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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Advice With Us?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Advice With Us?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today I wanted to talk to you about money and the currency of life Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. And give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And this is an important topic I think is that we view money as it is a currency. It is the gas of life. Money is the gas of life. There’s a lot of stuff in life that you can’t do. If your car has no gas in it, it won’t drive from point a to point B. So a lot of times we look at our lives as, um, uh, vehicles, as cars that can only run on gasoline. This is true, and it is also false at the same time, gasoline or money is a gas of your life. It is a currency of your life, but is not the only currency.

There are things that will get you much farther than money does. Um, and let me give you a, a tie in a reason, money is a certificate of appreciation. It shows people that you’ve done valuable work to somebody. So it is just representing something else you’ve already done, but that currency can also be paid for in other non-monetary ways. For example, time, time is a currency of life. If I give you my time, that may be worth way more than any money you could ever do Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If I had the opportunity to spend a day with the president, then that would be worth more to me than you just gave me $5,000. If you just gave me $5,000, or I get to spend one day with the president, I’ll choose spending one day with the president. I’d love to see a we’ll look into what that life is like.

I don’t care who the president is. I’d love to see what that is, see what they have to go through, see what they face to be able to connect with the humanity of what it is for the person that’s in the office. I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re on there still as a human being, sitting there occupying that seat, figuring stuff out, making decisions based upon their set of data, based upon what they see in the world. Just like a CEO. So that right there, time getting somebody’s time is worth more than their money. Sometimes we pay people money for their time. Other time they could give us their time and it’d be more valuable than money Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Nothing you could put a price on. Um, also a lot of time in life is about respect and reverence of that time. Uh, so if you show up late to somebody it’s, you have just shortcut, you said that you, whatever I was doing is more important than whatever you had to do.

And I think this is difficult. I was a late guy. I was the guy that when you called, you had to give me 30 minutes prior notice because I would show up 30 minutes after whatever you told me. So if you told me six, I’m probably gonna be there at six 30. So if you told me a lot of people would tell me five 30, so they could get me to show up at six. And I took a long time before I realized this core concept of the importance of valuing people’s time and respecting their things Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. But also so that I valued it, like, how am I going to have respect for other people? I’m only gonna be around people who are always late. People who are on time and successful. They won’t be around me. They just, I it’s like it’s, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

You realize you’re only around people who don’t accomplish and can’t get anywhere in life. And you’re wondering why is that? I can never find anyone who’s really accomplished or successful it’s because they won’t hang out with you because you don’t respect time. You don’t value their time. So they’re not going to value being around you because they don’t want to show up somewhere and spend 30 minutes just sitting on their thumbs because nobody’s there. If you aren’t willing to do that, well, then you really shouldn’t be around there because they’ve got other better things to do Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. They’ve got people that do respect their time so they can be efficient. They can get accomplish things. So money is a certificate of appreciation. We do need to find the things that we’ve got in our life that are important and that are connected. Um, so there’s four things that I want to do run over quickly here at the end of the segment to say, what is unsuccess.

Cause sometimes we can find out what success is by defining unsuccess. So unsuccessful people, uh, do not face reality. Uh, you have to face reality the way that it is. Uh, obviously you need to be optimistic, optimistic. Optimism is different than having to face reality. But in, in the form of the facet of trying to face your reality, you then sometimes end up with, um, a difference in between the two that you can’t, um, pair down. Um, second is that you have a bad relationship with responsibility. Sometimes those responsibilities are, um, things that are self-imposed other times they’re others imposed and they will come to you and say, Hey, here’s what you need to accomplish. Here’s what I need you to do. And if you don’t accomplish and don’t do those, then you can never really have a success in your life because people with their responsibility, with the thing that they want to accomplish, don’t believe that you’re going to accomplish them the way they want to.

And here’s the third part is that you have a bad time management. They do know, you do know what it is that you would like to accomplish. You do know what it is they do like to do. Let’s say that you do face reality. You do have a relationship or just wants ability, but people can’t trust that you’re going to get it accomplished in the timeframe that they’ve given to you. And if you don’t have that timeframe management be able to have good time management, then you will just be unsuccessful. And the fourth thing I want to give to you is that you are, um, if you, if you are unsuccessful though, this is a trait that you will have. If you’re an unsuccessful person, is that you are a bad at are bad. You’re bad at communicating. You’re a bad communicator because people could say that you do understand reality, that you do have a relationship with responsibility.

You are good at time management, but you can’t communicate to me what you have accomplished or what you’re doing. So I can’t be on your same page. I can’t be with you and what you’re doing. So you want to make sure you tackle all four parts of this, that you can make sure that you’re always a successful person, that you do look at it realistically and say that you can set achievable attainable goals, that you do have a relationship with responsibility Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow That when someone tells you to do something that you’re going to accomplish it, that you do respect other people’s time and that you manage your own time so that you accomplish and get accomplished. The thing that are supposed to be done so people can trust on you and rely on you. And that you can communicate to them effectively what it is you’ve accomplished and what you’ve done so that there is a you’ve closed out the loop of knowing now what needed to be done, that you were responsible to get it done, that you’ve timed it out to get it done, and that you’ve been able to communicate properly. This is the thing that needs to be accomplished within your realm of life.