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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Did You Have A Big Mess?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Did You Have A Big Mess?

Welcome to the carpet DMT podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s men. Today. We want to talk to you about the health and wellbeing of your carpet and the regular health and maintenance cycle that you need to go through to be able to keep your home, your castle staying shiny, fresh, and new perfectly. He told us since 1998, we are complete carpet. That is a almost 22 years coming on to one to three years of servicing the and surrounding communities. Let us be your next service call. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow again. So when we’re dealing with your maintenance cycles, dealing with your carpet, keeping your carpet clean, there’s always something that you need to keep in the fore front of your mind is one. What is it that I’m doing that is causing the problem?

Sometimes we look at the result of the problems and think, man, I’ve got to clean up after these problems, but you can always go forward and say, instead of having to deal with the back end, let’s start at the front end and say, what is it that gets done as this applies in a lot of different areas in your life. A lot of times they can get really angry about it. It’s not super helpful at that time to try to figure out how not to be mad. What you do is you move it backward to say, at what point was I starting to get irritated and what was irritating me? And then I’ll just avoid those situations or contexts. There’s certain people, it might be a family member or a brand or something, or a situation or colleague or a coworker. You realize your day is going great until you bumped bump into them.

And then they have the capacity to set you off and you either avoid them, or you teach yourself how to tolerate certain people that can set you up with the knowledge that, Hey, that’s going to set me off. So I’m going to make sure I’ve got my oven mitts on. I’ve got my battle suit ready. I’m prepared as they come into here to be able to take a couple of hits and get out of here without it letting without it triggering me without letting it set me off. And then there are times where you get out there and things will just lie inside Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. You weren’t ready for it. So then you’ve got to quickly respond. Uh, dealing with your home could be the same way we were talking with my kids over the last weekend about, um, uh, we’ve talked on this podcast many times before about our bathroom theory and that is most people will not leave the restaurant with their pants still down.

They believe learned that they’re finished with the bathroom. Once they have their pants up and to be successful at life means you wash your hands also. And I want to add one more thing into there. You also need to flush the toilet Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I mean, everybody every now and then forgets to flush the toilet. And it doesn’t really take that much extra effort, uh, in, in our lives, in our house. There’s a lot of things that are like that, that we choose up a here I’m okay. Like we’ve, we’ve all done this once or twice. And I’m just as guilty as be. You’ll sit down at the kitchen, make a bowl of cereal. Yeah. The cereal sitting there, the milk sitting there, the bowl of cereal is sitting there. You eat the cereal. You think, you know what? I’m gonna keep the milk and the cereal out.

Cause maybe I want more. I, he finished the bowls. They’re you’re like, no, actually that was enough. I think that was good enough. And then you get up and you think I’ll put all this way, but it just depends. I’m going to go do something else. And so you gotta be good to be something that you come back in to realize the milk has been sitting out now warm. The bowl of cereal is still sitting there and now it’s starting to sour and the cereal is still sitting there. And now you’ve got a potential mess Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. You got to throw up, maybe throw the cup away. Cause you it forget about it. You take off, you get Sargent with something. And that’s where that type of situations where you’ve gone to the bathroom, but you didn’t flush the toilet. Right. Then you walked off, did something else and somebody else comes back and discovers about flush toilet.

Really doesn’t take that much extra effort and you’re sitting there and you just eat your cereal. You say, okay, so let’s count. I take the milk. I put it in the fridge. There’s 10 seconds. I grabbed the cereal roll at the top and put it in the shelf is another 10 seconds. And then I grabbed my bowl. I tip it over, rinse it off with a thing. And there was another study. We got 45 seconds, 45 seconds of extra effort to make the anyone who walked into that kitchen, make it almost impossible for them to tell that I’d come in, made cereal and done anything in there because it all be clean. It looked like it was before I got there. So try to have that general philosophy when you’re approaching your house, is that as long as you know, like for example, we had, I got a milkshake for the kids and we sat in the living room to watch a show while we ate some food.

Um, but the milkshake stayed in the kitchen and they could have as much gum chicken to the water too. So they could walk into the kitchen, grab a drink with no object, walk back into the living room, but I didn’t let the milkshake come in delivering because there’s no way to spill the milkshake, that liquidy material onto the floor, if it doesn’t come into the room. So there’s no way for me to get angry at my coworker. Um, if I don’t bump into it, there’s no way for me to get angry with my sister. If I don’t call and talk to her on a day. Like, you know, if I know that I need to, you know, that I’m on edge already Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, then I avoid the thing that may put me on more edge. And then when I feel really happy and jovial that I’ll bump into things, I’ll take on the projects that I need to.

And so dealing with drinks throughout your house, um, obviously water, water is just water. It spills on the carpet. You put a towel down and you talk about you’re fine. Uh, but anything other than that is going to have some type of sugar in it. Some type of stickiness into some type of butter color in it. And so we have all of those different things come together to drink spots, drips and things throughout your part. But he said, well, I need to drink though, when I’m over there, well, then you choose something other than a spillable drink. They make Yeti cups that have a little lid on them and you can drink in a straw through that. They make thermos like mugs, like keep it so that it doesn’t spill out of your coffee while you drink your wine, you should find things to miss. Not because you were a little kid, it just because you say, you know what? I don’t want to have to worry about the spots getting out of the carpet to begin with Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Now. Obviously once they get there, you need to clean them up and deal with them. So they don’t keep spreading, but, um, preventative maintenance as much better than having to maintenance afterwards. So buying the things you can do.