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Best Carpet Cleaner | What Are You Able To Find?

Best Carpet Cleaner | What Are You Able To Find?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with the complete with the Best Carpet Cleaner, and we’re going to continue to talk about, um, the maintenance cycle and things you need to do for your carpet. We got off track in the last episode, talking about, um, what you can do for your own life and the importance of habits. And so I wanna go back and finish talking about that particular topic, just to kind of get that basis, that ground floor work laid because you can get in there and do all that you want to, to try to create a new habit, but less, or create the ideal life that you want. But all of it starts with a habit that you need to break or make. So you need to break or make a habit to try to reach the goal. The desired goal that you’re at, we’ve talked about this in previous podcasts, but everything you do is not based upon what you want to do.

We think it is. We think that it is based upon what we want to do. It is based upon what your, what your body has learned to do, which are two different things. We’ve all said the same sentence. At some point, I can’t believe I did that. Who are the two eyes in that sentence? Who are the two eyes that say, I can not believe that I did that. And those are two valid, different people. They’re not the same person Best Carpet Cleaner. There’s a part of you that does something. There’s the part of you that analyzes what you did to see whether it comes in line with your core beliefs. And if it doesn’t come in line with your core beliefs, so then you get this feeling of cognitive dissonance where you say, okay, high desire to do one thing. But I did something else. If we go into Romans to talk about Romans seven and Romans eight, Paul talks about how he’s, there’s a swore within his members, a spiritual war, not a physical, one of thoughts where he does something that he does not want to do.

And he finds himself doing things that he does not want to do. And he realizes that that is evidence, that there is a greater, there’s a work inside of him because he has gone on to fight and eventually stopped doing that, that he did not want to do. But why is it that he continue to do it Best Carpet Cleaner? Cause there was a war. There’s a habit for the pattern we call it, the sinful flesh or people will just call it habits, patterns that once you establish a new habit or pattern, you will then eliminate the old one. For example, let’s, uh, I’ve told this many times, and I think it’s a great thing to tell us. My what’s the bathroom theory. When you go into the bathroom, you do everything you need to do in the bathroom and you leave the bathroom. That is a very, just the basics of going to the bathroom.

Now the question is how and what state do you leave the bathroom in? Have if you stand outside of a restroom and you’re out in a public space, have you seen anybody leave the restroom with their pants still down? Like, well, no, of course not. Now let’s take that a step further. Everybody who has children knows that. At some point you have seen somebody, your child go, as they’re learning to go to the bathroom, they run to the bathroom Best Carpet Cleaner, they go to the bathroom and they come back out of the bathroom and they don’t have any pants on. They’re just button naked, running around. They’re like, woo, yay. This is so much fun. And it’s like, they realize you quickly, right? No, that is not. That is not who you misinterpreted the movie free. Willy. That is not what we meant. We did not mean to run around with your pants off.

You were supposed to let the nevermind. I don’t want to explain it to you. You’re too young. So here’s what I need you to do. Please put your pants back on. They’re like I tried to catch me and like, I know, Oh, because you’re naked. You need to put your pants back on Best Carpet Cleaner. Hey, come and come and catch me. You’re like, no, please. All I need you to do is put your pants on right now. And we learned that lesson when we were young because our parents who love us and care for us and society who has decency laws says that you can not, when you’re finished with going to the bathroom, you are not finished. Your habits says I am not finished until, until when, until you have put your pants back on. And so the problem lies in that. Sometimes that’s the only lesson that people learn.

And so they get up, they put their pants on and they leave and you’re like, Whoa, Hey, hold on, baby. Get back here. You’re like, yes, we got the pants getting on apart. Correct? Yeah. I got the pants on daddy. I’m good. No, mr. Whoa, hold on. Did you not turn around to look, to see at what was in the toilet was like, what, what do you mean? There was something in the toilet. Yes. You just put something in the toilet because you went to the bathroom. I remember. Remember you went to the bathroom. Oh yeah. That’s right. Yes. But I put my pants on. Okay, good. You did put your pants on, but I’m sorry. Is notice, did you not flush? Oh yeah. Flushing. Okay. All right. Good. I got it. Put the pants on then flush. Then I can leave the bathroom. Yes, that’s right.

No, no. Wait, hold on. You are not finished. No, no. You said it. You said put the pants on and then I flush the toilet and then I can go. Yes. Before you put the pants on, did you wipe, Oh, did I? Why do I have to? Yes. Every time I believe you must live every time I see you go through all these steps and habits and processes to try to get a proper amount of things. But these are become set things from that point forward, you don’t think, gee, what do I do when I come into a bathroom? I’m not sure why I’m in here Best Carpet Cleaner You know exactly. You’ve got a process. You’ve got your process. You follow your process. The problem is that people learn everything. I made sure that I went to the bathroom. I made sure I took my pants off before going to the bathroom.

Oh my goodness. You start with a kid there that’s you know? Oh no, no, no. Every parent knows what that means. Oh no. Oh no, no. That means that the kid ran to the bathroom and they started painting before they got their pants off. And so we need to make sure that as we are doing the thing that we’re doing, we’re making sure we get our pants off. First, next, we need to make sure that we are wiping after we are done next. We need to make sure we put our pants back on next. We need to make sure that we have flushed. And here’s an important next that half of humanity does not do as you leave the bathroom, make sure you wash your hands. You just don’t walk right out and doing that little last step. Washing your hands is where you have the habit that you’re proud of.