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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Go Online To See What We Offer!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina. So today I want to go over your four step process for getting your carpet clean carpet cleaned. He told us since 1998, we are complete carpets to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. If you got those jelly face toddlers, they’ve gone around and touched all over these surfaces of your home, we can help you with the soft ones, whether it be your staircase with your pets actually had one customer Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I don’t know how this pet was able to be quite so acrobatic, but they were actually able to pee on the faces of the steps on the staircase and not like the very bottom one, where he was standing on the floor and beat up on the staircase that like that I could understand. I could get that. If you were able to do that, that’s that seems kind of normal.

He would go up about seven or eight steps. I’ll take it up to about half to two thirds of the way up the staircase, and then he on the steps there. So this dog where he was not a small dog either. So he would have to probably been straddling a couple of different steps, standing sideways. I’m sure at some point he had to fallen down the stairs, but just sheer gravity, sheer bad karma would have had to kick in at some point to where the little pooch side to go up there and, uh, leave a present on the staircase for them Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And of course he would have to have missed his step. And I’m not saying that I would hope that the dog would fall, but sometimes you realize that, Hey, there’s actions and there’s consequences. And sometimes people talk about this. And I think this is a good point to put in to perspective is there are times that God will do stuff to help you.

We don’t see correction as help, but in the end, it’s teaching you a valuable lesson that is helping you to be able to be more specific in your actions so that you will know what is going to be most beneficial to you. There are things that we should not eat and most everything that we should not eat has some type of a negative smell to it, or a physical danger. Look to it. Uh, many things that we don’t want to be around, we instinctively know, uh, snakes naturally give us spiders naturally give us so, so many of those things can be venomous and are dangerous to us. Now they have that for a purpose and a reason. We are dangerous to other things, things in the way that we need to hunt and they wouldn’t try to flee so that we don’t hunt them or other things that we’re just trying to avoid us because of our size and everything Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow.

Really elephants don’t go around destroying and eating stuff, but they, um, they are a large thing. So anything that gets underneath the foot of an elephant while the elephant doesn’t, is it trying to be harmful to it though? It can. I mean, an elephant gets ticked at something. It will stomp it. Uh, but if it is in the path or around it, it needs to have this sense of dangerous sense of wonder or, or, uh, precaution around such a large be so literal, large chunk of danger. And so there are things in life that are supposed to give us pause that are supposed to get us a sense that we need to be careful around it. Sometimes we don’t get it. Sometimes we blow right by it. We’ve all known. We’ve all got that crazy friend in high school that, uh, they were the risk taker.

They would take all kinds of risks. Now I know that without the risk takers, we never find innovation. We never go on to that next level. But on the same token without the risk-takers, uh, you have a lot less broken bones. You have a lot less, um, hospitalizations. There’s a lot of times that somebody is in the hospital just because they went out there and they did something and pushed themselves to the limit. And you kind of look at them and shake your head a little bit and think, um, that’s not how that works. Um, there’s a, a hilarious movie where, uh, it’s called God. The gods must be crazy. And there was a second one they did Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And this young guy of tribe, uh, takes a, um, a bottle that he finds that now it’s a little goofy setup and the whole movie is, is hilarious, but he’s, he’s never been out and he’s never seen civilization and he doesn’t know how to talk to anybody, but he’s in his own little tribe.

They’ve never seen anyone and an airplane flying over and they throw out a Coke bottle, uh, like a glass kind of curvy Coke bottle. The one that’s kind of shaped like a woman and it drops down and hits the ground. And somebody there discovers this thing that they think the gods have dropped because they assume it’s the gods. Since they see this giant shiny flying object and it’s so loud and noisy, and it goes over the top of their thanks. So it must be the gods, um, roaring in the sky, across in Everett. And then this is the first time that God’s ever sent them a present, or is it a gift or is it a curse? And so they play with the thing and they have bone with the thing Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow But then since there’s only one of the thing, the villagers start fighting over the thing they’ve never fought before, but now they have something that no one else could have and they start using it different ways to make music, to crush stuff, to beat each other with.

And then finally they realized this thing must be evil because it’s causing all of this pain and suffering within their own village. And so the guy grabs the bottle and decides he’s going to use, he’s going to do his pilgrimage. He’s going to go to the end of the earth and he’s going to get rid of, and throw away, um, this evil thing that has been given to him and in, so he ended up bumping into everything else in the world as he’s going across. And so it’s a pretty hilarious journey as you go across, but you see that’s a different take from somebody who’s not dealt with all the different things that we’ve dealt with, how a lot of these things are, can be used wrong Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. For example, I think it’s a really easy way of thinking about it is with your child. If you’re got a child, you say, do not put the fork in the light socket. We know that the electricity is very good. It gives us all kinds of great benefits, but if you take a fork and you put it in the light socket, you’re going to get electrocuted. You’re going to get hurt, but take this plugin that looks exactly like a Ford, but do put that into light socket because it will turn on the lamp.