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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | How Are You Still Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | How Are You Still Cleaning?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena’s. And today we’re going to talk about cleaning your carpets Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Let us get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again. Uh, cleaning your carpet is a fairly simple process. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It can be a bit of a, an overwhelming, um, task at times for people to get done. And because they feel like there a lot more to it than there really is. And once you figure out the basics, the mechanics of it, then it becomes a lot more simple tasks. So, uh, let’s go over this particular podcast, the three or four things that you need to do to try to maintain your carpets. And then that way they’re in good shape.

When you want to get them cleaned. Typically you want to get your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow because you no longer can vacuum the dirt out of the carpet. There’s something sticky in the carpet that is holding the dirt there, and that in turn is making it so that things will build up in your carpets, carpet cleaning in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Uh, so, uh, back to the part we tell people there’s a four step process that we want everyone to use when they are trying to clean the carpets for themselves. Uh, this is when you run into a small spot, uh, just say, there’s, you’re not looking for a whole carpet cleaning. You’re just looking for something small and touch up. And so the, what you’re gonna run into is the, uh, well say some catch-ups spills on the carpet or a little bit of, um, you know, uh, uh, chicken falls down on the carpet, or you got a small spot to foot, the real dr.

Pepper, the style, the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. You try to get that out. So we tell you the four steps, step number one, um, try to suck or remove whatever’s there. Um, before you get into rinsing or cleaning, doing anything at all, try to remove whatever contaminant there. If there’s a piece of chicken lay on the carpet, grab these a chicken, pull it off. If there is a, uh, catch up on the carpet, try to scrape up or wipe off whatever you can out of the carpet, uh, uh, best case scenario, grab a shot back and just suck it up directly and try to move it off the carpet. Um, looking for, uh, some way to remove the thick contaminant without diluting it. You don’t want to dilute it, break it down. You want to get whatever off you can. Um, second, you want to use just some, a light amount of water and rinse it out.

You might again use your shot back and spray it with some water and suck it up. So now you’re trying to liquefy it just a little bit so that you can then remove it or take a wet cloth and a dry cloth, blot it with the wet cloth, dry it with the dry cloth. So you’re trying to get it into suspension. You want to get it into liquid form now that you’ve sucked off dry, whatever you can remove or removed, whatever you can with water. The next thing you want to do is to, um, use a little bit of product to break it down. Now you’re trying to break it down and get whatever won’t be removed with air. Won’t be removed with water, and now you want to break it down with, um, some type of chemical to get it into suspension. And once that’s into suspension, then you can take and, uh, rinse out the rest with one vinyl rents.

That’s step number four is to it again. So you want to do dry suction, a rinse suction. They break it down with some chemical and then finally end with a rinse again. And that’s the part that a lot of people will miss is that final fourth step of rinsing. And then if you rent it out and there’s still something there, you add a little bit more soap and then rinse it out again, a little bit of soap, rinse it out again. And you want to go through that process and always ending on a rent cycle because, uh, the product that you use to break down the stuff in the carpet will stay in the carpet. If you don’t rinse it back out, a lot of times you say, well, I’ve used soap to break down the place. And then I sucked it back out, our dried it out that will leave some sub.

Now won’t leave all this up, cause you did absorb some of it back, but it will leave some layer of soap on the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And you’ll notice these spots. You use some product on it, you scrub it down, you wipe it off. And then it seems like the spot kind of comes back or the area looks gray and dirty. And uh, each time you go over the gray and dirty spots, um, you end up with, um, a buildup of the soap and the soap is attracting your dirt. You come back and you realize there’s new dirt there. So you take and, uh, try to clean it again, only adding more of the soap to where the dirt’s at. You might remove the dirt, but then you get another buildup of soap. And then that layer of soap collects new dirt. And then that layer so up collects you just kind of ended up in this circular pattern where there’s more and more so build up.

I’ve seen people that literally just pour soap on an area, trying to break something down only to find out that it’s, uh, the soap itself that you’re trying to get rid of. And so that at some point needs a rinse. We start off with a rinse cause it’s the less soap you use the better, because there’s not more stuff getting into the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So if you use these four steps, you can be able to get through, get that carpet cleaned up and back into great shape for you. Uh, it also helps to help maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet. Carpet is, um, just like your hands. If you rub your hands back and forth together, you sit in front of a nice warm fire and you’re getting yourself, um, warmed up and prepped for a nice fall thing that you’re going to roast some smores around that fire.

And you’re sitting there and you rub your hands back and forth. Gets sit there probably for an hour while talking to a friend, keep your hands warm using friction. And then you will have a time where you get some dirt or sand in your hands. And if you keep rubbing your hands together, back and forth without washing them off, you’re S you’re going to rub your hands were all really quick. I mean, only take maybe 15 to 20 seconds or so to, to get through that part of the process carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Again, I would love to get out there. We’ve got carpet cleaning, we’ve got rug, cleaning, tile, cleaning, upholstery cleaning with clean the staircase, clean a room. I we’ve got to disinfectant that’s available. We also can do, uh, carpet protectants. So we’ve got a lot of different processes to help you maintain the flooring of your home. Uh, most of these things can be done once or twice that, um, maybe once or twice a year is a general, uh, many that most people get done because that’s, you know, you kind of start to build up if it’s done right, you won’t need to do it that often.