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Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow | Carpet Repair, Cleaning and Upkeeping Services

Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow | Carpet Repair, Cleaning and Upkeeping Services


Complete Carpet has been around for over two decades, and all started as a father-son business that eventually led to a well-receptive Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow. We provide services in Broken Arrow and other surrounding areas. We offer carpet cleaning services, carpet stretching, carpet patching, tile cleaning and even furniture cleaning! We have combined our experiences over the years as well as feedback from customers to provide the best possible service for you or your business by using the most efficient tools and cleaners!

Other than being a Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow we also get a lot of praise for how helpful and life-saving our carpet repair services are to our customers! All of our services are offered to houses and well as businesses. Both can benefit from our services by providing a clean, and healthy, environment for your family and/or customers. If you are a business, having a clean work office makes a more impactful impression on your clients/customers by showing you care about the image of your business.

Here at Complete Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow we also offer furniture cleaning. This service is very appreciated by those who have children, pets, or just busy lives! If you are able to maintain clean furniture, you are limiting the amount of times you’ll have to replace your furniture in the future. We are able to add this service to any service that you have scheduled already so we can complete all of them at the same time at your convenience! For furniture cleaning, we only clean what is visible to us, meaning we do not situate/move pillows or cushions in order to get all sides. If you want this performed, we can do so at an additional cost!

Tile and grout cleaning is a greatly requested service for those stubborn grout stains in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and business floors that see a high amount of foot traffic! Even though daily floor cleaning may already be taking place, over time grime and dirt tend to build up on the grout surrounding the tile. This results in the grout slowly starting to discolor, often looking more dirty over time. We use a combination of specialized cleaners as well as steaming tools so we are able to lift and disinfect years’ worth of build-up! After this service is performed, you’ll think that we completely redid your grout based on your sparkly new clean grout and the overall look of your tile!

If you want more information feel free to give us a call here at Complete Carpet, our number is 918-494-7093. You can also visit our website to review all our information and help you make a decision! You also have the option to type in your contact information and desired service so that one of our employees can reach out to you and possibly schedule an on-site walk-through if requested! We are also offering a $99 special for all new customers for carpet cleaning in your home, no size requirement or limit!

Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow | Carpet Upkeep and Maintenance

Here at Complete Carpet, we take great pride in the fact that we are one of the best family-owned Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow. We have had over 20 years of experience and have combined this experience along with recommendations and a few other factors to provide the best end result for each and every one of our customers! We have partnered with Guts Distribution Center to donate $5 for every carpet cleaning service we provide because we love to see our community and its members able to eat healthy meals.

Another service that we receive lots of praise for, other than Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow, is our furniture cleaning. We offer this service simply so you are able to relax and focus on living your life rather than constantly worrying about your children spilling food and drinks on your furniture, your pets having accidents on it and so many more dreadful circumstances. We provide emergency stain cleanings as well as constant upkeep so your furniture is always looking and smelling brand new!

Other than furniture cleaning and Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow we also provide tile cleaning services. Tile is a deceiving surface, even while cleaning daily or weekly, the build-up of dust and dirt that acquires along the grout is inevitable! Over the years we have perfected our tile cleanup workflow. With specialized cleaners and specialized tools, we are able to make your tile and grout look brand new! This isn’t only beneficial to the eyes, it also aids in eliminating unnecessary germs that often get trapped in those tricky crevices!

We also provide a wide range of carpet repair services. From a pet chewing up a 2-inch hole in the carpet to 10 years of no carpet maintenance with carpet wrinkles that spread across the whole floor, we can help. There isn’t a situation that we don’t put 100% effort into, all while communicating with our customers about their desired results and what to expect. This cleaning is a full proof way for you to make those carpets look as if they were all brand new.

Our employees are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise, which is carpet maintenance and upkeep! If you visit our website at you can read more about our background of how we started, a list of services we provide, examples of the services we provide and how they can benefit your home or business, client testimonials and much more! If you act now, we are offering all new customers a discounted rate of $99 for their first carpet cleaning on any sized home! For more information about this deal or more information in general, give us a call at 918-494-7093 so we can discuss possible services you may need, pricing, and expectations! We also have the option for an on-site consultation if you would like to meet us face to face and show us around your home or business as we discuss how we can help and how much it would cost!