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Best Carpet Cleaner | Getting What You Truly Need?

Best Carpet Cleaner | Getting What You Truly Need?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan. The Sabrina’s with complete carpet. We’re going to continue our talk about establishing good habits, habit patterns. I mean, I can tell you the habits that you need to do to clean your carpet, to keep your carpets in good shape. We can just rifle through a couple of them quickly here. So we don’t tease you unnecessarily with items that you’re not going to get. So you can back you a good maintenance prop process helps to make sure that your carpet stay in the best shape. Do you have the carpet cleaned? You use rugs to catch dirty areas or high traffic areas. You, um, if you see a spot in a small area, make sure you get on it right away. Try to suck it up, cleaned up, rinse it out and then break it down. If it needs it.

Um, you avoid getting the carpet dirty to begin with. If you are never on the carpet, the carpet will never get dirty. You can corral and, uh, contain the sources of dirt. So you’ve got a playroom or an area that your daughter does. Makeup. Make sure it’s over a surface that it’s easier to clean. If you put it over the white carpet, you’re going to have a loss of regrettable marks in your carpet. But if you put it over, say white tile, well then a sponge will fix all those regrettable marks. They won’t stay in or stick to it. Don’t let your daughter have an open bottle of thinking out Polish while she’s on the white carpet is a bad move because it’s going to eventually drip and spill just Murphy’s law. If it can happen, it will happen. And so here we are, you’re dealing with the different parts and facets and assets of life.

And so we want to go back into the part that happens before all of that. So we’re going to go to the thing before the thing. And so the thing before the thing is, you’ve got to have a habit pattern in place. So you are not fighting yourself that you kind of are you, you, you do fight yourself just a little bit, but you are not intrinsically fighting yourself. You are fighting the habit that is established. So it’s sort of like sitting down at a computer. Here’s the deal. You sit down at a computer and you click on a program. And that program loads up and they can program is Gallagher. That program is a solid here. We’ve all played a bit of solitaire and our times are mind sweep. So we’re sitting there or that’s the basic install game, eat your, your routine game.

That pretty much every little computer has that. Maybe a form of snakes. And you sit down and you start to play that. And then every time you sit down to play it, you say, okay, I would like to play. Let’s take a more fancy game. Something bigger, maybe super Mario brothers. You sit down and then you click on solitaire. And then super Mario brothers does not start. And you’re like, ah, what the heck? I want to play super Mario brothers. But the flip is every time I click on solitaire to play super Mario brothers, all I do is play solitaire and I wanted to start giggling at you. Like what? What’s the matter stop giggling. I clicked right here on the games I played the one game I have in the folder and it’s not super Mario brothers. I don’t get to play super. I mean, I keep clicking on solitaire every day, but Superman, our brothers, isn’t starting.

I told them I want to play super Mario brothers. Then I clicked on solitaire and I did not get super Meyer brothers. Why is it because your computer hates you and it is fighting. You know, it’s because you have a program installed on your computer. You have a habit, you have a set response. And every time you click on that response, it gives you the code that you’ve entered the installed thing and which you have to do. If you want to play super Mario brothers is one. You got to change the platform because if you’re sitting there playing on a platform that has solitaire more than likely, it does not have the capacity to play super Mario brothers too. You need to get in there and change the effect of what it is you’re wanting to do. If you want to start super Mario brothers, you need to stop clicking on solitaire.

It sounds super simple and super dumb, but the majority of us continue to click on, on solitaire, wanting to promote your brothers. So we have yet to teach our brain, the habit pattern of super Mario brothers. Once you install that game and it’s not an easy install process, you’re going to have to sit there. And you know, it’s not like you just put an icon on the desktop that says, supermar brothers, boom, you’re off to the races. No, you have to install the game. You have to have the cartridge. You have to have the system set up load in that game and then you can play it. And that’s where you have to teach your body, keeps your mind, teach your mind a whole beans, the process, which is super Mario brothers. So you get that game installed. Now when you click on and you say, I want to play super Mario brothers, there’s now an icon there that says super Mario brothers.

And it is connected to the game that has been installed. The habit, the program that has been installed called super Mario brothers. And you’re like, whew. Finally, I have gotten it. I now have my habit aligned with my program. And now I have one that actually matches up with my belief system. It’s not that your body or that you are at conflict. It’s that you are asking your body to do something that you didn’t teach it to do. For example, if I find a kid who can’t read, I’ve got a kid who cannot read and I look them dead in the eye. And I say, all right, little Bobby, here’s the deal. I’m going to put a gun to your head. And I need to you to read me the first paragraph after the constitution of America. And I look at you with tears in his eyes and be like, but I don’t know how to read and be like, that’s what the gun is here for.

It’s going to give you motivation to read, but I don’t. You could get, give me all the motivation in the world, but I have yet to learn how to read it. That’s why I’ve got the gun here for him. No, no. Until you’ve taught them to read until you’ve taught them the habit and the understanding, the function of reading, no matter what outside stimulus you put in, we can push all we want to, man. I just want to ha I just want to be a good person. If need to be a better person. It needs to live a better life. I needed to really press forward in the deeper things and all the stuff that I’m going to do. And yet I have yet to teach myself, what is it that a good person does? What is the habit patterns? What is the daily reading regimen? What are the people doing that are good people that they can do that I can copy? And I can mirror that stuff in my life.