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Best Carpet Cleaner | More Than Just A Game To Play?

Best Carpet Cleaner | More Than Just A Game To Play?

Welcome to the carbon DM podcast. We’re going to do a short little podcast here, just to try to quickly cover a couple of rapid-fire things of how to repair and patch your carpet. We are complete Best Carpet Cleaner. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. You get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, we are your repair carpet experts. And so you should give us a call. Cause we service Tulsa area. You can give us a call and get on the road, get on the schedule, get that thing taken care of, want to care. Who wants to carry that around in your mind? You don’t want to walk around always knowing there’s this spot. That is, that is inferior. That is broken. That needs to be fix it. Replace [inaudible].

I’ve already got everything in my home taken care of. I’ve got it’s like when you plan a vacation, you go to plan your vacation and you were thinking about all the different things that you’re going to need. And as long as those things are still sitting around, you may have made even a checklist. You wrote down all the items that you need for your vacation. You wrote it all down. It’s all in this piece of paper, but you’ve yet to turn that piece of paper into reality. And so you are looking around and you realize, okay, I do not have half of the things that are on my list on that list. Let’s say we’re going on vacation? What are some of the things you’d put on that list? If you want to go on a vacation, I’d say the suntan lotion. Yeah. You’re going to be outside at all Best Carpet Cleaner.

You’re gonna need some lotion. A lot of times you go somewhere to spend some extra time outside, which means that you probably aren’t spending as much time out there right now. So you’ll probably get to wherever you’re going to go. Like if you go to Hawaii, you need to know that you’re going to need SPF 50 and some water resistant, bullfrog, something that’s going to really, really stick in good there because you’re getting closer to the equator. You’re going to want to be out in the sun all the time. It will be lovely weather. So you will be going without, um, a long sleeve shirt most of the time. And so you’re also going to burn your skin to a crisp Best Carpet Cleaner, uh, if you’re going to the tropical equator level area, the sun is a lot stronger there and a lot tougher. So you want to make sure it’s, it’s not just like I should, I should have some SPF 50 bullfrog it’s that I need to buy it and put it in this bag.

Ready to go next. You should have swimsuits or shorts or you need to find out what the weather’s like. It could be where you’re going. This is something that’s super important. I think we all had that one vacation where we just grabbed it back to bag and only to get to wherever we’re going and realize it was currently snowing. There is currently a month soon rainy season. It is currently 110 degrees, but don’t worry. It’s a dry heat. Don’t worry. It is only 95 degrees, but 400% humidity. So you will only sweat every bit of liquid you ever drink throughout the day. You’re going into a very windy, dry, dusty environment. It’s going to be pure sunshine all the time. And I hope you’ve remembered to pack your sun glasses. So we’ve all had that time where we packed the wrong stuff for the place that we were going to go.

And when you get there, you realize everything I post is useless. So you end up having to go to the store and buy extra things. So let’s pick some of those extra things you might buy all of your toilet trees. Do you want to get some travel versions of that? You want to have a suitcase? Did you put all this stuff in? You want to have at least four or five days worth of clothing. If you’re going to be gone a week, you want to have at least one new outfit each day. And the reason for that is in case you do something one day and the outfit gets all wet, or you do something the next day and you get sand in it Best Carpet Cleaner, or you get, um, suntan lotion all over it. Or, you know, something happens. You want to have the capacity to make it through your entire vacation without hopefully doing laundry.

But if you are a place where you can do laundry, then you can cut the not mountain stuff you bring in half. Cause now you won’t have as much needed. You can repeat some stuff. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at nine (182) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, uh, it’s important as you’re figuring out what it is that you want to take along with you, that you actually go get the stuff. Once you have all this stuff and you put it all in one space and you have it all in one area, you will immediately have this mental thing released off of you. You will have this backup disc that you’ve been playing in your mind. You try to take all this stuff that you were about to do, and you’ve organized it into a, to do list of things that need to be done Best Carpet Cleaner.

But once you’ve actually done them, you then check them off your mental to do list. And you don’t think about doing it again. It’s like trying to find your car keys. As soon as you find them, you stop looking for them. And if you are out there looking for your car keys after you found them, I’m sorry, let me help you out right now. Stop looking. Don’t look anymore for car keys that you’ve already found, your brain should immediately release you of that task and say, you know what? I’ve already found it. Now it’s onto my next thing. But until you fix something in your life, your brain will still keep looking for the answer will still keep stilling, keep still, uh, trying to fix the issue that you’ve got, trying to fix. The problem that you have. And as it keeps pushing forward and keep going through that part, you will always come to some type of conclusion will be that I still need to do that.

I just do it later, or I’m going to get that taken care of. I have to figure out who will do it. So in our case for carpet cleaning your carpets, and if for repairing and doing all the repairs, uh, just give us a call and let us come out there and just get that taken care of today. Because right now you can have that done. And guess what that means today is the last day. You need to think about that repair ever again. Whereas if you wait six months from now to get that repair done, you will spend the next six months with a part of your brain being occupied with the memory, with the thought I need to get that repair done. We all know at the very moment that we see some we’ve all, here’s your test Best Carpet Cleaner. Every some point in your life, you’ve gone out there and you’ve seen somebody, someone from a neighbor, a friend, a relative, a, uh, a cousin, a sister, a brother, uncle, aunt, somebody that you owe money to, or they owe you money. And either way, whether you owed them money or they owe you money, the moment you see their face, you had insulin. Remember how much money you owe them when they borrowed the thing, when you were supposed to give it back, you know, all of the details to breakdown about that particular transaction.