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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | How Else Can You Reach Us?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | How Else Can You Reach Us?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas, uh, wanted to go over some, uh, information that we use in the backend of our company to be able to help, to bring the best product to our customers. Uh, it’s difficult in life to say, um, to come to a conclusion of what it is that you want to accomplish and do until you’ve laid out a goal and a, an idea of what you’re going to do. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. So life is how you play your cards. Um, you can take, there are people who take good cards and they really, they play the badly, but other times people take bad cars and they play them great. And

Either one is really not A result of what the cards you were dealt. The question is, how do you deal with the cards you’re dealt there? I’ve seen, I’ve seen amazing games of poker where somebody actually gets in there and wins with a terrible hand because they play them in a way that beats the other people. Uh, there’s a great saying, uh, at our church, it says that winning is not giving up. Uh, this is huge and this can be really transformative for a lot of different people Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, but winning is not giving up, which means that the first person to give up loses, but winning is not crossing the finish line that may have in that one moment for that one race said, who among us finished this race first. But if somebody else like Forrest, Gump just keeps running, they eventually make it all the way across the whole, whole United States.

Some people can get out there. A there’s an old saying that says that bad advertisement done consistently along enough will beat out great advertisement done once or twice. And so consistency wins the race slow. As our old proverb goes from the old nursery rhyme of the tortoise and the hair. You’ve got the, the hair who goes quick and fast and could easily beat the tortoise, but keeps getting distracted by everything on the side of the road and overconfidence and the tortoise just keeps going Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. It just doesn’t stop slowly goes through because the other guy kept taking breaks or didn’t stick to it. He eventually loses not because he’s not faster, not because he’s not more capable, but because he’s not consistent and consistency will win. You know, whatever cards you have are just cards that whatever tools you get given a life are just tools.

They’re there for you. Everyone gets a different set of cools. Everyone gets a different set of cards. Everyone gets a different set of circumstances. What you do with those tools, those circumstances in those situations is what we’d consider to be success or failure. Uh, if I gave somebody a million bucks and then ask them to invest into a apartment complex and I come back a year later and they’ve only got 500,000, I consider that to be a failure Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If I gave somebody five bucks and asked them to, um, and start up a lemonade stand and I come back a week later and they’ve got $10. I mean, there’s only a $5 difference, but that would be considered success. They were successful. They may have only made a $5 difference. The other guy made it $500,000 difference. But between the two, the little person with a small amount was actually more successful than the big person with the big amount, because they did something with it.

They achieved something with it. And so the success does not relate around the quantity or the amount it has to do with what you do with that quantity or that amount. There are a lot of people that have had great sums of wealth, and then they all dwindle away and disappear over time because they are not creators. They, they may consume, but they do not create. And so I think that we need to put ourselves in line of saying, okay, what I have, could I get it again? What knowledge do I have that created it to begin with? Um, personally, I hope I never win the lottery. I have no desire to win the lottery, to want to live when the lottery, my kids are always puzzled by this. I said, yeah, but then all of a sudden you’d have all this extra money. Yes.

But it’s extra money. I didn’t make, I didn’t earn that extra money. So knowing that I didn’t make the money, knowing that I didn’t earn the money means I can’t repeat that success. So whatever I do with that money would not be repeatable because once I’ve used it up Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, there’s no way to maintain it. And anything you buy comes with it baggage. And here’s what I mean by that. If you buy a lawnmower, let’s say about 10 loan, I have one lawnmower. What do I need to do every year with that one lawnmower? Uh, I need to clean it. I need to mow my yard with it. I need to replace the spark plug. They need to make sure I clean out the gas and change oil. If I’ve got 10 lawnmowers, now I’ve gotta replace 10 sets of spark plugs, 10 sets of oil, 10 sets of, um, cleaning out and sharpening the blades and 10 sets.

Uh, I’ve just increased my work by tenfold. I now have the maintenance costs to increase those by tenfold. I’ve had customers that have bought a big, huge, beautiful house. Only two, a couple of years later, I have to sell it because the taxes each year on a million-dollar house, or like 25, $30,000, you’re like Holy smokes. I mean, that’s a lot of tax to have to pay every year when you have a such a large home and with the high tax burden and you say, well, could I afford to buy the home? Okay, cool. You put, sunk all your money into buying it. Can you afford to keep the home? And that’s where really the rubber hits the road is what is the upkeep? What does the maintenance cost? What does the ownership cost? Everything has an ownership cost. The question is once you get it, do you want to keep having to put the time in and time and energy into owning it and keeping it so you may have good cards.

You may have bad cards. The question is, how do you play your cards? I think the winner is the person who takes any card and plays it. Well, they’d say I’m up to the challenge. I’m going to take on that challenge. Anyone we’re going to play these cards well, and I think the loser of the people, no matter what cards they get that choose not to play their cards that choose not to rise to the challenge or rise to the task. They want someone else to do it, or they blame someone else for it. When really you are responsible, you have all the power with inside of you to make amazing things happen in your life and overcome every obstacle set in your path.