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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Advice?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Advice?

Welcome to carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. I want to talk to get today about the, uh, the capacity of your equipment versus the skill of the user. This is that chicken and the egg argument that has gone on forever. Uh, so hopefully we can put that debate to rest today, as we talk about, um, what is more important Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. So, uh, straight off the bat, we’ll just jump right into it. The skill of the user, the experience of the user always trumps the type of equipment that you’re using. The type of equipment enhances the skill of the user. So you could have a great golf clubs. You can have like the most high-end best golf clubs that have ever been made. They can hit the drive, the absolute farthest, but if you, as a user are unable to take the golf club and hit the ball with it because you don’t know how to swing the golf club.

Then the expense, you could have million dollar clubs and it won’t help you hit the ball any harder, farther longer. Now, if you are really good at hitting a golf club and you’re really skilled at it, you can give that person any set of golf clubs. It doesn’t matter the typer that you could give them puppet golf clubs for that matter. And he will beat the guy who doesn’t know how to hit the ball with a golf club. It doesn’t really matter that the item that he’s using the defining factor is the skill of the person. Now, if you have two equally skilled persons than the person with the better equipment typically will win Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So if you’ve got equal skill, then the equipment improves. And so I personally am of the idea that once you have skill, you need to train skill first, and once you have skill, then you want to use the best equipment you can.

And this is where, uh, I want to do this podcast on is the, the three areas that I believe that get improved when you have great skill and how having good equipment can embolden and power and produce better results from the same skilled person, because there is a second part to this and then we’ll get to in a minute. So the first thing is, um, having good stuff, good quality things last longer, they need less maintenance, less breakdowns, less problems with them because they’re just built of a higher quality item Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So no matter what your skill is, if your equipment doesn’t work, then you can’t produce, you can’t do anything with a broken piece of equipment. So you want to have a little bit higher quality, a little bit higher, um, uh, functions that you have more to be able to get done and accomplished.

So that’s part number one is that the item needs to be able to continue to work. You want to have, um, continue operability. So you might have a medium to low or a high end piece. Everything can break, but typically the higher quality stuff is your paint. You get what you pay for. So if you you’ve got higher quality items in it, then it will last a higher quality item will last a little bit longer. The second part is that typically, um, more expensive items add some type of speed benefit. Um, if you’ve got a machine that can handle two ones, instead of just one, one, then it’s going to be able to clean a little bit deeper and faster, get the dirt out of it quicker. If you’re using a push lawn mower versus a riding lawnmower, the riding lawnmower is more powerful. Engine, the blades move a little bit faster.

It’s got two blades instead of one blade. Um, it maybe got a wider cutting deck. So you actually will accomplish the same things a little bit faster without having to, um, go over something twice. So it’s, you will get a quicker, faster boost to thing that you’re doing. And you’re going forward with things quicker because of the quality of the item that you’re using. So having a bigger machine will help you to clean faster, having a, um, a bigger lawnmower, help you to move Mo more grasp in a faster time. So you’ll actually get finished quicker, which allows for one of the things that we’re going to talk about. Insert. The second part of this scenario is fatigue as skilled as you are, the more, um, the more, uh, let me think here. What’s a good way to th the fresher you are. You can be very skilled, but as you get tired, you start to lose your edge.

You start to get tired, you start to get an ANSI, you start to get agitated, and that causes a level of, um, Polish to be kind of rubbed off the tops of the fresher. You are someone that’s got fresh legs is going to be out somebody who’s been working for 10 hours already, just because you’re starting to get fatigued at him. And so higher quality things reduce your fatigue factor. And so obviously you put in more money into something. You can, you will hit a, that the lid you’re gonna hit the lid of, of return on investment. If I spend a million dollars in a Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, I’m not going to get more improvement out of it than I would out of a $70,000 carpet rig, but I will have a lot better usage out of 70,000 than I do out of a 10,000.

So there’s certain burying places where eventually you hit the top of it, uh, in terms of food, you, uh, if you’re poor, you paid just to get food, just to have some type of food. It might be, you know, a little, you know, dollar items that you get, you know, just just enough. So you can have sustenance as you become middle-class and you can become richer. You can now buy a nicer quality food. You might actually get a steak and you might get, um, you know, premium cut of burger, or, uh, you can start to get into full lays, or you get into something that’s nicer. And then when you get super rich, you don’t get any better food because food can only get so good. And you now are paying for where you eat your food, the environment around where you eat your food. So no longer are you paying for a better steak Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, because really after about 40 bucks, you can’t get a more expensive piece of steak. So you’re spending $200 on a steak. You’re spending $200 because you’re on a Ferris wheel. That’s going around in circles on top of a, you know, a Spire while, you know, people are dancing around you.