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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Help Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Help Cleaning?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host nakedness Sabrina’s, and we’re welcoming you to today’s podcast in an election year and election cycle that we eat is important. But one of the nice things about this country that we are able to make a choice Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, make a decision, and that means that you’ve got options and you’ve got it. Typically two options sometimes we’ll have three. Um, it just seems like we enjoy either, uh, having just two ice cream flavors. Typically you get to three and four. They actually did a survey once that said that if you get over four or five different options, people freeze, they actually have the decision-making process slows way down. Did he give people a, B binary decision-making capacity? If they actually move a lot faster and their brains are able to settle in on choosing something because they can compare either or if you’ve got either or, or, or, or either, or, and, and, and our brains seemed to slow down quickly.

And so I’ve spent some time. I know there’s a lot of hype and a lot of information, but at the end of the day, you have to say not how do I like something? I know that we instinctively do that. Our gut, the reaction is we’ll walk in. We’ve all done that before we all gone out on the date, we’ve been in high school and you’re sitting there. You’re like, okay. So I am going to choose the prettiest girl to go out with, and you go and you meet it Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And you think that’s it. There she is. She is the hottest girl here, and we’ll go check her out. But you have only made one category of decision-making capacity within that decision is, do I think it’s hot or not? Do I swipe right? Or do I swipe left? And that is a good starting point, because if you don’t think somebody is, um, as nice to look at, or is pretty, or is attractive, or is interesting from afar, typically people don’t get better up close, know most of the time, not every night.

And then you get those rare things where the, you know, you don’t judge a book by its cover, but the whole point of the cover is to tell you about the book is to tell you, like, I can tell you right away, just walking through a thing. I remember back in the nineties, there was a movie and they went through and they said, okay, here it is. I think maybe it’s like, maybe it’s the movie, 10 things I hate about you or something like that. Um, and in there the kid goes to high school, he’s moving into a new high school and somebody’s there Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow He’s like, Oh man, I got to give you the lay down. Okay. So here it is over here. We’ve got the pretty girls. You’ve got the cheerleaders over here. You’ve got the nerds over here. You’ve got the jocks over here.

You’ve got to the, um, you know, the bullies over here. You’ve got the, you know, like you just broke them all down into different groups here. You got the goths and here you’ve got the, the loners and here that you’ve got the stoners and the ones who were just doing like, dude, what’s up. And you say, it breaks down all these different groups. You know, there’s like five or seven or 10. And it’s, it’s what I was like, colonic scenes in the movie. And he breaks down everybody based upon the things without listening to what they say without really specifically seeing what they do. You can just read the book, then it tells you what’s going to be on. You can read the cover of the book to understand what the inside of the book is going to be like every now and then it’s different.

But most of the time we are making, as you drive down a neighborhood, you drive through a neighborhood and you can pretty much tell what type of person lives inside based upon the way they keep the outside of their home Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. What kind of car is in the driveway? How is the yard, how was it held for the Kwame? And you can’t tell everybody, well, it’d be very easy. I can drive by, um, and pretty easily tell you which house have young children in them, because there’ll be toys out in the front yard and typically some small toy or some issue, or maybe there’s a trampoline, or maybe there is, is a, uh, a water slide, a slip and slide. Oh, there is a tricycle. Uh, they, they don’t have teenagers. If there’s a tricycle sitting out in front of the yard, or maybe they’ve got a, a young adult that lives with them that has a baby also, but somebody there’s a baby somehow involved, or there’s tricycle sitting out in front, but there’s a bass boat sitting out in front. You’ve got somebody who likes to go fishing. If there is a, um, a large truck sitting outside, you’ve got someone who likes holding thing to take and stuff. You got an outdoorsy type person.

There is a Lamborghini man sitting outside, probably got a C level executive somewhere inside the house or somebody that’s, you know, definitely a hundred thousand dollars a year plus category Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If you’ve got a, a broken down old Tahoe, you probably not in that level of category. You know, the view that the rare exception of that guy who just really saves his money and it has an upgraded, most people upgrade their living to match their thing. You can also quickly look at the outside of the house and say that, okay, somebody who makes, um, this is a neighborhood where people make, you know, 30 to $35,000 a year, and this is a neighborhood that people make a hundred thousand dollars. Plus why? Because there’s a gate on the neighborhood and it’s, um, each house is 500,000 plus. Well, you’re just not going to be in that neighborhood.

If you’re making 25,000 a year. And that’s not to a little people, it’s that certain things are identifiable by their cover and by the decisions that they’ve made. So we try to in our own company, make sure that people can judge our book by the cover that we have. We know that people are visual. So we try to keep the rep nice on our vehicles. We don’t let it deteriorate and break down. We try to keep the bands upgraded on a regular basis so that we know that at the four or five, six, seven year Mark, they’re starting to get a little bit broken down and ratty at the time to maybe upgrade it so that people get what that you get, what you pay for. And somebody who was talking with us just a couple of weeks ago, and they said, it’s a manual you’re patching prices are actually pretty expensive.

And I said, I said, well, yeah, I mean, we’ve done it. I’ve done it for over 20 years Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And so I really know what I’m doing and the patches come out great. And I said, well, no. I mean, it wasn’t a, it wasn’t a knock. I had a guy came out and did it for $25 and a dummy tell you I got a $25 patch because that’s why you’re here is to fix the poor job that that other person had done. They’re not a bad person. They just, you know, they didn’t have confidence in their skills. So they’re willing to do it for a really cheap price that the next person wouldn’t do it.