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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Find A Better Way To Clean

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Find A Better Way To Clean

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today we want to talk about what it takes to, um, get carpets clean and to get them dry. Our process of what we do, how we have accomplished your clean carpets for you each and every time is, uh, is a checklist that we go through. And so I’m just going to go over our checklist process here for what we do for every single job Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, we are complete carpets that give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. First things. First we need to know and let a customer know that we are on the way to, uh, to them so that they can expect us properly. So we always 30 minutes ahead of time, we have a call head script, and it goes like this. Hi, this is Nathan with complete carpet.

I’m going to wait for a response cause I want to give them that interactive time. It’s not me just telling them something. I want them to communicate with me because this is honestly an opportunity for them to communicate back with me so that I’m just finishing up the appointment before you. And we’ll be heading your way soon. Wait to see how they respond to that. Yes, I am already here. Come right on over. Wait a second Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I’m not there. I won’t be there until this time. And that way I can have this kind of conversation or they may at that point say, okay, great. My mother is there. She’s got the keys. She’ll be there waiting for you and be ready whenever you get there. Um, you know, whatever the situation is, they may give me some updated stuff like, Oh, um, the dogs are in the garage.

So make sure you come around to the front door or the front door has got a couch in front of it to come in through the garage. You they’re going to give us some type of connection. This helps us to make that first rapport building time with the customer. Um, as we get there, we want to review the services that we have want to review the ad-ons. If there’s anything that’s extra outside of just a straight Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Cause sometimes you go in there thinking I’m just going to clean. If you haven’t reviewed your notes, you won’t know that this one actually has a couch or some roads that we’re going to add in or some other service that we’re going to, um, put into the process. Um, we want to try to memorize the customer’s name cause people feel better about when you know who you’re talking to.

Now, of course you may think, Hey, it’s Sally. Sally is the one that set this up and you get up there and there’s not a Sally. There it’s a Bob. Uh, because well, whatever the person’s name is, Bob chucker, Harry, you’re not sure, but you get up there and you realize that it’s not a female who is there at the door meeting you. And so you would introduce yourself and find out who they are, what their name is. Uh, so first thing we do is we ask for the grand tour, give us the grand tours. We walk through out the house. Uh, we were looking around for two things, one we’re looking for what areas do we need to clean so that we have a good, we create a mental map and we see all the stuff it’s then easier to go through and check that mental map off and knowing what areas need to be done to, is there anything that’s not likable or breakable?

Anything that we think that by going through the house and cleaning, is there a giant deck of a house of cards set up right in entry to one of the bedrooms, we need to move that because we’re going to knock it over for sure. Is there stuff on the floor that we can’t get wet? Like papers laying on the floor. We want to try and maybe move some of that stuff. So we’re going through looking for things that we want to try to get and move out and move into place Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Um, one of the other parts that we have is, uh, we want to make sure we tell a joke, every job about their pets. One, cause we care about their pets. We don’t want to lose their kitten, their dog, their, you know, anything that’s important to them. Um, but we also want them to know that it’s important to us too, because we don’t want to misplace or move someone.

Cause we’re going to have the door open. We’re going to be coming in and out. We’re going to have our hoses coming in. And so we’ll tell a joke similar to this is, do you have any pets in the house? And they say yes or no. And be like, you know, are they a little escape artists? Are they good about staying inside or good? There’s there’s no pets in the house. I don’t have to worry about it. A little escape artists sneaking out of the house and that reminds them, okay, the door is going to be open. Cause some people may not have thought of that or they just hadn’t. They hadn’t thought, Oh, I do need to put the pets up. Most of them have the pets up or they have them secured somewhere. But sometimes they just haven’t thought about it yet. Cause they were busy cleaning the house and moving stuff, doing things.

So second thing we do is we tell a second joke of letting them know that we are going to clean their carpets and to clean the carpets. We’re going to do a pre spread across the carpet. So sort of like soaking your dishes in Dawn. And by doing this pre spray, there’s gonna be a layer of soap across the carpet. Now you will not hurt the carpet walking on it, but be careful, you don’t hurt yourself stepping off the carpet because it will be slippery and more slippery than wet, slippery, like soapy. This does two things Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. One, it helps. It’s kind of a humorous moment because you think, Hey, you’re watching out for me. We don’t want you to fall. But two, it also is a connection to the fact that you were going to be, um, uh, moving across the carpet and you may forget, or may not think that you’ve walked on some damp carpet.

If you got shoes on, as you step off, we don’t want you to slip and fall. Or if you do kind of feel that little bit of slip, you go, Oh wow, you’re right. You did warn me. You did tell me it’s gonna be slippery. And then you kind of have a nice little laugh about it. Uh, next we go out and we update our, our house called pro software so that it has the capacity to update what we’ve done in the job. Maybe you talk about something we want to add to the job. Maybe there’s something we need to do more with the job, but we need to make sure that the, um, the invoice is going to match the work done also that it’s been updated to what type of work needs to be done there. And so the pricing is proper. Uh, we go over whatever big concerns and problem areas that you have that we’re going to ask.

If there’s any additional service that you need, maybe you want to disinfect it special, a rug special, maybe small furniture, add on maybe some tile cleaning. Is there anything else besides the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow you’d like to get done today that we can do for you? That’s what we want to make sure that we’re getting accomplished everything. You need us to get accomplished today. And that way we can, uh, help you with what you want to get accomplished. Because a lot of times we don’t get something done because we just don’t know what’s available to be done. Or sometimes we don’t know that the person can do. It was a, quite a few things that we’ve done on jobs where we will do more for them because they at that time think, Oh, it’d be great. Now, now that you’re here, now that I’m getting this done, I’d like to get more things they’re like going to get your oil change, but you also get new wiper blades or a new air filter something along those lines perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.