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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Learn More About Us Today!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena’s. And uh, we want to find out as we work through all of our, uh, situations, what we can do. Um, we always just need to try to find a second source of support for your ideas Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, something else to, um, support and boost. A lot of times we get really into what we think is going to work a great, we get out there, we do it, we try it cause we are excited about it. We are invested in it. We are, um, you know, uh, well, uh, in, in tune with what it is that we want to accomplish. Um, but there is a lot of people out in the world who have come up with great ideas and nobody else cares about their ideas. Not because they’re not a great person, but because they created an idea that does not resonate with anybody, uh, there is, um, uh, for every now and then you’ll have that random person who has the capacity, like Steve jobs to be able to create something that nobody else needed and give them something that they didn’t know they wanted.

Uh, they didn’t know they wanted digital music and be able to carry it in a small device on their hip. I mean, we kind of liked our Walkman with our CDs in my car set plates, set tapes, but we didn’t know that we wanted it to be able to stream and have music sent directly to our phones through the internet. Now that wasn’t even something that crossed our minds now that we have it. We super, we really like it. It’s really connected Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Well, and there’s a lot of other devices along that path, like a creative Zune or Microsoft’s, I think it was Microsoft Zune and the creatives labs, or like there’s all these little small devices that were out there that, uh, um, were created, but just didn’t stick like an iPod did. Um, there still is a lot of things, but we use them differently.

Now, like Pandora kind of gives the same general full flow or Spotify or, um, all these different platforms that allow you to listen to content wherever you’re at by just accessing the internet. So we want to find something that can be done. Um, so there’s some cool innovations, the cool stuff that happens in that space. But the reality is, is that 99.999999999, probably on infinity percent of people, what they do is they look at the problems people already have and come up with a solution to help them with the problems that they already have. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So one of the problems that we help people with is that everyone has some carpet and everyone needs that carpet to be cleaned up and repaired and freshened up on a regular basis. Now how often and how regular that basis is depends on the type of life that you’re living.

This is not a judgment against your life. It’s just that different types of types of lives have different, uh, sources of dirt, different amounts of aware and care and damage. If you’ve got, um, three kids and the kids have everybody visit your house. So like you’re the go-to place after school or the football team always comes, or you’re F you’re the basketball team coach. And you have over to your house on a regular basis. Like every weekend you have some type of a party you’re going to need to get your carpets cleaned more often because you have more than just yourself Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If you’re a single person that travels all the time, we have a few customers that are traveling salesmen and so, or, uh, one, uh, great customer. They are, uh, missionaries to, um, uh, to Zimbabwe. And so they’re there on, uh, about nine months of the year.

So like every year or every other year, they come back, we clean their carpets cause they have people that stay in their home while they’re gone. So I see them once a year because the rest of the year, I wouldn’t see them because they’re not here. They’re gone. They’re in, uh, they’re, they’re helping do build up a new school or help to build up a new missionary thing or help to teach and breech and help people in those areas. So they’re not physically here. It’s that the carpets don’t really need to get cleaned that often because they’re not physically there. The other customers, I have one that has, uh, three dogs and it’s a very small area and the dogs pee a lot and they don’t, they don’t have the capacity to really get around and care for them because they’re elderly and they’re a little bit disabled.

And so they don’t have that same connection to be able to help the pets. And so instead they call us out every month to clean the carpets because they have a constant source from their pets, getting the carpets dirty. So we need to constantly keep cleaning the carpet, sort of like the guy who’s got the pickup truck that drives down the dusty dirt roads. He’s going to have to wash his car on a more regular basis or just be okay that he’s always got a dusty, dirty pickup truck. Do you want to keep it clean and white? Well then gonna have to wash it virtually every day with our vans, we wash them every day or two because we drive anywhere for two days, we should be putting about 20 to 25 hours of driving and use an air, um, an errand and movement throughout the city.

And so it needs to get all of that grime and road, dirt and stuff rinsed off, off the bands so that they look sharp all the time. It’s hard to convince somebody that you want to come to clean their carpets. If your bands look beaten up or broken or dirty Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet to get us call today (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, carpet DMCs, your clean today. Uh, quick tips on what to do to try to help you to maintain and give you three quick ones right here at the end. Uh, one, you want to make sure that you remove the sources of dirt. So don’t eat on the carpet. Don’t bring in your drinks onto the carpet, have a place for your food, have a place for your drinks, you know, put them over.

Number two, find where can the dirt come into your home and, uh, limit those but area rugs or something like that at your front door and at your back door at any garage, because that’s a place where the dirt can come into the home and not get out. And then step three is anywhere that you’re going to have a source, like a place that you have arts and crafts or place that somebody’s going to do, their makeup or a place that somebody is going to do a bunch of papier-mache stuff anywhere. That’s going to have fun things happening there, where there can be spillage, put down something to catch the spillage or something to catch them. So you’ve got your food sources. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow You got your, Oh, and also as a bonus step pets watch out for your pets are a constant source of dirt. So they can definitely bring something in.