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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Learning More About Carpets Everyday

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Learning More About Carpets Everyday

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas today. We are going to continue talking about our checklist. I don’t know if it’s a manifesto, but it is definitely a large checklist that covered all of the different Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow procedures that needs to be done. It’s taken multiple podcasts, just even to cover all the items on the checklist. The checklist itself is a fairly quick and easy to do, and it should guide you through 45 minutes to an hour’s worth of work and giving you a highlight points. Obviously it takes longer to talk about it because I’m describing you the details in the instructions on what these highlight points refer to. For example, if it says up spotter, well, then you need to know that you take the spotter bottle. It’s not going to describe exactly how to do it. Just reminds you these check a good checklist reminds you of what needs to be done.

It doesn’t tell you what you need to do. You want to try to find that right balance between the two. Sometimes you want to tell them what to do, but most of the time you want to remind them what needs to be done Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So mixing up the spotter, you should have already training in that will remind you that, Hey, I go and I put, um, half a bottle of purple and fill up the other half with water. That way I can dilute it. 50 50, that way it has more coverage or penetrates empower. You can do it 100%, but the problem isn’t that it’s okay. It’s a concentrated solution. And that will make it a lot more sudsy and bubbly. You want to reduce it down a little bit. So it’s able to affect and penetrate into the carpet a little bit more. Um, and so going through each of these items are supposed to conjure up an idea or get you to remind you, make sure that you’ve got these things done.

Uh, obviously you will learn through those school of hard knocks. You walk inside and you don’t have any chemical in your spotter. You go in, you start cleaning and then you look down and you try to spray, it’s empty. Then you have to stop what you’re doing. Go back outside Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, fill it back up and redo it and come back inside again. And you’ve broken them momentum and all these ideas and all these things are in orders that you’re slowly building up your momentum. So you have all of the pieces in place. Then you can get up there and start knocking stuff out. And if you can start knocking stuff out, the more you do it, the slowly the faster and the better you get at it to where you get a good rhythm and you keep going. I was trying to run and do a 5k, but somebody stopped me every quarter mile.

And I had to stop for, you know, even just for five seconds to talk to them about something, then get to start running again. There, it would be this disjointed run. Whereas if I could get in a rhythm and just find the right pace, sit in that, that pace, sit in that little pocket and just keep going. Well, then things will be a lot simpler, a lot easier for me. Uh, so let’s get into the cleaning side of this, uh, for the cleaning side, we’re going to pre spray the carpets. So the next thing that we need to do is make sure that we’ve got the carpets cleaned as we’ve pre-framed them. And that priests brain will help to, um, soften up the dirt in the carpet and having that soft dirt in the carpet will allow us to then rinse or clean it out later.

All right, so we want to start with the pre spray and the front of the house, and we’re going to work our way back to the farthest room. Typically I’ll go over and we had just the pre sprayers we’re going through, um, to make sure that we’re putting a heavier amount over the areas that are more walked on in a lighter amount of the earth or not, cause it’s unnecessary to do it, but they all need some type of level of water level of break it down for it. Pre spray has serves three quick functions. One, it helps to soften up the dirt. Two, it breaks down the water tension so that the water can go into the fiber, the off the fiber and three, it helps with the suction because now you try to suck onto something that’s dry. You don’t get as good of a suction as you do, trying to suck onto something that’s wet has a better seal, and we’re trying to pull water out of the carpet.

So the water suction will help out tremendously Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow Since 1998, we are complete carpet to give us a call today (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again. So now that we’ve done our pre spray, that thing we need to do, and this is an important part for everyone in everything, you do try to touch things once. So when you’re finished with the pre spray, you go and you put it back in the van. If you’re finished with, um, you know, making up your meal or doing something you want to make sure you put away all the stuff that you use to make the meal before you enjoy the meal. Uh, if not, then you’ll have all of the stuff that you made the meal with sitting there in the thing, just collecting and hardening up. And now it’s becoming more difficult, more difficult to clean it later, um, because it has dried in or baked in, uh, next, we want to make sure that we bring in our wands, the front door, whatever we need to be able to do that job with.

We want to make sure that we’ve got them up there and we can start to use it. Now that we’ve got our wands and all of our hoses and all of our pre spray done, it’s now time to start cleaning the carpets. We do a same process for every single area or room that we do through. We start behind the door. So we want to clean behind the door. And why do we clean behind the door? Because cleaning by the door is the part that nobody’s probably going to see. And if I know I’m willing to clean by the door, then there’s nothing else in the house that I can say I won’t do. I will try to get all the open available carpet, even the carpet that’s sitting behind the door. So we cleaned behind the door. We’re going to get into the closets.

We would get all the heart odd and hard to reach areas around the room that we’re going to clean the open and bulk areas. And then we’re going to follow that same pattern backwards. So if you start from the entry, you walk into somebodies entry, then have that connected to a hallway Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. The hallway is connected to say the living room living room is connected to a hallway that connects to the three bedrooms and the three bedrooms each have closets in them. And so it’s like a tree that keeps branching outward. So you do the closets, the hard to reach areas. The bedroom. Now the bedroom itself is like a closet off the hallway. So you do every bedroom off the hallway. And once you’ve gotten every bedroom off the hallway, now you come down to the hallway. Is there any other closets on the hallway?

And then you do the hallway itself. And the hallway is like a closet coming off of the living room. You do the living room and all the areas around the living room and the living room is like an area off the entry. So you just, all the areas are kind of connected together. So you just follow that connected tree backwards as you move your way back to the front door to make sure that everything has gotten done. And so we work our way backwards all the way through the house. We then talk with the customer, make sure there’s any areas that have problem or concern. We’ll take any photographs to make sure that we’ve got, um, evidence or we’re gonna remember what it was. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow and 90, 98.