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Welcome to another DM podcast. I am your host Sabrinas. And today I wanted to talk to you about I consistency of effort. A lot of times we want to accomplish things in our lives. We want to do things that are going to make a big difference, but we’re unwilling to put in the repeatable consistency of effort. We wonder why we’re frustrated or stressed out about the things that we go through in life. And a lot of times we are trying to, and this is, this is the one we want to be spot painless. We want to have, um, unique thought. Um, and there is times that that’s very valid and useful though. The majority of our life, we should have spent four times thinking through what we’re going to do. If you plan what you’re going to do, you will accomplish it Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And a, um, uh, multiple times faster than you would, if you were unplanned, if you’re there and you’re trying to figure out what you can do every time you go to the next step, you have to go find the utility or tensile that’s needed.

If you know that this is what the type of thing is going to happen, then you’ll have all of those items already. Pre-prepared and sitting there ready for you. So that when we sit down to do it, you could knock it out all in one shot. You’re both the time needed to figure everything out because you’ve already figured it out. You just go through and do it. And that’s where I think repetition really comes in. Uh, when you, I think young people today are not enjoying their work the way that they would, if they had mastered it, you reach a certain level of mastery. There’s other things you can do besides just the work. Sometimes you can focus in on the task at hand. Other times you can be focusing on the next task, because you’ve already figured out the current task supremely. I give a good example of this.

We train our guys and have them follow the exact same sets of patterns every single time. Why? Because if you have a set of patterns, the brain eventually can remember the pattern or the set frame. You’re freeing yourself up actually probably less your brain, more your body, your body have memorized the set out as your brain could be freed up to think about other things, to focus on other stuff. So that you’re then looking for other things, besides just the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow and not just the carpet thing itself. Sometimes we inherently have a pattern that we flow through, um, that just gets us to where we want to go. And you say, well, I mean, I always make ever conscious decision every day, all the time, myself, I don’t even need these patterns. That means like, well, if you sit down, we’ve all had this happen.

One time, know offside. But the majority of time it works flawlessly so that you’ll have gone through it, realize, okay, I need to do X, Y, Z, or I’m talking with my kids to say, I talk with my kids and I’ll talk to them about something. They look at me and say, dad, wouldn’t where are you in Mississippi? And I was like, I did not say Mississippi. I told you that I was down at Muskogee. I was like, no, dad, you said Mississippi. So I’ll get my wife. I’ll be like, honey Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Cause I know you need to settle this. Um, the kids think I said, Mississippi. I clearly said Muskogee. And she’ll look at me and she’ll say, no, sorry. How do you, I heard you. You did say Mississippi. I don’t mean Mississippi. I don’t know why my mouth said Mississippi, but whatever I was thinking about came across.

And I said a different word than what I expected to upset. This is similar sometimes to art, but seeing things that we expected to have happened, but I don’t have a way to measure what I’d done. Sometimes you have people around you to check in on you Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Other times you can have a checklist. So you physically look back and see did the results come out the way that I wanted it to now the positive side of this, that your body can do a lot of stuff for you. And it becomes second nature. I would call it second nature where you’re driving almost autonomously. You’d get to your destination. Your eyes have looked to see if there’s any danger along the route. As opposed to trying to look at the route itself, your body just kicks into automatic and you start driving and you get to your destination.

Now you can make your work or make your business that systemize it. By the time you get finished, you know that you’ve done it right though. You haven’t really, you don’t have the stress and thinking about all the time. I think this is why so many young people are really stressed out, dislike their work. It’s not because the work is difficult or hard. It’s because the work is new and unique because they keep changing jobs every six to 12 or 18 months. If you have more than one job in a year, you’ve never been able to get any, any level of mastery because you can’t get any level of mastery. Then you are always hair on fire. Most of the time, some feeling enjoy that. Some people love the higher level of stress though. I think most people will feel a lot more at ease and comfortable when they’re dealing with the same thing over and over a repeatable pattern.

That way their brain can get into the groove, get in that rut of what they need to do. Um, a lot of times we say you should get out of the rut. Well, I think that right as I could really nice place to go, because then you have these discernible easy patterns. If you think about every city is set up as a bunch of ruts, there are streets and roads that all go down the same particular predictable path, and they have predictable names. It’s not like a street halfway down. It changes names, every block or every mile. It’s the same name for the entirety of the road. That way, you know, as long as you’re traveling on this road, you know what the name is. And so the entirety of it will connect with you. Well, you don’t have to say, Hey, is this really what I want to try to do? Or accomplish Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again. So find that route, find that pattern for the things that you could make, the thing repeatable. So you will enjoy your life more. The more you can repeat the pattern, the more you can repeat the, um, the sequence of events, the faster you will be able to accomplish things without having to have a high level of stress, anxiety, or frustration over the thing you’re doing.