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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Find Us To Learn About What We Do!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Find Us To Learn About What We Do!

Welcome to the company, DMD podcast. I am your host and Nathan’s Venus. And today we’re going to be going over today. If end, you have to do to improve the quality of your carpet. A simple thing that you can do, like vacuuming mean maintenance care. Also just some people go as far as shoe removal, though. The reality is if your shoes just look nice, then you won’t have any issue. Um, it’s, uh, it’s not the shoes themselves. If the items are the things that ended up on the shoes that become a problem, Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are completely perfect to give us a call today nine one four nine four seven zero nine three. Get on the road to enjoy your home again. Home is your castle. So make sure it’s a place that you want to go to instead of vacation forever.

Uh, so number one on the list of things that you can do to maintain your home is the one that most people don’t think about is just make sure that dirt does not get into your home. You do not need to back. You do not need them get carpets cleaned if nobody ever walks in the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, that sounds overly simplistic. But the reality is is that nobody is using something. If you put park your car in the garage and never take it out, then it never needs to be washed. It never needs to be gas added to it. And you know what I mean? These have the oil change because it’s just sitting in the garage. Uh, so, uh, it may collect a dust, but it will just be a light thing that probably once you get to drive anywhere, it will just float right off.

Um, same thing with your carpet. If you never walk on the carpet again, you never go into your house again, it never needs to be cleaned again, but we do want to use your home. You do want to enjoy your home. So how do you use it with the least amount of work wear and tear on it? Uh, the simplest side is, uh, you know, here’s the tips that I use for my own home is that I only keep drinks in a water spillable area Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. We’re all going to spill at some point. And if all the drinks remain in the kitchen, then there’s no chance or possibility that they spill on the carpet or on the wood floors so that they stay in an area that’s got tiled and you’ll be just fine. Uh, kids know they can have any drink they want to. And when they drink the drink, then they just set it down there in the kitchen or put it back in the fridge and then it’s there and available to them.

Anytime they want to go into the kitchen to get it sort of like to think of it like a high school. Uh, they’ve got a drink at Dawn in the hallway. So you go out to the hallway, go to the drink at the time, get your drink. And then you go back to your class. Um, you know, you don’t take him, bring the water model back into the classroom and have your drink sitting right there on your desk. You keep it there in the hallway so that the classrooms never can get drink spills because there’s never drinks in the classrooms. So whichever area you don’t want to have drink spills in, you just make sure the drinks don’t go there and then you’ll never get a drink spilled. They’re just pretty much the idea of abstinence. So you just stay away from an area. It just won’t ever get there because nothing ever comes in there.

Secondarily is food. Um, have either a ways to contain the food or places that only the food can be eating. Some people have small children and that just give them an open, a small little bowl with a goldfish in them. Well, that’s a guaranteed way to make sure that you’ve got crumbled up goldfish in your carpets, all throughout your house, because as all small children do, once you lean forward to grab something off the ground, you kind of tip over and the goldfish are going to go spill it. Or you set the goldfish down somewhere. The next guy that walks through it, doesn’t think there’s going to be goldfish on the floors are not looking for the line. Land, buying a goldfish that are just sitting there, uh, precariously tipped on the edge of something. And of course they bumped it, it falls over the crumbles, fall on the ground.

And then, you know, that happens today. And then in three days or four days, it happens again. And you try to vacuum it up, but every time the vacuum, it, it crumbles a little bit more goldfish into the carpets. So if you just make sure that there is not a source of food throughout the house, or if you do have a source of food, do you have any specific way to keep in collected? Like if we sit down to watch something Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, a living room, we’ll watch a movie while we’re eating food, we take a towel, we put it over the Ottoman and the kids have to sit and all the food has to stay on the Ottoman. It has to stay up there where the towel can catch it or absorb it. And that way they know if food’s on a plate, they want to go somewhere.

They can, but then they have to make sure that they sit over the plate over the thing. And he, and they’re old enough now that they can do that when they were younger, they couldn’t do it. Had to eat in the kitchen. We did all of her eating. Then we went and sat down to watch the show. So make sure you have the capacity for whatever it is that you’re going to do in some way for it to clean up, because you just assume you will have a spill and something there to catch it Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. That’s why in a dining room area, you’ll have a dining room table sitting there with a rug underneath because you know that the people are gonna drink and, and there’s going to be spills. There’s gonna be something that falls down. Um, if you’ve got pets, you want to make sure that wherever they go, that they get wiped down.

If they’re out in the backyard and they come back in and they’ve rolled around in the grass outside, they’re going to be bringing grass in on their coat or they’re going to be in and dust and dirt on their coat. So you wanna make sure that you’ve rubbed or brushed or wipe that off before they come in and wipe it off on your carpet. And so all these different areas are ones where you can make small differences and make small changes to try to make sure that you’re maintaining your house. And the easiest way is just to abstain from stuff, getting on your carpets to begin with. Uh, so step number two will be exterior sources. Obviously we talked about the interior sources here, um, as a good way, uh, on the interior side, if you do allow drinks around and make sure you only allow drinks that do not make color to the carpet, for example, Apple juice, orange juice, 7up, Sprite, water.

You know, the kids can take waters to their rooms. If they want to drink, have a drink of water because water is wet, but you just put a towel down and it dries right back up. There’s no contents, there’s no stickiness. There’s nothing to it. All the rest. You don’t want them to stay in civil enough. We’ll make it sticky and a mess, but it won’t stay on the carpet. Apple juice won’t stay on the carpet. Orange juice won’t stay in the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. It’ll make a sticky mess, but there’s no dyes. There’s no one takes orange juice to dye something. It’s not going to make it orange because it’s the way to do that. The pulp itself is actually just physically orange. The juices physically orange is not a dye. Sit in it, making it look orange. Now, if you use any, um, partial juices like grape juice and other ones, those are ones that are physically used for dyes.

And so you want to make sure you’re careful with those. So making sure that you have those areas maintained, keeping them out. And the final step of the final process that we’ll give to you is making sure that the, um, the bottom of your shoe is clean. Your shoes do not create dirt so they can walk all over the carpet. Y’all no problem, but they can trap dirt in the treads. And so make sure that there’s not dirt trapped to the bottom of your treads. As you walk into the home, the carpet cleaner Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet says, give us a call today, (918) 494-7093.