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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | A Fantastic Way To Clean Carpets!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | A Fantastic Way To Clean Carpets!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas today. We’re going to continue our frequently asked questions series Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I go over a couple of different questions you can ask regularly from customers, Harvick lane and Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete. Perfect. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 road. To enjoy your clean carpets again, your house is your castle. So enjoy coming home and make a place you want to go to instead of a place for communication flow. Uh, one question we get asked often is, um, do we need to stay for the work? Do I need to stay the whole time? And you do though. I’ve heard people have told us that is really exciting to watch, uh, someone cleaned their carpets out of their top 10 lists. I think on that list is also watching water boil, waiting for grass to grow, maybe waiting for a flower to bloom.

I don’t know the flower to bloom may not be on that list. That is actually a pretty cool thing to watch, but all the rest of, you know, it’s like I would rather do anything else. Most kids are gonna watch us cleaning the carpets and they’re like, wow, this is amazing. What are you doing? Then? It looks awesome. The winning dirt is just falling right out of the carpet. And then really after one time across the room, you’re like, Oh, so you’re just going to keep doing that over and over. Okay. You know what cool I’m done? You know, they, if the excitement of it wears off quickly Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So what we tell customers is we do need three things for them to be able to, um, take off. They do not need to stay with us, but we do need to have, uh, three things to be able to finish out the job and make sure we take care of every job properly and every job to the best of our ability.

And that three things are one. We need a way to lock up when we are finished or we don’t want to leave the home, um, on the secured, uh, there’s a lot of times, uh, people who, uh, right now porch pirates are following ups, trucks and FedEx trucks around, or when they drop a package off, they’ll go up there, they’ll take the package right off the porch Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If the person’s out there to receive it. There’s also people who follow circus people around or watch for service people in neighborhoods and at once sort of the person leaves, they go check the door to see if the door’s open, to see if they could get in to the house. Typically, these are more these of opportunity and not hardened criminals that we still don’t want to leave that opportunity there for them. And so we need some way to lock up the home when we’re done either with a key to where we can lock the front door, or we can lock the deadbolt and go out the garage.

Uh, second, we need a way to contact somebody in case we run into an issue or a problem that there’s something unique about the place. If there’s something we need to ask, you say, uh, you we’ve got two doors that are closed or locked. You wanna make sure that we need to get them open to clean in there, or you didn’t want us in that area. So was something that way we know if there’s an issue or a problem that arises, or we just need to communicate with you at the end to let you know, Hey, here’s what we did. Here’s what we were able to do. Here’s what, um, cleaned up great Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Here’s what didn’t quite change that much. That way we can stay in contact with communication with you. Um, and then thirdly, before anyone can leave a property, we need to make sure that we’ve got payment.

You don’t have to pay us before we’re finished. You can wait until the end and you’ll need to be there the whole time so that we can. But if you would like to leave, we can just take care of payment, right in advance. Before you take off, this is normal because a lot of times people go somewhere do something and things outside of our control, keep us from following through with the rest. But a quick five minute run to quick trip turns into 30 minutes because the, uh, there’s a train that goes across the tracks in front of a QuikTrip. And we got stuck on the other side of the train and we got to the QuikTrip train passed by and we’re stuck there. Or you go to get there and they’re there long line, or there’s an accident on the highway or many other things, especially if you go to home Depot or Lowe’s, I try to get in and out of just talking for those within 20 minutes is a task within itself because there was not a person in the area that you need to check out with, or the person that does check you out.

Doesn’t know where the items are. And it can be a very slow process. Honestly, driving around Tulsa takes you 15, 20 minutes just to get to anywhere and bathroom. So we made it make sure that we have those three things as a way to lock up, communicate with you. And then we need a way to get payment before you leave that way when we’re finished. Um, we don’t have, you don’t have to rush like your hair’s on fire, trying to get back Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. We’ll have it already taken care of. We will always, even if you aren’t there, we’ll call you 20 minutes before we finish, just to make sure that you know, that we’ve accomplished everything we wanted to get done, that we affirm evidence there that was done to your liking. We tried to remember everything and be the best steward of your home as we do, but it always helps to be able to have somebody to have that confirmation yeah.

And review with you, everything we did accomplish and make sure that it’s up to the, your likings, that way it’s all taken care of the way that you would. Uh, another top of a question we get is about topical problems on the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If it hasn’t soaked into the fiber, which would be different than, than that’s typically more of a restoration or a patching situation, but it loves it just sitting on the top. So I’m not like hardened out gum, a little bit of paint, finger, nail Polish, maybe a small iron bird. You have had a couple of times surprised at the number of times over the years, we’ve had somebody who had a light that laid over and the light bulb itself touched the floor and kind of melted a burn. The carpet. You don’t see it as much with led bulbs. They don’t get hot, but the regular old Edison style bulbs, they do get hot enough to melt the carpet and potentially catch a fire.

We’re really careful with those when they don’t have a shade or something to cover them. And so in those situations, we always tell customers to kind of, if you look at your finger, think, imagine your finger is the fiber of the carpet. And your fingernail is the item that is on the carpet. So have you trimmed the fingernail? You can leave the rest of the fiber behind. So you’ve got a kids slide. That’s hard, you’ve got a fingernail Polish, you’ve got a marker. You’ve got something. Any of those types of things that will cross the carpet cut off the top of the frosting and leave the rest of the fiber there. Now that goes through the whole fiber. Sometimes you can reduce the way the whole item looks by just removing a couple of fibers. You can’t remove all of them because you end up with a bald spot, but if there’s say seven or eight red fibers that you removed, or five of those seven or eight red fibers, then the rest of the fibers won’t look so vibrant or so to kind of reduce the attempt to that way perfectly. And he tells us this 1998, we are complete carpet. And give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.