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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Call Us To See What Else We Offer!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Call Us To See What Else We Offer!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host Nathan. Today. We’re going to talk about keeping your floors, clean cleaning and maintenance carpet, cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Cleaning the maintenance. We want to maintain the health and wellbeing of your home. So obviously Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow is going to be one of those. Um, Oh, it doesn’t have to be done as often. Cause uh, all of your flooring is a wastebasket. Anything, why would I consider it a wastebasket? Well, we, we don’t want dirt and debris to get down on the floor, but most of the time we kind of let it sit there until it builds up a button a bit. Yeah. You wait until there’s dust bunnies in the corner, on the wood floor before you kind of sweep it up. Uh, you w we try to catch things right away, but every now and then you’re going to have missed a Cheerio or two, and they get crunched and they get stepped on and there’s kind of a grit and there’s dirt, or the dog comes running in through the house from his outside, roll through the grass and the dirt, or he’s, maybe he’s buried his bone and he’s spent some good time digging and just kind of doing some excavating of your backyard and he enters into your house.

And he decides that this is the place he wants to shake off the extra dust and dirt, or if you wipe his paws or wipe his muzzle, remember, but a few customers that have been in where the dog go over, drink its water, and they come over Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And for some reason, feel like your leg or your jeans or the side of the couch is the place that they should wipe its face off after getting it’s getting its muzzle all wet. And so here you are, you’ve got a home, you’ve maintained it. And there is areas that will collect that destined dirt in a Woodforest situation though, AC kicks on blows air around and all the dust dirt runs to the courtroom. So you get dust bunnies in the corner, carpet grabs it or kind of holds it in place and it’s fluffy. So it’s got more hits and more pockets for that dirt to stay.

So you can go a little bit longer. You really couldn’t go three to six or 12 months without cleaning your wood floors. But you can go that long without cleaning your carpets. Now you do that as a caveat, you do need to be doing your regular maintenance. So you need to make sure that you’re doing picking up stuff off the floor. As it happens back to me in it at least every week or two, doing some spot back to in here and there as you have issues. But as far as your big overarching maintenance stuff for your once a year or twice a year items, the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow  is going to make a big difference. And the reason it can make a big difference is that carpet is the thickest of the wastebaskets or the biggest of the waste baskets. And we, a lot of times let things go there that we normally wouldn’t let go anywhere else.

If you spilled a little bit of pop on your carpet, you’ll try to kind of soak it up and it may be a little bit sticky. Still. You get that Brown spot that kind of collects there, but you still walk across it. Anyway, if you get a bit of pop spilled on your tile, your wood floor, every time you walked over, you get that suction kind of sticky sound, where you go across and you could feel that it’s sticky. And normally that that’ll irritate or annoy you enough that you have to get down and wipe Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, finish wiping it up. We’ve all done that or twice, but a little orange juice on a countertop, wiped it down only to find out the next day that the countertop is still tacky and sticky. So you have to wipe it down a second or third time trying to get all of that sugary stickiness back off.

This typically happens because we use cold water to rinse it out with or to wipe it down with. So you’re gonna have to use a lot more of the cold water to rinse it out, to get rid of the stickiness. And we’ve been doing this for 22 years in the Tulsa area. So we find these three-step process really helps a lot. One get it hot. The hotter it is the better, uh, every hot sheet is a catalyst. And so every part that you tried to rinse out, we need to get it to rinse out Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. We need to get to into the water to be able to rinse it out. So you need to make sure that there’s something that can absorb it. Sometimes we try to just absorb it with a paper towel and that that can work. You can absorb the majority of it first.

So first part and each one is to removal, remove what is currently there. Once you’ve removed, what is currently there, then you can take and rinse out what is left and by rinsing out the remainder of what is left. Now you have the capacity to check, to see if you’ve gotten it. All the heat will help. If you go back to let’s just use a tea. Tea is a great example. Could you got cold tea and you’ve got hot tea. So if you’ve got cold tea and you’ve ever tried to make it sweet by adding packets of sugar, you add a bunch of packets of sugar. They all fall down to the bottom of the cup. You didn’t stir furiously trying to mix the sugar in and eventually it will. It’ll just all in to the cup and get fully mixed in. Now, if you’ve got hot tea, you drop a couple of lumps of sugar into it, or you pour a packet of hot, um, a packet of sugar into hot tea, and it will dissolve almost before it hits the bottom.

It won’t fall into big lump things. You have to just lightly slowly, uh, massage that, uh, water as you bend it around to the hot tea and the, uh, sugars will just dissolve by then. And this is because, uh, it dissolves faster. The dilution ratio is higher when you have, or the speed at which the dilution happens is faster when you’ve got heat added to it. Cause the water molecules move faster and thus, they will dissolve things quicker. This helps for your cleaning process. It’s the same reason that you use hot water to wash your clothes with or use hot water to do your dishes with. I tried doing the next time you do your dishes use cold water and cleaner dishes. You’ll notice it will take you almost twice as long because the cold water won’t dissolve the butter and all of the other items and get them into suspension. The whole point of cleaning is that either you capture it with wiping it up with the thing, you capture it by sucking it up with something, or you capture it by dissolving it, using some a de-greaser or using something like that to break down at sea, get it into suspension. So it could remove off of the surface that you’re trying to clean Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again.