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Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me | Carpet Repair and Maintenance Near Me

Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me | Carpet Repair and Maintenance Near Me


If you are looking for Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me, Complete Carpet in the Tulsa metro is perfect for you! For over 20 years we have provided services to the northeastern part of Oklahoma by providing carpet cleaning, carpet-patching, carpet stretching, furniture cleaning and even tile cleaning. This company started as a father-son duo that focused solely on carpet installations But eventually led to a more focused approach on carpet maintenance. Nathan, our owner, started this business after he realized there is a limited amount of options available for carpet upkeep in this area.

If you live in Northeast Oklahoma and Google Broken Arrow carpet cleaning near me, our business complete carpet is your best option. Our carpet cleaning chemical Solutions as well as equipment are specifically designed for a multitude of carpet variations. Over the years we have used many different chemicals and equipment and have perfected our services by doing so. Our services are for both houses as well as businesses. We charge a base rate based on square footage so no project is too small or too big for us.

One way to find Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me is word of mouth! After two decades we have acquired a long list of overly satisfied customers who talk highly about our services in the company as a whole. Because of this, we gain a decent amount of new clientele simply through word of mouth. Another Example of how powerful reviews from current and former clients are we provide multiple video testimonies on our website that are able to be viewed by anyone at any time. We do this so you are able to make the most comfortable decision for your home or business by listening to multiple other people who have worked with us and enjoyed the whole process!

Besides our carpet services, we also offer furniture and cleanings. As our company has grown over the years we saw a growing need for furniture cleanings and upkeep. We have combined the perfect chemicals and tools in order to get the best result possible for all sorts of fabric on any size of furniture, promising a dramatic positive result! We also offer add-on services for our furniture cleaning which include us cleaning all surfaces of each individual cushion, pillow as well as all sides of the furniture.

For more information on any of our services, ways we work with the community, areas that we serve, or anything else about our company please visit our website at We also provide a contact page for you to type in your personal information and any questions or concerns so an employee can reach out to you. If you are a first-time customer we are currently offering a 99-dollar discounted rate for any size home carpet cleaning. Give us a call at 918-494-7093 to speak to a representative, schedule an on-site consultation, or for us to answer any questions or concerns that were not addressed on our website!

Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me | Carpet Services in Tulsa OK

Residents of northeast Oklahoma who are looking for Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me, Complete Carpet is the perfect carpet cleaning business for you! As a child Nathan helped his dad with the installation of new carpets and multiple homes including his own. Around 10 years later Nathan took all the information he learned from these experiences and shaped them into a business that provides alternative carpet options rather than just the new installations! By offering certain services, we are able to prolong the life of your carpet and limit the amount of times it needs to be replaced.

One way to find Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me services that are more than exceptional is to visit our website and watch our client testimonial videos! Among our exceptional service, affordable prices, and quick and easy processes, we are also respected by the community due to our relationship with the Feeding Families organization. this organization as a non-profit group that provides fresh groceries for families in need in Tulsa and surrounding areas. For every carpet cleaning service that we perform, we donate $5 to this organization. we wouldn’t be as successful as we are without our community and the people in it.

No matter the circumstance, if you are looking for Broken Arrow Carpet Cleaning Near Me and live in the Tulsa metro area, we are able to help! If you are considering replacing your whole carpet, give us a call and we can schedule an on-site consultation to see if we are able to help you at a cheaper rate and easier experience. Oftentimes when clients are willing to replace their carpet and schedule a consultation with us we are able to provide a sense of hope by suggesting a few simple tasks. Carpet stretching is beneficial for older carpet that sees a lot of traffic and tends to Bubble or wrinkle causing tripping hazards. Over time carpet also tends to separate from the trim of the wall and that is another example of when we would suggest carpet stretching as an appropriate service.

Over the years we also saw an increase in furniture cleaning needs. While cleaning hundreds of homes and businesses we often get asked the question if we are able to clean furniture. Based on our experience and knowledge in this cleaning field, we were quickly able to adapt to this new service. We have worked with thousands of different types of fabrics and Furniture of all shapes and sizes.

For more information visit our website or give us a call at 918-494-7093 for more information! On our website, we also provide multiple client testimonial videos that we hope to ease your mind when making this difficult decision! We want you to trust us while working in your home and trust the outcome we promise from our first initial consultation, limiting unexpected surprises throughout the whole process.