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Best Carpet Cleaner | Find Out More About Us?

Best Carpet Cleaner | Find Out More About Us?

Welcome to the Best Carpet Cleaner diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. And today I want to continue on our process of habits and ideas and thought processes and what we can do. And so I wanted to still down and finish out this first part, because we went into all of this because you want to create a good maintenance cycle for your home care for your home, take care of the stuff in your home, and to do that, to do all of those different things, to make sure that your home is well maintained well cared for. Well, well taken care of is that you need to also say today, I did not do what I desired to do. I did not get the outcome that I desired to do so now I need to change the input. I need to find a new program that will allow me to do what it is that I want to do.

I need to find a new program and the matrix he walked over and he hooked himself into the training simulation for the matrix Best Carpet Cleaner. He closed his eyes. He entered a jujitsu program. He learned Kung Fu. He learned all these different martial arts and just a few minutes, go download it into his brain. All of a sudden he’s like, I know Kung Fu, which of course has done with all the sincerity that Kiana can always muster in every single scene of I do Kung Fu and it sounds as wooden and as awesome as, as exactly that I probably gave it too much, um, um, emotion and motivation behind it. Cause it’s more like I know Kung Fu. And so here we are, we’re sitting there learning the different processes, but he did not know to do those things until he could. He walks up in that same movie.

He walks up to a helicopter and he looks at the helicopter and he’s like, I don’t know how to fly a helicopter. You know how to fly a helicopter, no jumps in the helicopter, like, all right, quickly download me a helicopter de Apache program. And let me, so I can fly. This thing is like sitting there and you see his eyes kind of twitching. He’s like, uh, okay, now I know how to fly this RV. Let’s go. And they barely escaped by the skin, but you know, our life, it’s exactly, basically the same way. We don’t know how to do things until we’ve taught ourselves to do it. I don’t know how to go, um, water scheme until I’ve gone water skiing. I don’t know how to go snow skiing until I’ve gone and trained and tried to snow ski. And I don’t know how to play a video game.

I’ve never played before. I don’t know how to play a board game that I’ve never played before. There’s a lot of stuff that we don’t know how to do it and we can get in there and try. And we’ve all tried that we’ve opened up a box to assemble a child’s toy, a child’s toy, a little kid’s toy, and they give us, and there’s somehow there is 473 pages to the documentation. There are no words. It’s completely in pictures like this. Sometime in the future, they’re going to be people that come back and they’re going to go back in time and they’re going back and say, let’s see what this prehistoric right there. Open a time capsule. And in there will be the directions from Ikea to build a table or a, a Hutch they look at and say, these people, they had this primitive form of communication.

They did not use words. They didn’t even use very many symbols Best Carpet Cleaner. They just use pictures with arrows. They just said here, push there. Number one, screw point times six, evidently I guess you have to do this six times in the same spot. What I don’t, I’m not quite understanding this picture. Design is not there. And a lot of times you put the whole thing together, follow every picture to a T. But if page number 10 and 11 are missing, this whole thing falls apart because you missed the two where you actually attach the two pieces to each other. So, so far in the design, you skip a page or a stuck together. The two pieces are just sitting next to each other. They are not adhered to each other. You haven’t added important bolt number B 17, that’s three, seven, eight of an inch long.

And you don’t know that that one is the one that keeps the whole thing from falling apart Best Carpet Cleaner. Well then you’ve fundamentally built something that doesn’t work. And a lot of times we fundamentally have taught ourselves a habit pattern that doesn’t work. We’ve put it into place. We went out there, we struggled. We tried to figure it out, but unfortunately it is just not working. Why is it not working? Is it because we’re not good people? It’s not because we didn’t try hard enough. Well, no, it has to do with the fact that we just don’t have the knowledge. We don’t have the basis of what we can do to be successful. This is at a root cause. Why you are the average of the five people you hang around the most with you’re the average of the five sources information that you listened to the most.

Because those sources of information, those people will show you Best Carpet Cleaner. They are going to mentor you. They’re going to live out a different way of approaching the, uh, the parts of your life that you want to try to accomplish and do, because they will have a winning success or they’re going to have a failure. And those people, you look at them and you say, okay, dude, are they at the place that I would like to be? And if so, that means that they have learned to play a game that I would like to play. The game of life is a game. We jokingly used to play a lot of a world of Warcraft. And so obviously world of Warcraft, the digital game is in a digital world with digital people. And it’s in a functional thing, but they’ve got 15 million people that use it on a regular basis.

So it is a very, very big community Best Carpet Cleaner. And so we would jokingly every now and then realize we’ve been playing for too long. We did a big raid and the raid took six to eight hours. They’re there six to eight hours. A bunch of people just really hamming it up, having a good time. It’s tons of fun. Cause you’re here with this big group of people and you’re all working together to achieve a goal or clash. But at a certain point, you realize, sorry guys, I’ve got, I’ve got another game to play. And they’re like, what’s this other game that you want to play? It’s called I R L and you’re like, IRL, I’ve not heard of this new game called IRL. What, how do you play this game? And I said, Oh, well, it’s simple. It’s called in real life. It is a very, very brutal game in this game. You only get one life. Oh my gosh, you’re going to play a game with only one life. What is this? A roguelike game? Yes, it’s this game that I’m gonna play. You only get one life. And uh, if you, uh, if you try to do something in it that is not successful. Well then unfortunately you’re done. Once you get one chance that that’s right. Only one chance at that one life.