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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Getting Started With Complete Carpet!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Getting Started With Complete Carpet!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan. Sabrinas here with complete carpet to give you a breakdown of what it is like in the day of a Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Now, I, I’m only going to speculate because I am just a carpet cleaning professional, but I could assume that a carpet cleaning genius is probably one step better than us. So I’ll give you what we do. And then you can add like that 10% bonus, that 10%, a little bit better that comes in there. And then that will be your genius level stuff. So we’re going to give you the, okay, just get you by how we’ve done it through our process so that you can also get along in your process. And you’re getting out there trying to interview to try to see what does your carpet experience supposed to be like?

This will give you at least a general idea. So you’ll have something to compare it to. So part of cleaning your carpets is setting up the appointment. So the first things first, before you even get to setting up the appointment, you need to find a, a company that you want to use. Um, I personally recommend as obviously you could use us, but Hey, let’s say you’re not in the Tulsa market and we’re not available to do so Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. First things first, go out there and look at your, um, options that you have and break down the option you have. I typically, like, I always tell people, check out at least three or four of the main competitors in your market. Look at, did he, uh, the most reviewed at the highest price looked at the most benefit one. And you want to, before you even call them to connect with them, you want to see how do they care for their stuff, how you do anything is the way you’ll do everything.

So if you’ve got a website that is really poorly put together, um, that part or that function of your business doesn’t mean that much to you. Uh, if you, uh, have really poor reviews, well then that part of your business doesn’t matter that much to you. Otherwise you’d work harder to give a higher review things. For example, if I go to eat somewhere, I’m not going to get to somewhere that has under a three-star review that I want to have them make my food Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And they say, well, I’ve been sometimes reviewing people just don’t give it a good shake. Only the bad people give a review, et cetera. I do understand that, but you shouldn’t have cause for people to give you a one star review on a regular basis. Like you should have not. If you’ve got 51 star reviews, well, then you’ve really kicked off a good chunk of your customer. They come in

And you haven’t made the rest of the customers happy enough that they want to talk about you or to advertise you. So it is I think, imperative upon a business to make sure that they are doing some type of imaging and connection with their customers, does their, what is their information look like online? What have other people said about their experience with this company? So I will go through and find four or five people that seem like they have good experiences. I have a good website, have a good connection so I can see all right, on the front end, they’ve put some money Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. They put some time in. They’ve wanted to communicate their vision, their type of company they are. And then I will then call each of them to see what the experience is like on the phone. Um, sometimes you get a great well-connected interesting person every now and then I’ll call somebody and it’s almost like it’s an inconvenience that I’m calling them.

You’ll get them on the phone. They’ll be like, Hey, what you’re like, Hey, what, what, um, um, I mean, it’s, it’s your business. I’m calling to give you business. If you wanted my business, I need a better connection to you. So some people are great technicians, but maybe they’re not that great on the phone. Then you want to find out what the, uh, the pricing is like, you don’t always get what you paid for, but most of the time you do. So there is a few exceptions. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow You find that, that diamond in the rough you’ll find that secret hole in the wall, place that as a nominal thing. And they just haven’t changed their pricing in, in a decade. And so they’re still priced as if it was, you know, 1990, um, then, uh, but they’re still willing to do the work as if you’re paying them.

Like, you’re a premium thing. The vast majority of people it’s cheap because they can’t generate high level, um, things based upon their work or their work ethic. So they use their price to get in the door. Um, sometimes people do the opposite and these are the part that I disliked the most is the people that will come in on a really cheap price only to upsell you on every single thing for the world of Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow there’s guys out there who will come out on a cheap deal only to upsell soap. And you’re like, soap, how would you clean my carpet? If there was no soap? And they said, well, would you like to add the soap package? Or would you like to get a standard cleaning? You’re like, I would like to stand it. Do you use soap in the standard clean? I was like, Oh, you want to add the soap package?

Sure. We can add the soap package. And you’re like, well, no, I don’t want to pay for the soap. What would you do if I don’t pay for the soap? And you’re like, well, we’ll just clean your carpets. You’re just going to get my carpets wet. Right. And then at the end of the day, yes, the everything is an add on or upgrade. Um, similar to like going to, uh, a, one of those small buffet type places that you don’t pay for the whole buffet, but you buy your dishes by the item. And so you literally just buy one thing, appease anybody, one thing, a drink, and you buy one item at a time. And so there’s nothing that’s included. You have to buy each thing, Allah cart. And so make sure that you know what you’re getting because an apples to apples comparison, isn’t always the same.

This guy may include the soap and a disinfectant and a protectant in their price where the other guy, those are premium ad-ons. And so the prices are not directly compared. And then secondarily always make sure that you’re willing to turn away somebody if they show up at the cost, if the guy shows up, just because you schedule the appointment does not mean you can finish that appointment through. They may show up and they’ve got a van that’s just half beaten up or it’s the people show up and they are foul mouth, or they seem drunk, or they don’t seem like the type of person you want to let in your health and just don’t let them into your house. There’s always more business out there. There’s always more places out there. So don’t let yourself down, make sure that you stand for what it is. And I think this is a good overall message is that you need to stand for something. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.