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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Our Advice?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Do You Need Our Advice?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today I wanted to talk to you about, um, loving the process so that you don’t quit doing it. Once you reach your goal Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. This is a very difficult thing to teach people. And it’s a very different, difficult thing either. I think to a degree, you either have it or you don’t, but if you could understand it, I believe you can get it. It’s tough. It’s sorta like having, um, some people are upbeat characters and below downbeats, some people are optimist, some people are pessimist and then some pessimists are optimistic that there are people that bad things are just gonna happen anyway. Okay. I am very optimistic that, uh, eventually it is going to rain. So you’ve got to make sure that you are finding the right source of the thing that you’re trying to accomplish.

And I think part of this can come in that people typically put some type of goal. Like I I’m working this job just to achieve this particular outcome. And once you’ve achieved that particular outcome, a lot of times you lose the motivation. Not that work needs to be a goal in and of itself, but the doing of good quality work is in an, uh, in and of itself a reward. I think that the, um, the inspiration comes at the top of the mountain, not at the bottom Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So you’re looking up at that mountain. You’re saying, where can I go from here? And you just don’t feel inspired. You’re like, Hey, virtually nobody looks at a, an insurmountable task and goes, you know, boy, howdy. I am so awesome. This is gonna be great. I am so pumped up that this is going to happen. Instead they look at it and they say, Oh, I don’t know. That’s that seems like a lot of work. Whereas if you look at the reward, you get, the benefit is on the re uh, joy of accomplishing.

But there is something that you can do in just the pride of your work. It is difficult because a lot of times we de-value work. We de-value the hard grit of things because we want to reward, or our rewards are something that isn’t work. A lot of times, those rewards ring hollow, they don’t give you the same type of feel or connection because when you were there at that time, you are not you’ve yet to earn the reward that you get. So a lot of the rewards, if you go to see the movies all the time, and then it’s not really a, it doesn’t feel like a special thing or a reward of something that you get to do. It feels like something that you just have. And you just do normally, I guess it becomes an expected part of your life. Um, if you are constantly doing something with your, um, Oh, let’s see if you’re constantly eating ice cream.

Well, then ice cream will lose its flavor to lose its special. Its spontaneity, the neatness of it. It’ll just become like, um, you know, clipping your fingernails or brushing your hair. It just something that just happens because there’s something about a reward structure that must come after doing hard work. I loved one book I read, I believe it was called up the happiness hack. I believe if I remember right Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And in that they’re talking about how there’s three things you can do to help, to fight off depression. One is to do something. Um, most people try to number one, they go and they try to do something fun to get out of the depression that typically will make you go into a deeper depression because you didn’t earn the fun. You don’t deserve the fun. Your body knows that you don’t didn’t earn. It knows that you don’t deserve it.

So it doesn’t feel good. There’s no, there’s no upper from getting the fun because you’ve yet to do something to deserve or earn it. So they say first do something hard, pick something you’ve been putting off deuce, you know, accomplish something, do something that’s difficult and then do something. That’s kind like an unmerited act of kindness, help somebody with their, uh, with the way that they move their, um, their pattern of something, uh, help somebody with the opening, the door Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, hold the door for them. You know, you do something that you would consider to normally not be needed or not be expected. You do it anyway. And that way you can get a, you’ll get a nice natural God-given boost saying, this is what you have achieved based upon what you have done. Not based upon just random acts of kindness. You do something specific so that you can say, Hey, that person didn’t deserve it.

I did it anyway. And it’s like a secret Santa clause B the secret Santa clause, somewhere in your life. And then finally, after doing something hard, doing something kind, then reward yourself, then go do something fun. Cause you will say, you know what? I’ve earned this lemonade because I worked hard. I earned this movie because I did something special. I, I I’ve, I’ve earned the right to be able to take a break. If you only ever take a break, you didn’t earn it and you don’t deserve it. It’s become meaningless. It’s not really a break. That actually is your work. Your work is just sitting around the house. Whereas if you go out and you do something, like if I go out and I run for five miles, when I get finished, I can, you know, sit down and play some games. Why? Because I know I’ve finished running for five.

I’ve done some good, hard work. I know that if I make enough money in a week to cover all of my bills, I can take a break. If I haven’t covered all my bills yet, or if I need more money, it’s not time to take a break yet. And your body, your consciousness, Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow everything about your system will know that I am not yet there. And so I started this off of saying, you need to learn to love the process because otherwise, you will quit before you reach your goal. And also you need to learn to love the process so that as you’re reaching your goal, or as you get to your goal, you’ll continue to go past the goal. Otherwise you’ll get to your goal and then just hard stop. You’ll just quit right there because you know, like there’s nothing more for you to do.

There’s nothing more that you need to cause you, you hit your, you hit the finish line. And I think that life is not about a finish line. It’s about a race. It’s about this constant sense of improvement. This constant sense of moving up. It’s once I didn’t try to get to the top of the Hill Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, I got over a Hill so that I could climb another Hill. So I’m always trying to climb a new Hill, something new that I can get out there and accomplish something new that I can tackle something new that I can achieve. So then I always have a sense of purpose and I really believe once you lose your sense of purpose, you probably will stop having to be because there’s nothing more for you to do.