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Best Carpet Cleaner | Every Time We Visit You?

Best Carpet Cleaner | Every Time We Visit You?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet, and we want to talk today about what you can do to spot treat and maintain your carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at nine 1-849-470-NINE at three, a very simple side of what we’re trying to accomplish and do is that we would like you to be able to have a simple process. I process, as I say, in the, uh, you, you, that you wanted to be able to accomplish the things that you were setting out to do. So we want to break down our three step process. So your duty, your Best Carpet Cleaner and break that down into what you can do in your home or in your facility or in your spaces that you are bumping into things that you would like to accomplish.

And so in that we will give you our first three parts to our process. The first three steps, and these steps are derived directly. These are not revenge reinventing. The wheel is just connecting to what you already know is works, which you already know is possible. And so a lot of that has to do with saying, okay, first I am going to get out there and I need to break it down. The dirt that’s there before you get into any type of cleaning, you need to go. So think of it like removing the fingernail Polish off your fingernails. You don’t try to just scratch it off and pull it off. You first have to get softened up to where it can be removed perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete Best Carpet Cleaner. And so part of that process of trying to get that removed is that you need to make it into a form that can be removed.

This is the same as dishes. This is the same as dish washers. This is the same as any of your cleaning and removal processes. You start off with breaking down what you have getting into suspension, getting it broken up so that at some point it could then be rinsed away. Secondarily, you need to rinse away what is there. So you need to have that clean, rich side, and then you have the, uh, rinse out the backside of it. So let’s go first for saying, okay, before we can clean the spot before we break it down, before we can clean all this stuff out, we first have to go with step one. So step number one is removal. So before you can get in and start breaking down the dirt and getting out the stuff that’s there first, I need to remove it. So if I drop a pie on the carpet and I’m sitting there, I walk across the room and I drop a pile on the Best Carpet Cleaner.

I should not start with cleaning the spot up and just start by removing the pie. I need to pick back up the pie to wipe out the spilled drink, and he absorbed what I can. So I need to, without any cleaning, without any water with nothing else, I need to remove all of the contaminant I can because any cleaning, any soap, anything I use is going to break down or dilute what is already there and cause it to get farther in. So I’ve put some water over that pie, trying to soften it up and break it up. I’m now diluting the pie into more liquid and causing it to spread even farther. So first I need to remove what I can of that pie off of the carpet or in the environment. And then once I’ve removed everything, now are

You to take just so a hot water

And rinse out what I can, if I can remit, rinse and remove. So I’m going to just suck off and rinse off whatever I can to make sure that the area is as debris free as possible. Now I know we’ll know what is stuck, what is leftover and what needs to be, uh, soaked up to go get to get it back into suspension. So open it up, you break it down. Uh, you take your, uh, cleaning liquid. So first you suck off what you can ever remove it. Then you, uh, rinse out what you can. Then your third step here or your third process is to, uh, use some soap, use something that can break down, whatever is left. And your final step is to one more time rinse. So you’ve got rents, you’ve got suck. You suck to remove. And then you’ve got, um, the, uh, final, uh, the soaping and then a final rinse again.

And this helps you because this is what all of your different ones processes will do. If you’re looking at your washing machine, washing machine will have a presoak and then it will have a soapy cycle. Then it’ll have a rinse cycle. Then it will have a spin to get off all the extra moisture or in the case of your dishwasher, you go through and rinses off whatever’s on the plates and then goes through and washes. Whatever’s left on the plate. And then it goes back and it, uh, rinses off whatever is of the soap that has left on the plate that you then never with a nice, fresh, clean item carpet, clean Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet and this process will help you do enjoy your Best Carpet Cleaner, enjoy your, uh, your home because it is your castle. So enjoy it,

Very shameful,

A way to get in and get that stuff broken down Best Carpet Cleaner. I always recommend customers to use the same product line. If you’ve got a product line you like using say, it’s a rug doctor or a resolve, or it’s a pro stock photo shot, or a pro chem Bridgepoint, it’s Kevin speck. It might be, uh, uh, so it just so many different types of chemical makers out there. So whichever when you do use that one chemical maker for all of the stuff that you do, because, um, most of, uh, most, all chemical makers will make and the different surfaces, they make something that does something different for each chemical. Whereas if you’re buying five different chemicals from five different companies, you may end up being actually buying all the same chemical over and over just made by five different people. So as opposed to having five different, separate chemical that do different things, you’ll have five chemicals that all do the same thing.

If you mix them all together in one pot, you’d actually end up with the same general chemical. So think of it like this. If you’re going to go outside and you’re gonna have a bug spray and you grab a bug spray, you grab a weed killer and you grab a, a C a paint remover Best Carpet Cleaner. All three of those are going to do something different. But if you go in, you buy four different bug sprays all by the same, all by different companies, no matter what you do with those bug sprays, they’re only going to kill bugs. They won’t kill the weeds. They aren’t going to take off paint. They’re only going to kill bugs. So that’s all they are doing perfectly and Tulsa since 1998,