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Broken Arrow carpet cleaning | Complete Carpet Repair and Care

Broken Arrow carpet cleaning | Complete Carpet Repair and Care


Here at Complete Carpet we have a well-established name as Broken Arrow carpet cleaning. For the past 20 years, Nathan has created a well-rounded, complete carpet service. He started his love for the carpet industry years ago while assisting his father with carpet cleanings which eventually led to carpet installations. As time went on, Nathan steered away from carpet installation and instead focused more on the care and upkeep of people’s current carpet. He strives to make the homes and businesses in his community, the Tulsa metro area, as clean as possible for an adorable price!

For the past two decades, Broken Arrow carpet cleaning has served hundreds of customers who are more than satisfied with the results. Nathan’s motto for his company is to provide “affordable, friendly, and professional” services. Many customers assume that we only offer carpet cleaning and repair services but we also provide tile cleaning and furniture cleaning. By expanding outside of just carpet, Nathan is able to help in many parts of your home and help prevent new expensive purchases around your home by keeping your current carpet and furniture clean and disinfected. Don’t forget to ask about our new disinfectant special as well!

Since our company continues to grow, it goes to show that Broken Arrow carpet cleaning is one of the best around and is well respected in the community. One reason we have earned so much respect in our communities is our helping hand with Guts Distribution Center. Since 2010, we have worked with them by donating $5 from every carpet service we perform to help provide food and groceries to families in need in the Tulsa area. Over the years this act of service has also widened and we now perform sermons every Friday morning while we hand out groceries. Because of this, our customers love to be helping the families in these areas by using our services.

While we offer a few different services, our company’s foundation was created for carpet cleaning services. We have worked with many different cleaning solutions as well as different cleaning tools and have perfected the most efficient combination in order to give you satisfactory results that last. We specialize in all carpet textures and colors and offer a base rate per square footage. So prices vary depending on how much square footage you want cleaned as well as if you will be adding on our “move out of the way” furniture assistance. This add-on is perfect for older couples or people who simply do not want to put the extra effort into moving their furniture out of the way before we start our service!

If you want to work with a well-established, well-respected company that also benefits the families in need in our communities, Complete Carpet is the business for you. With our wide range of services, and our easy, base pricing, we make the whole process simple and easy. Visit our website or give us a call at 918-494-7093!

Broken Arrow carpet cleaning | Best Carpet Cleaning

Here at Complete Carpet we are known as one of the best Broken Arrow carpet cleaning and surrounding areas. Nathan, our owner, had a spiked interest in the carpet maintenance industry when working with his father at a young age cleaning and installing carpets. This led to the development of his company which focused more on carpet maintenance rather than installation. He takes pride in wanting to help people as much as possible by keeping their current carpet, resulting in a cheaper alternative.

One reason our company has been so successful over the years is that we offer a range of services that include Broken Arrow carpet cleaning, carpet repair, furniture cleaning and even tile cleaning! All of these services are offered to customers of all types. Whether you’re moving in or out of a home, just want a refresh, rental properties and even businesses! Our carpet cleaning service is priced as a “base rate” and is calculated along with the amount of square footage you’re needing services on. By having this base rate, clients have a clear expectation of the financial cost for the service they are requesting.

Another appreciated service that we offer other than Broken Arrow carpet cleaning is our carpet repairs. Most people see the giant hole in their carpet, either from a pet chewing a hole or just from normal wear and tear over time, they see an inevitable entire carpet replacement. Between our carpet stretching and carpet patching, we are able to cut out the disrupted area of carpet while stretching the intact carpet, and even color-matching a new piece of carpet to fit that cut out perfectly; resulting in a seamless blend.

Here at our multigenerational, family-owned company, we are always looking for the best way to help the people in our communities. Since 2010 we have worked with the Guts Distribution Center by helping supply finances for their Feeding Families donation assistance. We do this by donating $5 from every carpet cleaning service we perform! Over the years, the need for grocery assistance among our community has grown as well as what “services” we provide for these people. Over time, these families have shown much appreciation for all the donations and we have also started to offer weekly sermons and prayer sessions while we’re passing out these groceries every Friday morning! If you are ready to find some of the very best cleaners of carpets, then you can bet we have all of them here.

If you would like more information about any of our services, a little bit of our history, video testimonials from our customers and even some information about the Feeding Families organization, visit our website at Our phone number is 918-494-7093 if you would like to give us a call to discuss possible service options for whatever or wherever your needs may be! If you are a previous or current client who is satisfied with your recent services from us, we always appreciate a video testimonial to upload to our website for future customers to see!