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Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow | Carpet Services, Furniture Cleaning

Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow | Carpet Services, Furniture Cleaning


Our business, Complete Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow, has been established and continues to grow over the past two decades. We started our family owned small business by providing carpet cleaning services that expanded due to our customers needs and how we can best serve them. We provide services in both homes and businesses, both small and big. Why would you need to hire a carpet cleaning/reparation service as a business owner? So that each and every one of your customers or clients that walk into your business, is able to see how much you care for the upkeep of your business and the cleanliness that you surround yourself with.

While being well known for Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow, we also provide carpet repairs. Why would you hire someone for carpet upkeep/maintenance? By keeping your carpet clean and neat, you are able to expand the life of your carpet and reduce the amount of times you’ll have to replace it. We offer carpet stretching and patching so we are able to stretch overly used carpet in order to prevent those annoying wrinkles that tend to occur in doorways as well as where the foot traffic is pretty heavy!

Here at Complete Carpet, besides being a Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow we also provide furniture cleaning. We have a wide range of clients that use this service for multiple reasons. From parents who are tired of staring at that stain on their couch from a sippy cup spill, that stubborn stain by the back door when you took too long to let your pet outside or any other circumstance, we can effectively and affordably clean and disinfect your furniture so you don’t have to be purchasing new furniture, or furniture covers, constantly.

Our tile cleaning service is one service that most people think is unnecessary, that is until they have it performed in their house or business and see the results firsthand! Grime and dirt acquire between the tiles on the grout which over time, leads to a dark discoloration and trapped germs. Because this buildup process takes a while, most people don’t think their grout needs a deep clean until they see the final results and are starstruck by the results in front of them! We use a combination of special cleaning supplies, and special cleaning tools in order to provide the best results for our customers.

We are updating our website weekly to make sure all of the information provided is up to date and accurate! We provide all sorts of information from pricing, services and testimonials on this website as well as a box for your personal information if you are requesting more information about possible services you are wanting! Our phone number is 918-494-7093 if you would like to give us a call to inquire about price estimates, answer questions on what services best suit your needs or to schedule an on-site consultation! If you are a new customer signing up, we are offering a deal this month that gives you a discounted rate of $99 for your first home carpet cleaning, no matter the size of your home!

Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow | Carpet Repairs, Cleaning and Stretching

Our multi-generational family-owned Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow, Complete Carpet, has been successful for over two decades! It all started when Nathan, our owner, worked with his father cleaning carpets. This sparked an interest and later turned into a whole carpet maintenance business that also provides services in tile cleaning and furniture cleaning. All of our services are performed in business and personal homes.

Besides being an exceptional Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow and surrounding areas, we have a great deal of business within our furniture cleaning services. By providing these services, we are able to help our customers avoid the constant replacement of furniture due to those deep, stubborn stains! Over the years, we have perfected the best cleaning solution/process for all kinds and sizes of stains on all sorts of fabric. With carpet cleaning, we are well-educated on different fabrics and the best products to remove stains while also disinfecting properly.

If you want the best Carpet cleaning Broken Arrow that is us! Here at Complete Carpet we aim to cater to all sorts of customers, that is why we have added more and more available services over the years and help homeowners, rental properties, and businesses stay clean and provide services with little to no hassle for the client! With 20 years worth of experience, we are able to produce exceptional results and almost all of our clients state that we blew their expectations out of the water!
We appreciate our customers, both old and new, and we show this gratitude by working with the Guts Distribution Center by donating $5 for every carpet cleaning service we perform. This money goes towards groceries for families in need in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Since this organization was established in 2010, it has grown from just grocery assistance to a whole worship/prayer service. The goal that was once to only provide food, is also now providing hope. We strive to provide exceptional services to all of our customers and have multiple video testimonials, that can be found on our website, to prove so! These videos and more information about Guts is available on our website! Get ready to get rid of all of those stains!

For more information about our business, please visit our website and look over everything! We have multiple tabs that cover all of our services, business history, video testimonials and much more. If you are unable to visit our website, our phone number is 918-494-7093 and we can answer any questions you have and discuss possible services! If you would feel more comfortable with meeting face to face to discuss our services and which of these services would best fit your expectations within your home or business! If you would like for one of our employees to reach out to you, please leave your contact information on our website under the “contact” tab.