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Broken Arrow carpet cleaning | Family Owned carpet service

Broken Arrow carpet cleaning | Family Owned carpet service


Over the past 20 years, Complete Carpet has created a well-respected Broken Arrow carpet cleaning service. Nathan’s passion, our owner, started when he was younger and helped his father perform carpet installations for extra money. As time went on, Nathan saw a need for carpet repair and maintenance service in the Tulsa metro area. Because of this, he decided to focus his carpet business on the upkeep by offering affordable, alternative services instead of an expensive carpet installation. His business focuses on ways to keep your carpet, furniture and even tile, looking brand new and staying free from those pesky stains and giant holes!

Here at Complete Carpet we are known as one of the best Broken Arrow carpet cleaning services and our multiple video testimonials from previous clients help shine a light on that! All of these videos are available for you to view on our website! Our customers have been very appreciative of how affordable, friendly and professional our company and services are! We work with all sorts of clientele and continue to accept new jobs that are widening that horizon! We currently offer services for homeowners who need a “refreshed” carpet, people who are moving into a new home and would like to settle into a home that has “new” aka, clean and disinfected, carpet that is free from stains! We also work with multiple businesses on a regular basis in order to keep their company and offices looking neat, clean and professional which results in happy customers on our end as well as their end!

Other than being recognized for being a Broken Arrow carpet cleaning business, our carpet maintenance and repair services are constantly being requested. Nathan wanted to focus on maintaining people’s current home and their carpets, limiting the cost of achieving that “new carpet” look simply by fixing minor repairs and removing stains and buildup. This is great for newer carpet that is nowhere near ready for a whole replacement, removing those stubborn wrinkles that continue to grow over time and even those annoying pieces that lift up all around your trim! We are able to stretch your current carpet, to an extent, so we can flatten out those wrinkles and over time those wrinkles continue to lessen. We can even patch your carpet! We do this by adding a new piece of carpet, depending on the size of the required area, and match it with your current carpet providing a seamless, unrecognizable transition between the two.

Our business is very family-oriented as well as Tulsa proud. For the past 13 years, we have worked with a donation program, Feeding Families, which provides food and groceries to families in need in the Tulsa area. For every carpet cleaning service we perform, we donate $5 to this organization! Every Friday morning, they hand out bags of groceries to families who are in need as well as perform a sermon and praying sessions for everyone who wants to join, both volunteers and citizens! This is just one of the reasons we stand out from bigger, more well-known carpet service companies. Wouldn’t you love to help the people in your community by working with a small business that also helps the starving families that surround us?

Give us a call at 918-494-7093 or visit our website for more information about our company and everything we do!

Broken Arrow carpet cleaning | The Best carpet services in Tulsa

Here at Complete Carpet, we have worked with the Tulsa metro area for over 20 years and have earned the title of being one of the best Broken Arrow carpet cleaning companies. We offer a wide range of services and no home or business is too big or small for our business! We love to help people who are looking for a cheaper alternative to replacing whole rooms of carpet simply because there are a few problem areas throughout. Whether it be carpet cleaning, carpet repairs (patching or stretching), furniture cleaning or even tile cleaning, we do it all!

Nathan’s passion for this field of work was sparked at a young age when he was helping his father with carpet installations. Later on, he went on to create his business that was known for Broken Arrow carpet cleaning but it focused on the repair and maintenance side of the carpet industry; offering alternative ways to create that “new” carpet look without the hassle and financial strain of a full replacement! If your home or business needs carpet cleaning, we are able to refresh the overall appearance of the carpet and even have specialized tools and cleaners to work on removing those stubborn, deep, dark stains that are giant eye sores.

If you or your business need something other than Broken Arrow carpet cleaning, we also offer tile cleaning. Most people assume their tile is clean simply because they sweep and mop frequently, wrong. Over time, dirt, and germs accumulate in the grout and continue to build up and discolor over time. Most people who request this service are in awe after they see the results simply because they were unaware of how bad their grout really was until they see the appearance of brand-new grout and tile, all because of a deep clean with the correct supplies, performed by trained professionals.

Another appreciated service among our customers is our furniture cleaning. This is helpful for people with children and pets who are constantly making messes or lying in the same spot consistently, which results in that grimy shadow spot. We are careful with each piece of furniture that we work with and only use supplies that will clean and disinfect the area without leaving any additional stains or tears due to the wrong chemicals or equipment.

With our wide range of services, help with families in our communities, and our upbeat enthusiastic attitude, we continue to grow and are rewarded with more satisfied, returning customers! If you would like more information on any of our services or an overview of our company, please visit our website or give us a call at 918-494-7093!