point and smell that remainder of the food that is there and want to get to it because it will smell it. They’ll try that. They’ll assume that there’s something delicious under the Best Carpet Cleanert.

And so they’ll either eat the carpet, make it a nice, cute little hole or all of the fibers are gone, or they will try to dig into the carpet because they just assumed somebody buried something. There are very tasteful. So they will try to make their way through. Another thing that we see is that pets, when there is another pet in the house, especially with dogs, cats do some sprain, dogs do marketing, but they will sometimes get in there and they will try to competitively Mark to see who is testing one, two, three. Okay, there we go. That was odd. So that’s, we’ll go after each other because they are trying to see this is mine. And so if you kind of know that you’ve got a male pet, they’re going to Mark. If you get them fixed, they will Mark less.

They will Mark less than they normally do, but they will definitely have a lot of, uh, issues or problems as they’re going along about their way perfectly in since 1998, we are a complete carpet. They give us a call today, (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your Best Carpet Cleaner again, in this vein, if your neighbor gets a new pet, a lot of times pet food, try to competitively Mark against each other because they want to claim an area. I’ve had a few times that a pet will come in. They had the pet for five or six years, and then all of a sudden the pet will start marking inside. And it turns out that their neighbor either on one of the side fences or the back then they got a new dog and their dog is monkey. Your dog smells the Mark from that dog.

And so they then started trying to competitively protect their environment dogs. They Mark the perimeter of their environment to say, this is a, this is my property. So do not cross this line. Whereas, um, girl dogs, typically Mark to say, Hey boys, um, there’s a girl here I am available. The guys say, don’t cross here, girl safe. Please come visit carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete Best Carpet Cleaner. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. We can get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again. Perfect DMCs, your clean carpets today. Uh, your pets are your best friend. They also can create normal ruckus damage. They say on average is about 700 bucks a year in regular wear and tear damage that a pet will do to a house. So if you know that going into it, then you can just do that as part of the cost of doing business. Kind of like having a nice car, you know, that you do an oil change will cost more or to replace the tires across more because it’s a sports car. So it’s got higher end better stuff. So it was a call today at (918) 494-7093.