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Best Carpet Cleaner | What Are You Searching For Around Here?

Best Carpet Cleaner | What Are You Searching For Around Here?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. And today we want to talk about what it is that you can do to try to maintain your furniture. Best Carpet Cleaner told us since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your home again, make sure that you are upkeeping, what it is that you have taken on as a good principle overall, to remember and learn as you’re looking at any item you want to buy is not how much does it cost to buy it? So you do need to figure out whether you can’t afford something. But the bigger question we ask is what does it take? What does it cost to keep it and maintain it? So if I was to buy a Ford Explorer or a, let’s see, what else could we use?

You got a Ford Explorer, or we’ve got a BMW X five, uh, the BMW X five. Even if I got an old version of the same, I stayed the same amount for both vehicles. I got a five year old X five, and I got a two or three year old, uh, explore. And I spent $20,000 for both of them. They’re both used and I was able to get a boat for about the same cost and price. The difference is the maintenance cost of repair costs. A new starter on an [inaudible] going to be twice as expensive as a new starter on an export Explorer because they have a brand new, they have much more expensive list prices than each other. That this price is different Best Carpet Cleaner. Even though I purchased them used for the same price, uh, that what they were knew is the price that all of the parts are going to be based upon.

So you’ll have a $60,000 car versus a $30,000 car. So you’re gonna have all of your parts. Your brake system is going to cost twice as much to replace your battery is going to cost twice as much. Everything’s gonna cost twice as much to repair and replace on the X five as it does on the Explorer Best Carpet Cleaner. That’s what you need to take these things into consideration. Many times that people will buy a used car because it matches their price without looking at what was the original price of that vehicle and how much will it cost to fix and repair that vehicle. This is an important stat because, uh, you, we will have to, if you got a five-year-old’s car, then that’s probably around the eight year Mark. A lot of the different components are gonna need to be replaced because you know, they typically will last, you know, six to seven, eight years is about a normal life span for belts and pumps and things of those nature carpet cleaning Tulsa.

Since 1988, we are complete carpet. They’ll get us call today at (918) 494-7093. Continuing on our thought process about maintenance and repairing. It continued when you pick up something, you also want to see, what does it take to care for it compared to what does it take to keep it? Some things are super low maintenance or almost zero maintenance. They don’t have any problem whatsoever. Other things need to be cared for on a regular basis Best Carpet Cleaner. Uh, for example, a tile fuller, you could just leave it load. You don’t have to do anything at all with it, but it will get a layer of grime and dirt. And we just did a customer’s house yesterday, where they have a really decorative tile that has got kind of like pits and POCs and holes in it. It has got a deep grout line to kind of go down in a V.

The downside. The problem they’re having is that all of the dirt on the floor falls down in all the little holes and pits. So when they sweep, they just moved the dirt around and it circles around and falls into a little hole. It it’s really difficult to get back out. I have, they love it. They dilute all the dirt, but then they spread it around and all the water kind of drops down into the holes and they’re not having anyway. So I told them for this type of floor and then give you some type of suction to remove dirt debris, as opposed to just sweep it and loving because unfortunately all the little pits and holes, the room goes over the top of him and all of the dirt that you’re moving across falls down and fills in the spaces. It fills it, the negative spaces throughout the tile and that in turn create this dark.

Did you look at things? And unfortunately has white grout, which makes it even worse. Perfectly coastal since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to a great clean home again Best Carpet Cleaner. Uh, so getting back to our topic here, when you look at something, figure out what is the maintenance cost let’s go to furniture. The original idea that we had had was what do you need to do to maintain maintenance, your furniture and step number one is to make sure that you are keeping with preventative maintenance. This, you do that with date. You’re going to drive your car and you don’t want to wash your car as often. So you need to say, I’m not going to drive my car off-road. If I don’t want to have to wash my car and we’re making the basis, uh, I’m not going to race my car.

If I don’t want to have to replace, uh, the different components in the car, it’s quicker. Let’s say I’ve got tires on your car. And those tires are supposed to last for, let’s say, 50,000 miles. But if you are going at full acceleration, every time you take off and full brakes, every time you stop, you’re driving, like you’re running on a racetrack, or if you’re literally squat drive on the racetrack, you might only get a thousand or 2000 miles out of that. Um, out of those tires driven as high performance, or if you’re a teenage boy and you’re driving that, uh, vehicle, and you are fond of doing burnouts, you like to smoke. The tires is still, uh, you know, not light the light, the fires and smoke the tires and about the tires to light fires, you know, kick the tires and lights and fires. However, you want to give you a little sane put in there. All of those will give you a tires that will wear out tremendously faster Best Carpet Cleaner. I was with a, uh, I was with a customer who was


Talking about how they used to go drag racing. And they found that for drag racing, they had to go through sets of tires really fast.