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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Giving You A Sense Of Clean Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Giving You A Sense Of Clean Carpets

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today we’re going to get into our talk on frequently asked questions. We finished up the last one, talking about the four-step process that you use for getting something out of your carpet. We’ll review that quickly and then move into some of our, uh, standard questions that get asked by customers. Each time we do a Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your home again. Your home is your castle. So enjoy coming home and make it a place you run to instead of a place you want to vacation away from a Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow in our fiber. We are complete carpet. Uh, so continuing on with our


Podcast, we were talking about to the effect that having a carpet, cleaning your carpets, cleaning up a spot on your own. Obviously we come in to clean on the big scale once every six months to a year, but on the small intermediate, you don’t want to just sit there with spots, dwelling in your carpet through that whole six month process. When you have a way to make sure that you freshen them up, clean them up, get them back into a good situation. So you don’t have to just live with that grind when they grow up, just remember whatever you don’t clean out of your carpet will still be in the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And every time someone steps on that spot, it’s going to lightly transfer it to somewhere else. A good visual of this is if you come into a home and let’s say I took 25 first graders, and I took a bucket of white paint, I took a five gallon bucket, white paint, and pour it all over the entry to your home.

And I told the first graders that I needed them to run and touch every wall in the house. And if they run through that paint, they go to every wall in the house. You were going to see little white footprints going to virtually every single spot in your place. Someone may go into a closet to touch the wall there. And someone, they go in the bathroom to, there was only, they go to the living room. They go to the kitchen, they go to a bedroom and they go to upstairs. They, they go downstairs, wherever they go throughout the house, you’ll be able to pretty much follow the trail of little white footsteps everywhere they go through the house. Now, obviously anything in your home is not quite that evident, but it is close in that when you go and you step on a small, so let’s say your dog pees in the hallway.

Every person that walks through that hallway is going to get a little bit of dog pee on their shoe and everywhere they walk. After that, it’s going to transfer a very light about itself. Eventually it will wipe off your, then you’ll notice this, uh, the most dramatically Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If you look into your house, come into your entryway or come in from any of your points, you got three points of entry. And in most houses that come in through the garage, you can bring dirt in there. You come in through the back door, you can bring in dirt there, or you can come in through the front door and you bring in dirt there. Otherwise the dirt has to already exist in the home because once you’re in the home, you don’t create dirt, though. You can create to say, include is a good source and another place that you can have stuff on it.

But if you are dirty yourself, as you walk into the home, you will then go across the carpet. The nose that first five feet in any room is dark and dirty. And then it slowly gets lighter and lighter and lighter as you go into the home. Because of that, you could tell that the dirt is being rubbed off of your foot. As you move through the house. And that same principle applies as you walk across spot, you’ve got a spot in the hallway and then it will radiate out from there as you move slowly into the rest of the house. So that’s why as you go through and do our four step process, remove everything, you can rinse it out, try to clean it out. Number two, after you removed what there was there, rinse out what’s left. And then number three, finally, get to using 10 type a chemical to break it down.

What is left the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Uh, so now that you’ve removed what you could remove, you’ve rinsed what you could rent you now broken down what there is left to break down. And the next thing you have in the steps and the process is to rinse out what is left and the reason that you want to rinse out what is left is that it is going to be something that has been in the carpet for a while. And he wants to be able to make sure that you don’t leave something in the carpet that is going to be of, uh, an issue or a problem for you going forward. You may have rinsed out and cleaned the spot, but if you leave the, uh, the soap and the chemicals in the carpet, well, then you’re going to have a, another, um, uh, another problem going forward because now the soap itself will start to collect a dirt or the remainder of whatever it is that you’ve put into the carpet.

We’ll also be collecting, uh, dirt also. So you gotta make sure that once you ruin the spot, you remove the chemicals that have created the spot. So many times a customer will call us. I’ve tried to clean the spot. I grabbed the spot cleaner. I scrubbed it. And it seems like the spot comes right back. So I scrub it again. It seems like the spot comes back again. And I just seem like I’m in this never ending circle of, uh, trying to break down the spot and removing the spot. And then it only come back again. And in those situations you have the dirt reattaching to the, um, uh, hide is reattaching back to the soap that you’ve left in the carpet. So the is sitting there in the carpet. It’s interacting new dirt because it’s sticky and you have yet to rinse that out.

So you always need to follow every process that you do with a final rinse, final rinse removes, both the dirt that you broke down with the stuff. And then also breaks down the, um, uh, breaks down the, uh, items that you had used to break up the stuff with to begin with Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. Give us a call today to find all of your private cleaning needs. We also do more than just your carpet cleaning needs. You can find that we can do upholstery cleaning. We’ve got tile cleaning. We’ve got, um, all of the different services that help you except for your wood floors. We take care of virtually every other flooring surface in your home for you. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again. Um, go over one quick, last item here. Uh, did you ever get paint kind of bonus tip number 60, go get paint or finger Polish or a, uh, maybe you got something light fostering the top. Uh, those items can be easily if you just let them harden up and dry, it can be easily removed right off the top of the carpet without having to use a bunch of stuff in spirit. You can just trim it off the top and get it up.