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Best Carpet Cleaner | How Can We Keep You Learning?

Best Carpet Cleaner | How Can We Keep You Learning?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet, or we’re going to continue talking about, uh, ways to maintain the health and wellbeing of your Best Carpet Cleaner since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today to help you with your carpet, with your tile, with your staircases, with your upholstery, with your rugs, anything that you need done to your carpet after it’s been installed, we can help you do it, maintain the health and wellbeing, your carpets, that you can get a long life at your carpet. Enjoy your carpet. Get all of the extra years of life that you could have out of your carpet. Your carpet is like a set of good tires. You keep use it until you wear the tread off. So enjoy that. Even if you get a nail in the tire, get that nail fixed.

If it’s low on, uh, air, fill that air up. If it is, needs to be, uh, aligned or rotated, then go ahead and get that done, but let us be your carpet care Kings. So as we were talking about, uh, how to maintain your carpet, we wanted to go over some of the basics of how you could maintain your carpet with our four step process that we give as a guidance. I just told our last customer Best Carpet Cleaner, I was at talking with them about what they could do to maintain that some pets that were doing quite a bit, a little, uh, marking and leaving spots here and there on the carpet. So we wanted to go ahead and provide you that knowledge also, uh, our quick, we’ll do a quick overview and then we’ll go deep dive into where the why’s behind it. But the quick overview is four step process.

Step number one is to remove what you can off the carpet. Just your simple, uh, if you were to do your dishes, you want to, as soon as you’ve eaten on the plates, you want to take them to the sink and just rinse off the stuff that you can just print off immediately Best Carpet Cleaner. Cause anything that’s soft, anything that’s about to happen. You want to just remove the excess before you start trying to wash it. A step. Number two is to rinse out whatever’s there. This is when you take your plate, you’ve wiped it into the trash, whatever will just fall off the plate into the trash. And now we’re going over to the sink. Now you’re going to rinse off whatever, rinse off with water. Step number three is use some type of soap to remove whatever’s left. So let’s say you wiped off what’s on your plate.

You’ve rinsed off what it will come off with the rest. Now it’s oily and greasy, sticky something. They use some soap to break that down. Might use a little Dawn to break down, whereas using the plate as an example, because you’re, that’s something we do on a regular basis. We don’t clean our carpets on a regular basis, but we do clean. Our dishes should be at least once a week, if not every other day. Um, so here you are. You’ve, you’ve wiped off what you can get off Best Carpet Cleaner.  You’ve rinsed off what you can have rinse off. Now you’ve soaked up to break down. Whatever’s left. And finally your fourth step is to go back and rinse off again. So it’s a four step process. We’ve got to have your remove. You’re going to have your rents. You’re going to have your, or a wash, and then you’re going to have your rents.

I know it’s probably makes a terrible acronym. Let’s see, that’d be like remove red. So the R R w R I don’t know what kind of acronym you could create on that. It’d be the, it’d be the definitely the world’s worst acronym you like or, and exactly how you pronounce R R w R is like railroad with now you’re making up new words to connect for the word that you already have. It’s like when people shorten out words that already short, like they don’t need more shortening. They already are a short word that does not need any more, um, uh, re reduction to it.

The, uh,

So going back to it, let’s break down what each of the processes does and why you should do it. You already have a general idea about it by doing your dishes. I think it’s a good parallel as you are trying to see what it is that you can do for your cleaning experience. So step number one is quick connection. If you can get onto something quickly, you can make some difference right away Best Carpet Cleaner. Uh, that is with a milk with dr. Pepper and spaghetti and anything that hits the floor. Don’t pause on it. Don’t wait and say, Hey, I will do that later. Just do it right now. Just jump right on top. That project, make sure that it gets taken care of for the longer it sits there. The longer it dries, the longer

Sets the board, this show

To the carpet. So it’s going to sit, it’s going to set. It’s going to soak. We don’t want to sit, sit and soak. I don’t want that happen. We want it to be removed. So we want to remove, we want to run through on a washer. We want to rinse so that now we’ve got that part of the equation taken care of. So you jump on it right away. Don’t put off til tomorrow. What you can do right this moment. Also, you will, can remove a lot out of carpet if you just get on it right away. Uh, even paint could be taken out of a paintbrush. If it’s rinsed away right away. Now that stays there for too long. Eventually it becomes concrete. So you gotta make sure that you need that you rinse it away while it’s still removable. Uh, the second reason that you want to just try to suck up what you wanted to get out first, before you, uh, um, try to rinse or, or, uh, clean the spot.

A lot of times people will start off by using soap. We’re trying to clean it. Whereas I tell people right off the bat, you want to try to remove it and suck up. Whatever’s there because whatever’s, there is as liquidy as it’s going to be. It’s only going to dry from that point forward. So if you can suck off what you can get first, if you can remove what you can get off first, then it will not get diluted or spread farther. You’ll have stopped the spread right away. If you do use some type of product to try to break it up at this point, normally the product will mix with the


Contaminant and ended up spreading around into the carpet farther. You didn’t want to. So just try to suck off, remove scrape off whatever’s there. Secondarily rinse off what you can. Water is the universal solvent. A lot of stuff. We’ll just rent out with water. The more product you use, the more product, the more renting you’ll have to do to remove the product, not just the spot that is there, but also all the leftover soap. And then finally you want to come back and rinse or use some soap and then come back and rinse that again. That’s a rent soap, rinse that way you don’t leave the soap in the carpet. Yes, you may break down the dirt and you’ve rinsed it all out, but you don’t want to leave some of that soap there to attract a new dirt as it’s going forward. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.