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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Giving You Peace Of Mind

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Giving You Peace Of Mind

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today I want to tell you that you can do it. I think it’s one of those last things, not on a rah, rah, you know, Hey, you’re more powerful than you think that you are, but on a, on a real practical set way of just not to hype you up, but just to make you feel competent and confirm that what you’re doing, you can keep doing a lot of times, we want to be zip zipped up. And a lot of times that zipping up puts you in an unrealistic place. Like you can go out there and move mountains. Are you going to achieve the world? And so we set these big, hairy, audacious goals that we never can reach a really funny skit Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I heard one person do had someone who’d just gone to like the super motivational seminar that came back there, talking to all the people and talking about what the, you know, the positives that they could do.

And they said, okay, we’re going to make a million dollars. We’re going to $3 million this next year. We’re going to beat everybody in our industry. We are going to do all the stuff. They’re like, well, boss, but we only did a hundred thousand this year Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Yes. But we got to set a big goal. So we’re going to a million instead of 100,000, we’re going up to a million. You’re like, well, that’s 10 times more. How on earth are we going to do 10 times more? Well that’s okay. Don’t worry about it. We don’t have to worry about the practical application. And we just have to do like, you know, shoot for the stars. And so many people do shoot for the stars only to find out that they missed everything at all. The bullet comes down and falls back on them. And so it’s not tragic.

It’s just that there are real simple things that you can shoot for that you already are accomplishing. A lot of times we lose sight or we lose the focus of what we already can accomplish. So we say, I can do what I already have done. Sometimes we don’t. That should be your starting point is not to think, Hey, what are the amazing things I can go out there and do new? What can I learn to achieve greater than I’ve already done? What have I already accomplished that I can just repeat and do it again. Sometimes you’ve already run a certain race. So you know that you can do that race again. I’ve already achieved a certain milestone. A lot of times, especially in business, you work well, you do a good job only to find out that you don’t have anything more to accomplish or to give.

And you think, well, why is it that I I’ve hit a plateau? Why can’t I grow anymore? Well, because what you did to grow to get there, you stopped to doing a lot of times, you were doing extra research, you were working a little bit longer hours. You were doing all this stuff, all this stuff you’ve already accomplished, already knew how to do. You’ve already accomplished those things, but now you’ve slid back into, well, I got there. I crossed the finish line. So I’m going to stop racing Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And the reality is is that you need to keep racing all the time. Not that you need to be on some unending track, but that, you know, if I water my plant, I can’t stop watering the plant. If I give my plant plant food, I can’t stop giving my plant plant food. If I’ve given my plant some sunlight, I can’t stop giving my plant sunlight.

I need to make sure I maintain so that all of the different facets and areas of my life can continue to have the right fuel to grow. If I build an amazing car and do awesome stuff with it, but I don’t put any fuel in the tank. It can’t go anywhere. Doesn’t matter how much I’ve put into the thing. I need to remember the basics that got me there. So a lot of times we had this joke when we were in a, uh, a group that we were in a church for entrepreneurs, people that had started their own business. And we kind of jokingly said that we all have these feast and famine seasons. We do really well and have all this extra business. And then we hit a famine where we don’t have the capacity to do what we’ve all, you know, like we, we just, there’s nothing there, like all the capacity we had just dries up.

It disappears. And that typically comes because you work really hard to get new business and make that happen. And then you have too much business. So you stop working really hard and you start doing the business only to realize later on, I need to work really hard to get the business again. And so you kind of go up and down and yo-yo up and down. We jokingly used to say it worked so well Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I forgot to keep doing it. And so we need to have times where we consistently go back and remember what we’ve already accomplished, what we’ve already done so that we can keep doing it so we can make sure that we’re maintaining that, um, that principle, maintaining that practice and make sure we get those things accomplished over and over so that we have more and better things to keep going and doing.

A lot of times, if you just went back and looked at yourself and looked at the things that you have accomplished and already done in your life, you would probably get all of the knowledge and advice that you need. I love the old guys who sit down and you talk with them and they’re like, Sonny, I have forgotten more than you’ve probably ever learned. And they’re probably true Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. There’s probably a lot of stuff that they learned they move forward on. And then they forgot to keep doing, just because they started on something new. There’s something new and shiny. And we do need to go after the new and shiny. But also remember, you’ve got so much experience. You’ve got so much life, you’ve got all these great things that wherever you’ve already been, you should be able to do that again. Plus they shouldn’t be able to live your life plus because there’s some cool benefit.

That’s where a mentor really comes in handy, or coach really comes in handy because they look at everything that you’ve already done and show you ways to keep doing what you’re already doing and to keep getting more and more success from it. A lot of times we do what we’ve already done. And then we move on to something else, not integrating in our current or previous habits into our new habits. We just wholesale create new habits from scratch. A lot of times we’re reinventing the wheel over and over and over where really we just need to get out there and say, okay, let’s one little small step baby step at a time. If you get 1% better every week, every week you say, what is one little small, tiny thing I can do at the end of a year? You’re 50% better. You have a 50% increase with 1% a week. And at the end of two years, you’re a hundred percent better because you’ve made 1% better each week, buying those little cornerstones, find those little nuggets Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, find those little things that you can do that or going to plant those seeds of success for your life as you move forward. And that will propel you onto doing something great. You can do it.