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Best Carpet Cleaner | What Can You Learn About Now?

Best Carpet Cleaner | What Can You Learn About Now?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we are going to continue our talk about habits. Perfect cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your Best Carpet Cleaner again. And we’re continuing right where we left off in the last one, talking about how a young boy that no matter what type of threat that you give to him, if he can not read and you’ll give him something to read, he will not learn or have the capacity to figure out what to read. Reading is a life long endeavor that takes quite a while. But once you master the skill, you have the skill forever. You cannot go out there and shortcut the system and be like, all right, today, I’m going to be a reader today. I’m just going to be an amazing, awesome high level, high quality person.

You can be a highly quality high level person, but it takes years of effort. You can be having an amazing business, but it takes years of effort. You can have amazing work ethic, but it takes years of effort. It takes years of trial of success and failure to cultivate, to craft the perfect diamond that is your life. But if you have some miss shapes, miss flaws, some miss cuts in your life, it will take years of effort to correct those two, because you’ve chosen to have a habit pattern that does not have reading in it Best Carpet Cleaner, but you would love to read. And no matter how much you just stare at the book and look at all the symbols on the book, you don’t know. Cause you can’t read. If these symbols actually make words, you could be looking at a book that is a hieroglyphic.

We could be looking at a coloring book. We don’t know that there’s actually words on that page if you’ve not learned yet to read. And so this is important. Learn to read. As you go into the things that you do throughout your life, you need to make sure that you have learned to read. So get out there and form these habits. You’re like, well, I do have a habit. Then that might be that you’ve learned to read wrong, or you’ve learned to re read poorly Best Carpet Cleaner, but there is some habit there. There’s a program you’re running. There is the super Mario brothers of your life that you want to play, but you only have a solitaire installed. If you only have solitaire installed, no matter what you do. When you click on the games tab, you will only ever get solitaire. And so if you look at the games tab of your life and you’re wanting to play super Mario brothers, but you do not have it installed now is the part where this is huge because now you can install it.

You can make the decision go after better knowledge go after better stuff. Once you have trained and taught yourself, I process, is anyone ever let’s just pick any sport or any activity that you’ve ever done before. Puppet golf, basketball, football pool. Uh, you’ve gone on to play croquet, you know, pick out all the sports, any of the items. And the first time you went out there to do it, you were had to be shown or taught what were you’re supposed to do. And the first time you do it, you may have gotten lucky with all them beginner’s luck and hit one lucky, random shot. You’re like, Oh, I am amazing at this. They’re like, cool. We’ll do that again. What? Yeah. I mean, since you’re amazing at it, you go ahead and do it again. It’s like, I’ve been at a game. I was at a game and they were doing a thing and the guy came out for half court, shot, throws the ball up granny style.

And it goes in and the guy went like $10,000. I mean, it was just like, Whoa. And of course they said, well, that was shot. Number one, if you do shot number two, you can keep the $10,000 or you can go for a hundred thousand dollars on shot number two Best Carpet Cleaner. And the guy’s like, yes, I’m going for a hundred thousand dollars because I am the man. And the second shot did not even hit the Blackboard. It was a complete air ball, totally missed. And he’s thinking, I don’t know how to hit two back-to-back half court shots. Hey, an NBA level player. Would it be, have a hard time hitting two back-to-back half court shots. So if you hit one, then you’re just so crazy lucky and you should definitely tap out and say, yes, I won that round. Good for me. Good on me. We got it.

All right next. What are we going to do? Right. You know, and move on. But if you want to become skilled, then you start off practicing layups, which is a one of those things that we sometimes forget about is the basics. But for you to reset a new thought pattern, a new idea, a new way of thinking. You’ve got to start with the basics. So for our coach, we won two back-to-back state championships. And in process of getting there to win those two back-to-back state championships, our coach made sure that we did two things. One, we spent eight in an inordinate amount of time, enormous amount of time practice our conditioning Best Carpet Cleaner. Because the way that you lose a game is that the other team has more energy than you. You eventually get tired. You make fundamental mistakes or in the backstretch. Cause most games are won and won or lost in the last eight minutes of the game.

And so the question then is an endurance test. Can you make it all the way to that point in the game? And can you have more energy than the other teams so that you can wear them out before they wear you out second? Can you actually make your shots? I mean, you could have placed stellar defense and stuff, every shot they ever make, and they win by one point because you were never able to make one point yourself. So you have to be able to get the ball in the hole. And the first thing you have to do to learn, to get the ball on the hole is that you have to be able to get the ball in the hole from one foot away. Who cares? If you can do a super trick shot from 32 feet away, if you can’t make the open shot right next to the basket, if they fail you, can you make a free throw?

If you can’t make a free-throw well, then I don’t want the ball in your hands because once you get fouled, it was actually a legitimate strategy. Using the NBA for a while was called Hackensack. The Shaquille O’Neal was so bad at making free throws that they actually would come out and foul him on purpose because they knew that when he came down, there was only a 40% chance that they would make a point. And so they would get out there he’d shoot. And he made one of the two points or zero of the two points, especially coming in the end to the end of the game where he’s tired and fatigued. And so they could literally just fail him. They come down, he’d make one shot. They come down, they missed it. They come down to the next time, foul him. He makes no shots.

They’re only up one point out of the two possessions and they make their shot. Now they’re up to, they’re actually up the gained one point. Yeah, the next time down he gets it. He may, now they’ve got two, he’s got two. They go down and make theirs. Now it’s four to two and then he makes one Best Carpet Cleaner. And now it’s three to four and then they make two. And now it’s three to six. Eventually you see there’s a point where he can never catch up or even maintain a lead because he’s missing 50 or 60% of all of his shots. And so they adopted this thing. Don’t let life do it. Pack a shack on you, where you are coming up against things that you’re not prepared for. And then wondering why you’re making mistakes. It’s not that you’re not a good person. It’s just that you have yet to teach yourself the habit pattern that says, I know how to play this game. So get out there, look at your life and say, okay, thank you body for keeping me alive and doing all this great stuff for me up until this point. Now I need to teach you something new so that you can keep me alive doing something new. I need to create a new in my life and a new version of me.