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Best Carpet Cleaner | How Can You Learn All About Complete Carpet!

Best Carpet Cleaner | How Can You Learn All About Complete Carpet!

Welcome to the Best Carpet Cleaner DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today you’re going to join us on a journey as we continue to talk about replacing your habits. I know we’re beating this topic down and drilling down deep into it. Almost like we’re a dentist. We’re gonna be drilling way down in, deep in there, but we want you, as you walk away in these, uh, situations to be able to say, I grasp this fully. And it is a concept that is not something you can get passively. It’s something you actively have to really push out and try to find a way to get into as you’re working on the different parts and phases of your life is that you have to say, okay, who do I want to be? And over the next week, month, year, five years, 10 years, decades of my life, who will I form?

How will I, um, cultivate, what will I make into the version of me then I want everyone else to see. But beyond that, also, I’m going to make myself into the version. I want to be. There’s two different versions of us that we make ourselves to be. And there are valid reasons that you should make both of these two versions. And there needs to be two separate people that you create yourself to be the version that you would like to be. And that is the one that you have, your dreams, your desires, your aspirations, your goals, all of your things that you say here. This is what I wish I could be. If I could approach the world in this particular aspect, this would be my, my dream, my ideas and things. And we put a deadline on those dreams. Would they become goals? We now have the capacity to go out there and do things that we hadn’t done.

Otherwise we can get to mountain tops that we had yet to really foresee or even gaze into the face of. And now that we have done this, we now say, okay, what is the path to getting there? And that path to getting there typically will include things that we do not want to do. If we wanted to do those things they would already be done. And that’s probably one of the most biggest ideas that we should have, or the thoughts that we could do is that, yes, this is possible. And if it was already, it was something I already did. Then we wouldn’t even be here having this conversation. If you already kept your Best Carpet Cleaner immaculate, you wouldn’t be looking for information, how to get your carpets to look better. If you already had the perfect body you were looking for you, wouldn’t be looking for tips on how to lose large amounts of weight.

If you already knew all of the information you wanted to, you wouldn’t still be going to school. So there’s a lot of things that are there because intrinsically we are unsatisfied with what we’ve done so far, and we want to do something greater. We want you to see something better. And so by getting to that greater and that better thing we quickly learned, okay, here’s what matters to me. And just, and here’s point, I can see the fingerprints of God in everybody because of what matters to them Best Carpet Cleaner. I personally, if I never go to the mall again in my life, um, I would not be happy or sad. It wouldn’t bother me at all. I would actually, probably not even once think about the fact I’ve not gone to the mall. Whereas other people, they don’t get an opportunity to go to the mall. Especially teenagers that they feel down, they feel sad.

They feel like they’re missing out. They wish they had had the opportunity to get over to the mall and they haven’t had that opportunity yet. So they, they really feel like if somebody would just give me that opportunity, my life would be better. And for them, their life would be better for me than my life would be worse. I don’t really enjoy going them all. It’s a, it’s a duty I do if I have to, but if I don’t have to, I’m definitely going to skip. I’m going to do bypass. I’m going to find some other way. I’m just going to order it off Amazon. So I don’t have to go and fight against Mallrats to try to find the thing that I want to do. I’m in and out as fast as I possibly can. And so, unless it’s an event to be like mall Watchers, there’s people who just are like professional mall Watchers.

They go to a mall and they look around and see all the people. And then they, um, and then they watch them. And I don’t understand that because I don’t find that to be that interesting or people who go to amusement park, who don’t ride rides. I don’t understand those people Best Carpet Cleaner. They get the whole point of going to a museum bargain so that you enjoyed the rides. The thing, if you just want to eat and sit on a bench, um, I can just sit at home and eat and it’s super cheap comparatively to going to a music park. So you’ve got to find the things that you do, that you enjoy that already there. And then say, what things do I want that are new or different? And by finding those new and different things, you start to discover the other parts of your life that you want to be.

And those are God’s fingerprints on you. You are going to walk into your life and you’re going to say, this is what I was meant here. This is what I was placed here to do. This is the university’s answer for me. This is the Divine’s thought of what I was created for, because you say, well, no, it’s just me. I figured it out. It’s my own thoughts. Okay, cool. Let’s say that is true. That is just you, that you just went after the things. Why did you go after those things and everyone else Best Carpet Cleaner? Didn’t why did you go out there and find the things that inspire or move you and other people found things that inspired and moved them and they weren’t the same thing. They were different things in what you do. And you’re like, well that’s because, because you’re unique. That’s why, because you are unique.

You say, I like this where the cool that’s, you’re there to like that you’re put in this earth to have a focus and a difference in a meaning in that space than other people have. And by doing that, you end up with something that is great. That is greater than where you’re already at. And by doing that, you say I’ve tapped into that potential inside of me, we all have something that we do that we had just a poor. We don’t want to ever do it again. We hope that we never get it done again. Those are things that don’t resonate with you, but guess what? Somebody else out there does want to do that. I was talking with a customer once and they said, I just love doing math. I love doing, um, uh, doing out numbers. I like helping people to be able to, uh, do their finances.

So he actually spends a one or two cost co um, people, every couples, every weekend, he helps them to rewrite all their finances, give them a budget, give them a plan, give them something that they can do to break down, to come up with something new and change the dynamics and the feeling of their life. And yet they do this every, um, he does this every weekend, all by himself, just for free. And I said, how could you do that? I hate numbers. I don’t like doing this kind of stuff. He says, look, he goes, this is something that I really enjoy. He says, but I, you know what I don’t do. I don’t like Best Carpet Cleaner. I don’t like cleaning my own carpets. Guess what? I have never cleaned my own carpets ever. That’s why I always call you. And I said, okay, I understand now.